Car Spotlight>> Suenaga’s D1-sl S13 Silvia

I was up in freezing Fukushima-ken yesterday, more specifically Ebisu Circuit, to shoot a few nice cars for all of you avid readers. Since I still feel rather let down by the fact that there was no real big S-chassis event at the beginning of this month, I thought I'd make up the lack of interesting Silvia's from Japan by bringing you a few shots of a rather special machine.

As the sun plunged below the horizon I was blessed with a few minutes of pretty much perfect light so had to move quick to grab these shots of Suenaga's 2008 D1 Street Legal champion car, one of the simplest yet coolest looking S13s around.

The SR20 is boosted with a top-mount Trust TD-06 and if you look closely you will notice how far back the intercooler has been positioned, pretty much right up against the Koyo radiator. This of course keeps intercooler piping short allowing for a nice and responsive throttle feel.

The S13 will never loose its appeal if you ask me, just look at those simple lines, boosted by the kit Suenaga chose which also includes wider fenders front and rear. 

Enkei RPF1s are of course shod with Yokohama Neova tires, the same fitted to Naoto's Team Orange D1 Evo 9.

Clean inside and out! The Bride bucket seat is joined by a Team Orange steering wheel and being a Street Legal car means it still has all the luxuries including a double DIN navigation system.

The drag-like rear spolier really gives a unique touch to S13, far more appealing than a massive GT wing if you ask me!

The engine develops well over 400 horses which is more than enough to cook the rear Neovas!

I asked Naoto to stick the car on the first corner of the Higashi course as the circuit was closed due to some snow on the lower section of the track.

Kumakubo was also around and thanked me for the Retrospective on the Big X. He has actually decided to organize a Big X for this year which is great news! Needless to say that is an event I will not miss!! Also found out Kumakubo is retiring the Evo X for a while and having a new car built by Koyama-san at Koyama Racing Labo. Any guesses what it will be? I'll give you a hint, it's RB26-powered and develops….get ready for this…1,200 HP!!!! D1 will be beyond cool this year!!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Sweeeet Ride!!!


Thanks for a cool S Chasis update to S Chasis month. How were the conditions at Ebisu? it worth going up there for a track day?


whoa! oh me likey! :D


Thank you Dino for putting something up for S-chassis month. I actually talked to him about this car out at the graveyard at Higashi one night. I had no idea who he or the car was at the time. I just remember seeing all the D1SL stickers on it. Looks like Ebisu is freezing but not too snowy yet. Cool post, how bout some more info on Kumakubo's new ride? Maybe a hint for the chassis?


The new car probably starts with G, ends with an R, and sounds like "Sticky Tar". What do I know, I don't know any other phrases or words that sound like GT-R. Oh oops. Nah, idk.


This is great. Thanks! Please more S chassis posts.


Great shots! Wallpaper please!!!


Its probably gonna be a GTR, every body know Kumakubo love's to convert 4wd cars to FR.


1,200hp?!!! Thats is F$&#in crazy! I dont think it would be too much fun on short courses


No it's not a GT-R. Keep the guesses coming...a little more imagination though please!


How about a 370z?


Rb26 Widebody Laurel


1200hp. Must be a really heavy car. Will it be a foreign model? (US, German)


RB26 powered Miata? ROFL! Actually I have no idea what chassis he would use- should be interesting though!


or maybe gs450?


maybe a R35-GTR is what I say hes always had expensive taste, or another sick ass 4 door but 1200HP DAM drag-drift anyone shit his drift runs will probably end in 1/4 mi times. LOL!!!!!!




So no GTR! It could be anything.


Can't wait for the Big X event either!

and I'm guessing Kuma's ne car could very well challenge Toru Inose's 1000 Hp Aristo, hahaha...


IT IS NOT SILVIA MONTH! Stop your 8itching. I like them as much as everyone else(mostly the S12, but nobodys perfect). But most of you will agree there are too many of them already on here 3 days is more than enough.


so wonderful ride!!


Infiniti G37


His brother's S13 was so much cooler. Dark blue/green. Man, that thing RULED.


Super nice feature, but overshadowed by the last couple of lines... Holy shit @ kuma's new car! More imaginative? Given Kuma's recent cars, can't help but think it'll be a GC or whatever the chassis code is for the newest impreza's


Liking the drag-style wing. Definitely something a bit different.



Its GRB, and i don't think its possible to fit a RB26 in a subaru. Even a normal I4 wouldn't fit.



do you really think, with the level of engineering and RE-engineering that went into his previous cars he couldn't have an rb powered impreza if he wanted it? based on his past decisions in chassis-engine combos i'm sure it will be insane and awesome.

great pics dino


Looks like a well built S13, and your right, the spoiler is a welcome change.

My guess on the 1.2K HP RB26 mystery car would be a Toyota Aristo? Crown Zero? I can't think of any other decent RWD large cars in need of 1200hp, but want car doesn't need 1200 horses?


doesnt kumakubo daily drive a lexus gs450? so im gonna guess its some kind of 4 door like a nissan cima or a laurel.


1200Hp Datsun 240! Oh hell, it could be anything!


Maybe an RB26 powered Audi RS6.


Some of you guessed correctly. It's a Laurel...more on this soon!


Well this car is pretty cool...I can imagine how it would look without all the stickers and wing.sweet.

BH is right'he's brothers old s13 was pretty sick'it was one of the first drift cars I ever saw on one of those import magazine all that time ago.


I absolutely love Suenaga and his Silvia S13. It belongs in a mesuem with the trophies behind it and Suenaga's racing suit and helmet on display. Plus an autographed pic of the entire support crew and build crew. A great car that I hope he holds ontop til the end of his days. So many drivers discard champ cars. Keep on sliding Suenaga, you're the only Team Orange memeber I'll always cheer on. Kuma and Tanaka ruined their rep at D1 USA Chicago 2009.

And 1200HP? Really. let's stop D1 from becoming an out of control HP and TQ race with simplistic courses. Oh, wait... That's what's already happened. D1 will be beyond help this year unless something cool shakes things up. It's only a matter of time til Formula Drift buys it and reorganizes it into something worth seeing again.

Wallpaper the second pic please. Great work again Dino, you're a realy lucky person to do what you do day in and day out.


I always thought this car WAS masao's old S13? The interior is identical to what it was in the first round of D1 in 03' at Tsukuba. Kumakubo's new selection for D1 totally took over this post. D1 got ridiculous after 04' IMO. The smaller courses like bihoku, Tsukuba, fuji kart, etcc.. were dropped in favor of high speed courses like Okayama and autopolis where high horsepower machines dominate. With this change, the AE86 became all but extinct with pretty much everyone piloting one switching to a higher hp platform except for hibino. Having a high hp machine will become standard in D1 if it's around for much longer. Saito proved how benficial it can be to have a high level of hp with his 800+ hp jzx100. Kumakubo is probably just trying to stay ahead of the curve/raise the bar with his newest car.


1200hp RB26 in a datsun 510 would have been nice... Laurel FTL


Dino, would it be possible to get a feature on Kuroi's S13 sometime?


Here a clip of a car that fits in prefect for this month .It is robbie wards new race car .

A front end dragster with a 1200hp rb30 - 7.49et @ 175mph .nice place to start


I keep on hearing about "what happend in D1 USA Chicago 2009" ... what did happen?


Sooooo sexy!

PS: Kumakubo... em.... puff, all right :O


"Enkei RPF1s are of course shod with Yokohama Neova tires, the same fitted to Naoto's Team Orange D1 Evo 9."

I thought Naoto's Evo 9 are on GTC01s...


I meant the tires...