Speedhunter Awards 2009>>the Winners

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. That's right, it's time to announce the winners of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards. This was our first time doing this, and we were blown away by the voter turnout. Whether or not you agree with the results below, there's something special about giving the community a voice, and we had a lot of fun watching the results develop.

Ok then, let's get on with it.

Now presenting winners of the '09 Speedhunters Awards -

The winner of the Air Machine of the Year category is the Sessions Toyota Celsior. This shows you can never go wrong with a slammed JDM luxury sled.

In the two years that Speedhunters has existed, our features on Nakai-san's creations have been some of the most popular on the site. It's no surprise then, that the Speed Demon of the Year award went to the Rauh Welt Natty Dread Porsche 993. Will there be another badass RWB machine following in its tracks for 2010?

The Retro Machine of the Year, category had some incredible and exotic cars in it, but it was Yuta Akaishi's Datsun 240Z that emerged as the king of the classics. The rusty, low-riding Datsun is nothing less than a sensation.

The crazy 2009 Formula 1 season certainly had something to do with the winner of the Race Car of the Year category, the Brawn BGP001.

Don't sit down yet, Yuta. Stance of the Year also goes to Yuta Akaishi's Datsun 240Z. After all, this is likely the lowest 240Z in the world.

And to complete the sweep, Rat of the Year also goes to Yuta Akaishi's Datsun 240Z. The infamous Z beat out a lot of the more traditional rat rods in the category to take the top spot.

As we mentioned before, the Time Attack Car of the Year voting came down to a battle of supporters for two cars. In the end it was Ryan Gates Evo X that earned the win.

For Pro Drift Car of the Year, you guys chose not a Japanese or American-built car, but Mad Mike Whiddett's insane RX7 from New Zealand. The look, the sound, the fury – Mad Mike's FD delivers on all fronts.

In the Street Drift car of the Year category, Matt Powers Nissan 240SX takes the win. This category had one of the biggest voter turnouts of all.

The Demo Car of the Year category was another with a diverse group of nominees. In the end it was the Pentroof Z32 300ZX from Japan that took the top spot. The Z32 might be overshadowed by its Nissan siblings, but this shows the car still has a big following.

When a concept wins the New Car of the Year category, you know you're looking at something big. The Toyota FT86 Concept quickly emerged as your favorite and never stopped. Once this thing hits showrooms, prepare for insanity.

And finally, Personality of the Year. This is probably the only time you'll ever see F1 drivers, TV personalites, and grassroots drifters in the same category. Matt Powers took the top spot here to earn his third Speedhunters Award this year. (Two for the car, and one for the man).

And there it is – the 2009 Speedhunters Award winners.

We know that everyone has different tastes, and that's why we gathered a huge range of
nominees so everyone could vote for someone or something that truly appealed
to them.

Your comments on the results are welcomed, but please keep in mind that it was you guys, the readers, who chose the winners. Democracy in action.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to the readers for making the first-ever Speedhunters Awards so succesful.

-Mike Garrett