Behind The Scenes>> Around The Clock In Dubai

I'm currently sitting in a tiny hotel room in London, UK trying to stay awake long enough to type up this blog post.

It was only yesterday that I left Dubai, but already the experience of London-town is moving front and center in my mind. So I'd better get this post done while the memories of Dubai are still relatively fresh.

Here's another shot of the Japanese Porsche, one of the best sounding cars in the event.

This 1 series race car was one of my favorite machines at the Dubai 24H.

The wide body is nice and meaty.

The hatchback body looks nice and balanced too… The car looks long and elegant which compares well against the sometimes stubby looks of the 1 series coupe.

Perhaps it's not as spectacular a car as the bigger 3 series racing machines, but this little monster still packs some presence.

Ahhh…. I see a diety here.

… and his team-mate. :>

Let's play spot the photographer.

Yes that's Speedhunter Jonathan Moore shooting the on-track action in what appears to be a rather empty grand stand.

Shades of spo-com style attached to a Ferrari…. herm… Please readers don't get any ideas here for your street cars!

I kept pointing out the various Toyota Hiace vans in the paddock to the other Speedhunters. Not sure they understood what I was going on about though… NASCAR style what?


I think Taniguchi must have thought I was stalking him…

Here he's putting his helmet away after the night practice session.

It seemed like every time I went over to the EvoX, it was in bits… The team must hate Dubai!

More Taniguchi stalking… this is the driver lounge areas his team had set up inside their shipping container.

Ever seen this exotic car before?

It's called a Zenvo: a thousand horsepower, 1 million dollar Danish super car… Stunning.

Miki Taka came with the Speedhunters crew to Dubai to appear in one of three different Will Roegge films he's shooting here for us.

But she was also kind enough to proof-read one of my earlier Speedhunters posts too!

 I found this poster most amusing… it was shot in the access tunnel which leads to the start-line grandstands. The tunnel was lined with ads all featuring ripped off Need for Speed screen grabs. Someone at this design agency is a fan of NFS!

Speaking of NFS, our Porsche got dinged by the decibel police.

So they had to fix this Bosozoku exhaust. Not sure the racing team understood when I mentioned Bosozoku hahaha….

BTW the Porsche is now sold, but we have big plans for "Team Need for Speed" in 2010… all will be revealed soon.

Here we see Will Roegge filming Patrick Soderlund getting suited up for his first practice session.

His first session in the Porsche ended up being at night…

… which made it quite hard for him to get re-acquainted with the track. He did better with the following day's pre-race warm up session though.

I thought this was a good photo: a group of mechanics work on a Porsche late into the night…

The two Japanese superstars.

You liking Will Roegge's 1970s hairstyle?

I thought the low slung Solution F Astras where some of the coolest looking cars at the event. But they looked surprisingly slow and unspectacular on track.

Oh well… the wing mount setup was interesting though. It gets the wing up into clean air for maximum effectiveness.

The Japanese Porsche was driving past me in the paddock area so I grabbed a few more shots.

It's not a RAUH Welt car, but it's still a very cool machine…

Man I'm tired… must sleep now… talk soon!




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yea the zenvo is pretty crazy....its pretty unheard of too

hope u guys do a car spotlight on that


The 1 series racecar originally came from a BMW one makes series (like the SEAT Leon 'Supercopa'), thats why quite a few exist


What car is that in the second picture? NEED INFO!!


Nice ones, I am sure she can make proper set up to the cars, powerful...


Yeah i'd love a car spotlight on the zenvo, car looks pure madness.


I'm SO surprised that they even check for decibels at these races. What is this world coming to.


lol I wish my 120i looked like that... well maybe not that extreme though~

The Zenovo ST1.. I can't believe you even got to see that car... looks even better in live shots.


nice shots Rod! any chance we'll get to hear the beautiful sounds of the Team Rush 930? :D :D :D


also i spy a Canon L-series in Jonathan Moore's hands :> (i'm a Nikon man myself) if that's the 800mm f5.6, i must say hot damn that is baller!


Wallpaper of at least one of the Porsche 964 pics. please?


Wallpaper of at least one of the Porsche 964 pics. please?


Tell me you guys are running a GT1 GT-R in 2010.... that would be baller.


never heard of the zenovo it looks insane


isnt that zenvo car a project by made prodrive?? sure it was on top gear at some point, however could be very much mistaken


the Zenovo looks pissed off. permanently.


I saw the Zenvo on Top Gear here in the UK. Awesome car!


I'm pretty sure Prodrive didnt work on the Zenvo. I do have some bits on the Zenvo at work, so if I get time at some point, I'll do a spotlight. Only 15 being built (which makes sense for a 1st car). Looks mean!


I had fun accompanying you for the stalking of Taniguchi. This is a fun post... the Zenvo drove me crazy!





That Zenvo ride sure was a surprise! It's a awesome looking car, so mean.... And speacking of stilling, ever since I layed my eyes on the first shot of it with the "wow" I can't help but expect it to transform into a robot, as it looks like a decepticon! :))))) Yeah..... the 6 year old in me adores Transformers:))) Seriously now, it really looks like a decepticon machine!


Miki Taka wp, por favor? ;-)


@Josh and Lee: The Zenvo ST1 has yet to be tested by the Top Gear or Fifth Gear crews. Maybe you're thinking of the Gumpert Apollo, Ascari KZ1, Spyker C8, or the Prodrive P2? They are all in a way similar with their outrageous exotic looks.

I've been looking into the Zenvo for more then a year already and love its looks, power, and the fact that its Danish. It has a nifty Chevrolet LSx motor that has a supercharger AND a turbocharger. Yet, with 1100hp and being 3034lbs that does 0-60 in 3 seconds with a limited speed of 233mph for 1 million dollars? I'm not entirely sure that its completely worth it if you can own a 2800lbs 1000hp Koenigsegg CCXR in the same price range that does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and pitches a top speed of over 250mph? Its kinda up to who evers spending the money, I guess. The Zenvo is an AWSOME car none the less. I am definitaly looking forward to a post all about it and a Top Gear episode about it for that matter. (The Top Gear boys seem to love cars like this so its quite odd that we haven't seen an episode about it yet.)

Oh and good job on the reporting Rod. Keep up the good work.



Car in second pic is a Donkervoort gt.


yup RobbyturboAMG your right was thinkin of prodrive P2


wow... looks at the size of Jonathan's lens.. must be an f/2.8 L lens.. so strong to carry it just with hand