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A Speedhunter without a proper project car just didn't feel right. So this morning I bought this BMW E30 316i car from a good friend. The car didn't want to start so tonight I'm going to work on it and see if I can make it run. In the meantime I'm making a list with goodies that I want, right now I'm thinking low, stance, no bodykit and white (yes I know). The plan is to make it ready for a few laps on the Nürburgring every now and then. So in the end a new engine is in order…

Maybe I can get Carl to draw me a mockup of the vision I have ;)

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Nice! Keep us updated.


Nice ride, Just saw one of these in a Junk yard :P


Engine swap should be a priority. It's been done before in so many ways that it shouldn't be much of a problem. Other than that: Nice car! The E30 is such a beautiful vehicle and this one seems in quite good shape!


Very nice indeed.

I did the same with a 1991 518i, worth 300 EUROS.

Then trashed around in Italy for a week, following the Mille Miglia route.

3700 kilometres in one week.

A bit scruffy yes; sophisticated also, with these young 15 inch bmw rims...

The rebuild is about to start ...


succes with your project jeroen!


Congrats Jeroen. Can't wait to see what you do to it.

By the way BEEMER = Bikes, BIMMER = cars


good luck mate,

I got the same, only Alpineweiss one.



Waarom een 316? langzaam als de hell...

A bit disapointed that it is a 1.6 better you bought a 320.


Congrats Jeroen!

I live in the Netherlands too (figured you would by the license plates and your name...) and own a W123 200 Merc. Have discovered this website just recently and love it! Keep up the great work!

PS: I have some pics if you're interested, it's really a looker. Not fast tho.


Excellent choice in wheels. R3V-Limited forums is a great place for info. That and E30Zone which is UK-based. Looking forward to what you do with it!


You should've got the Suzuki Alto in the background instead!


M50T is what you want


Hi Luca, you can send some photo's to kultivateblog (@)


Very nice! Always good to see fellow E30 owners. They're addictive though, a love affair if you will. I have 3 of them haha. We managed to complete the manual conversion on one of my 325is last night, but plenty of work to go. Have to massage the gaurds a bit to fit the 16x9s. Good luck!


Oh what to do with a fresh underpowered e30...

I can think of some good and cheap engine swaps....

As much as I hate to say this... an LS now hear me out, they are light and they will fit in an e30, and they are cheap and easy to mod. Otherwise a m50b25 or 30 motor would be pretty sexy in it, or m54b30 if you can find one cheap.


I did a double take cause I thought you said you'd bought an E31, one of my favourite ever car models (One that I expect I'll own in the next few years.)


He called it BEEMer because he's beeming with pride with his new ride guys.



Have a frend who had a E30 320i , also made it white,

DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE, white is cool, but only on supercar style cars

if you ask me, a midnight blue with dark-chrome wheels

PS : im from holland to :D


Great! I love those cars. For so far i had two of them on my own, and it always makes me happy to see someone else who builds one up. If you need inspiration, i can only advise this:


actually i just wanted to ask you, to keep us informed about the progress... Would be great, thanks!


do what you want, white sounds cool. i dream about 2jzs


How about taking it serious by doing THIS:

Shouldn't take too long and you'd eat everyone @ Flugplatz.



Veel succes ermee, meschien kom k je nog tegen am Ring komende zomer!


Stick a M42 in there... with some cams intake and exhaust its a beast engine!


Jeroen ik ben jaloers op jouw!!!!. lol (Im jealous of you!)

Im looking forward to bbuy an E30 myself to start drifting. Just cant get a good one at a good price here in Arnhem.


I keep seeing these gorgeous cars pop up on blogs and forums proving the VW community is very much alive