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2009 was a year of big developments for the American time attack scene. With both the Redline series and Super Lap Battle running events, competitors had plenty of chances to leave their marks this year on race tracks all over the country. We saw the competition get tighter, and the cars getting faster – particularity in the hardcore unlimited class.

Now, here's a quick look back at some of the highlights of 2009 American time attack season.

Chris Rado's new fwing setup debuted at the Willow Springs Redline event in the spring, and it quickly became a hot topic in both the paddock, and on the internet. Even non-time attack websites like Autoblog were posting the juicy news about Rado's big wing. It obviously paid off though, as Chris would go onto to set records at nearly every track went to, and eventually beat GM's longstanding front-drive lap record at the Buttonwillow Super Lap finals in November.

But it wasn't all about the unlimited competitors in 2009. Cars like the Sportcar Motion EG Civic showed just how fast a modified class car can be when built right.

Coming seemingly out of nowhere this year was the Sierra Sierra Enterprises team and their unlimited class Evo. One look at their car and their pit setup showed that this former open-wheel operation meant business.

The Sierra Sierra Evo instantly became one of the most feared cars on the track, and eventually took the honor of being the overall fastest at the Buttonwillow Super Lap finals. Following only a half-year of competition, news is the current Evo is going to be replaced next year by an even faster Evo X. Wild.

Another modified class car doing big things in 2009 was JC Meynet's Harman Motive/AQ Motorsports Impreza. If you read the feature I did on this car back in July, then you know just how simple, yet effective this build is.

The Brian Crower/C-West S2000 is a bit of a veteran in the American time attack world, and although the car suffered some mechanical problems this year, it was still a front-runner in nearly all the events it ran.

In the summertime AMS took the wraps off their new unlimited class Evo X at Autobahn Country Club in Illinois, which happens to be their home course.

The new Evo would jump right into to the top ranks of the unlimited class, with its sights set on its arch rival…

…the Crawford Performance STI driven by Tarzan Yamada. No two cars could better symbolize the Subaru-Mitsubishi rivalry on the track.

We didn't see a whole lot of participation from overseas teams this year due to the economy of course. Nonetheless, Team 5Zigen was out as usual with their unlimited class Accord to run in the Super Lap and Redline finales.

'09 was a hell of a year for Ryan Gates, who took both the Redline modified AWD season championship and the Super Lap class victory in his Evo X.

This year the FX Motorsports NSX again showed that you don't need AWD to be the top dog. A lot of people are saying this car has a good shot at breaking the HKS CT230R's lap record at Buttonwillow in the near future.

You can't forget about the street class either, and cars like the Voltex-equipped S2000 from Evasive Motorsports which ran very well at the Super Lap finals.

Another car I'm excited to see more of next year, the GoTo Racing unlimited class R35 GT-R.

So will 2010 improve on the excitement of 2009?

We'll find out in a few months when the season kicks off.

-Mike Garrett



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Those are some Big exhaust tips coming off the back of the Crawford hatch.


soooo...i woder what would happen if you mixed the slammed drift look with the crazy, winged-out look of time attack cars? i smell a new trend arising


Good lord, that GTR looks like a vinyl machine puked out some stickers onto the car, and that was the "livery".


Is that the DSG Pleasure Evo behind AMS's car? I think it is. It looks ready to pleasure the track.


@ Bill, yes it is :D

I'm a bit disappointed your 240 SX Maxi wasn't featured. Speaking of wild cars.....if your Maxi is not up there, I don't know what it is....

Keep doing your thing Bill, you guys do a great job !


Rado's tC is pretty impressive. But it is funny that even though he's been performing great and setting good times all over the place, his claim to fame is more-so because of his interesting wing setup.


good but brief review there mike.Looking forward to rados AWD scion tc next year though and the sierra sierra enterprises evo X.


No Takata Impreza? Typical.

Funny, pictures of East and West Coast cars at a Midwest track. I guess those of us who live a thousand miles from the ocean don't drive well enough for the coasties to take pictures and notes. How fortunate it is for you coasties that we build good race tracks for you to use since we don't know how to drive on them.


Rados wing gives me a headache



The only events I shot this year were here in California. Would love to get a chance to see more of the Midwest guys in action sometime.



totally agree with BH. that GTR is super gross. "hey vinyl guy, can you make this car look like dog crap? thanks!"



This is James from Takata Time Attack. Thanks for sticking up for us Midwest racers. Just curious if I know you? The name doesn't ring a bell.

James E.


Rado's tC Scion will be right at home at Pikes Peaks when the surface is sealed.


Decent review... but very incomplete. This was basically a brief overview of the Unlimited class cars, with a few Mod machines thrown in as well.


I seem to recall the GST Subaru L being at almost all of the RTA events, and doing well. Why is it missing while a one-off entrant like the GoTo car is featured in a 2009 'Review'...


I hope that the front wing setup doesn't catch on...

There has to be some other less-hideous way to achieve those results x_____x