I know this has been posted on a few other blogs, but this is one of those things that everyone needs to watch.

Group B Rally cars, set to a soundtrack not of cheesy music, but to their own engine sounds.

Trust me, it’s worth a look.

-Mike Garrett



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That was AWESOME!


Wow, absolutely no need for music, engine sounds do it for me. Looks so intense to drive these beasts in the night. And what about the dumbasses in the middle of the track??? WTF


Magnifique !


This is the best post I've seen on this website!


AMAZING.... it is too bad that the dumbass spectators had to ruin this. Lets stand 2 feet from 800hp rallycars as they come flying over a blind crest in to a hard left and can't make the corner and kill 10 people. Truly sad but that video was beautiful


Group B > *.*

That is all.


Nice! I thought I had seen just about all the footage from back then, but at lot of this is new to me.

@franka24 - I read an account from one of the mechanics (can't remember which team) that they would occasionally find parts of peoples fingers inside the body work / scoops / panels! Apparently it was some sort of "highlight" to touch the cars as they went by, and naturally with all of the air inlets on those cars some people touched the WRONG places....crazy people!


The sickiest cars and the most talented drivers of all the time...


11 minutes of bliss for any speedhunter.


I, I, I don't know what to say.

My day is now thoroughly messed up. In a good way.


Group B... best racing in the history of automobiles. Its a shame we'll probably never see racing like this again because of safety regulations and tree huggers.


audi quattro was one of my fav rally car, they were rockets!


best video on speedhunters ever.real men (and a women) driving real helper systems,just sheer power and skill.i wish it was the 80's again.

and to the person wondering what those people are doing in the middle of the road.THERE REAL want a good picture than sack up and get in front of those beasts


Absolutely awesome

pity rallying will never be as good as it was back then

on 4mins when the quattro drifts into view, gave me goosebumps


Back in the days of the almighty Group B rally cars.

Crazy horsepower for crazy drivers... they let it hang wide open.

The MG Metro 6R4 being my fav., but crazy Turbo lag or should i say boost!

MOTOGP has is BIG Bang engines... but 1986 WRC was first.



Here is a link to a story about Group B on, which includes a full list of winners from Group B era


The sickest rally footage ever! It was a time of a real pros!


I could never be a rally driver for 2 reasons: Skill (haha aint got none) and the fact that the spectators at those events are idiots and I couldnt live with myself if I hit someone.


What an incredible video! Every time I see these videos the spectators blow my mind!!!! talk about being ballsy.......I can't imagine what goes through you r mind as a driver having to stay flat towards a crowd of people!


Holy crap... I'm lost for words...


Best video ever, hands down.

Drift initiation at 4:02 was totally freakin BALLS OUT.


bring group b back. with all the new suspension,safety, and engine technology out there it would only be right to bring it back.!!....1:15 random redneck whooo lol.


Sick vid for sure, then you have people like Ken Block that thinks he re-invented the wheel....and the funny part is, lots of chumps fall for it.


Did u see that guy run across the track? (10:24)


Sweet baby jesus... So when are we bring back real cars and real drivers?


i just want to know if in there wether i saw a couple M1 bmws in there


Group B rally cars, Group C sports cars, and Turbocharged F1 cars.

Those were probably the best decade of motor sports, and back then the FIA were probably the real geniuses. Unlike today, those days everyone was a thrill junkie. Sadly I never get to see these cars race in person...


speaking of the dumbass spectators: i think if any of us had the chance to see those beasts live at the time

we would be as dumbass and totally nuts, as they were.


I thought it was funny that the editor of this video saw it fit to throw in the BMW M1...

This video brings back so many R200... Starions... Lancia Deltas... Quattros..

Grp. B come back to us!


thank you! more please. every time i watch a car video with music covering up the sounds i stop watching.


rally of portugal, the best ever


Oh man! I just love the sound of the turbos! Rally of the 80´s was just much more potent than nowadays! Thanks...


@ Helder and @ all of you impressed by the size of spectators balls..... :

Goup B rallying died in 1986 after 3 "ballsy (!!!) died" , smashed by an Ford RS200.

About modern rallycars : they're faster , more efficient and very much more reliable than 25 years old rally cars , no doubt about this ( some GRA rally cars were already fasters.

But , but...........the scream of the Quattro 5 cylinders still bring violent thrills along spinal column. I have the chance to be old enough to have seen this beast in action , and more impressive....the mens ( and "the" women :D) behind the wheels of these rolling rockets.

Try to imagine the same guy fighting for a podium on various surfaces ( Tarmac , gravel , ice , mud ) with the same car , most of the time in extreme conditions ( rain , snow , warm , supercold...) , they're far far far in front of track my eyes.

Thank for the video Mike , it bring a bit of light on these mens and machines.


EPIC! Unless there is a more epicer word for epic... yes there is - Group B. The glory days of racing!

The cars, The legends, Walter Röhrl, Ari Vatanen, Juha Kankkunen, Michelle Mouton to name a few!

RIP Henri Toivonen and the dedicated spectators that came all too close to the action.


Group B is the bom!!! in love with the Oer Quattro, Delta and Renault 5. this was the top of the rally as a sport.


rally fans are the craziest fans.


That's a Ferrari at 2:44. Looks like a 288 GTO. Also, did you know the WRC used to have a rally in America? Don't know exactly where it was but it was in I think Western Washington state.

What was that other Rothmans car with quad headlights? (not the Porsche)


@ RG

Not a 288 GTO ( never raced anywher....lack of FIA homologation ) but it's a 308 GR4 ( funny in video about GR Bs....) , built by Michelotto like all rally 308s.

The US rally was the " Press-on-regardless rally " , and yes it located in North-East , but never been part of the F-I-A World Championship despite the presence of many official cars.

About the Rothmans car , i guess you talk about the Opel Manta 400.


@ Markus

Cool! Never really knew Ferrari had anything to do with rally cars!


wooow! great video, this is what got me into rallying in the 80's, when i was just a lil guy! the best cars ever, in my opinion. while its true new wrc cars do post faster times on similar tracks/stages they are not nearly as exciting as 800hp monsters in action. can you imagine the things these cars could do with computer controlled differentials and the anti-lag systems we have today?!?


@ RG.........?!

Maybe you didin't read correctly what i wrote , or maybe i wrote it badly ( my english is very poor and limited )

Ferrari have a great history in rally cars , since the beginning of the Cavalino history , the 250 GT SWB is just one most succesfull ever and one of the most well known amongst many fabulous rallying Ferraris...the 308 are sadly some of the latest....

I just said that - THE 288 GTO - never rallyed any FIA registered event* , because despite the fact it was designed for GR B , the car have never been homologated by the FIA .

The 308s you see in the video is a great rally car , but as very very few common parts with the 288 GTO.....lights , windshield maybe , and a small horse on the front more i think.

Trust me , i'm close enough from rally cars ( and particulary from some ferrais ) to know what i'm talking about , just take a look at one of my latest pics here , once you looked at it , i let you do your own search for infos about this car...... :D

Ciao amico ;)


@ Markus

Ok, sorry to upset you. I just meant that i never knew that Ferrari had rally cars. I do know a bit of the story of the 288 GTO. You know what they say, you learn something new everyday!