Random Snap>>impreza On Gtr’s

I've always loved seeing OEM wheels on cars they didn't come on – especially on cars from another manufacturer. When it comes to OEM wheel swaps, nothing is more popular than stock Skyline GT-R rollers, which offer forged construction, aggressive sizes, and good design. In this case we see a set of R34 GT-R factory wheels (18×9 +30) mounted on a GDB Subaru Impreza sedan.

There was actually a replica of the R34 wheels made called the Grenade GX01, but these appear to be the real thing.

-Mike Garrett



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"I've always loved seeing OEM wheels on cars they didn't come on - especially on cars from another manufacturer." Me too, I love it like a $5.00 whore stomping on my testicles.


@Sr- FairladyZ: Wow dude. . . you're strange... at least get a $10 whore : D

I think this looks great!!!!


does look very good.


Agree with Sr-FairladyZ. Whats up with you guys posting up cars that have replica sh*t?


That is not a GDB chassis.


I hate the look of wingless STi's/Evos.

It just makes the car look like a regular average sedan


hmmm, those'll fit on my cavalier then.... lol


these are real oem GT-Rs, not grenades, section. I don't see any replica business going on here.


thats not a boner, this is a boner!


Reading is fundamental people. He never said these are replicas.


all the jibber jabber about the car, just SAY its a damned STI already... you can tell by the brakes, the badging and it is an 05+ because it has the rear fender lip widening piece. not to mention the gold brembos and 5x114 hubs that allow it to even use the stupid old wheels in the first place.


LS1, theres a reason they are called replicas if this is in fact one...good replicas actually look like what they are replicating.


"jblaine said:

That is not a GDB chassis."

Jblaine is an idiot. GDB chassis is 02-07.


Love than fan boys that complain.


haha yeah stan, I was sure that remark was wayyyy off but I didn't want to make an as out of myself if I was wrong since I'm not a huge Subaru head.


@Dylan oh right, I thought they were fakees since i didnt see center cap, guess that wouldnt make sense anyways :P


Subaru has a 5x100 PCD and GT-R has a 5x114.3 PCD, How do these fit???


The car is an 2005 STI with 2007 taillights, its got R-34 wheels. where the hell is all this arguing coming from? Cool find Mike.


Jesus what's wrong with you people. Stop complaining about irrelevant stuff. Mike said that they probably aren't replicas (as if it would matter anyway). Even though I don't like the R34gtr wheels they actually work on this car!

I am however skeptical about remark regarding them being the most common oem wheel to be used on a different brand of car. Aren't Mercedes wheels (sure different models of wheels, but

most commonly the classic AMG monoblocks) the most popular "brand" of wheels to be used on other brands?


@ Don: STi's have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. I believe base model Imprezas and WRX's have the 5x100 pattern.


Yeah I'd say Benz Alphards and those 7 spoke Z33 wheels that everyone put on their S-chassis a few years ago


Too many haters.

This thing is sick, even though I usually don't like the wingless look.

Isn't it rwd too?


I think you're thinking of the white GC8 with the RB motor and R33 suspension bits


R33 gtr's on FC are a winning combo of this formula.


Come on guys this thing is dope. This thing worksssssss. No one likes wingless Imprezas?? They look way cleaner. Now only if I can get a set for my car....