News>> The Return Of The King Part2

Word on the street is that Schumacher is definitely coming back to F1 next year at the wheel of the newly branded Mercedes Silver Arrows team. Several news sites are now reporting that the deal has been signed and will be announced shortly.

It's worth remembering that Michael used to be a member of the factory Mercedes Sports car team in 1990-91 so there is some history between these two entities.

The reunion of Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher will be an exciting prospect! They are a master driving-strategy team who've won numerous world championships at both Benetton and Ferrari. Will they be able win the championship again at a third team?

Excited yet?




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"Will they be able win the championship again at a third team?"

- Who, if not those two?

"Excited yet?"

- Yap !


This season is going to be crazy.


Its gona be Crazy! gona be a great season.


Wow this is going to interesting... Ross Brawn and Schumacher, I cant wait! I hope they bring F1 back to America...


If so, its gona be an all german team, Mercedes with Schumacher and Nico as drivers. I think 2010 is gona be crazy, Senna in the game, Button and Lewis Driving for McLaren, Alonso at Ferrari, and than Kobayashi with his own seat, Crazy i tell u, CRAZY!


this season is going to be so good.


its mercerdes gp petronas team


it is going to be crazy but not easy for old schumi,after all formula ones come along way since he retired and like tnguyhm said you'll have button and lewis in a much improved mclaren MP4-25 and massas back and hes got alonso with him. Basically its no walk in the park for him hes going to have to earn every one of the wins(if he does).


The Sauber Mercedes Group C racer was absolutely magnificent!


Mercedes with Schumacher are going to annihilate every team in F1, best driver and best team united


I heart Mercedes. I heart Schummy. Heaven on earth it seems!


got my tickets booked for montreal already :D


Any team that has Ross Brawn is going to kick ass. Button isn't a bad driver but the only reason he won the championship is because Brawn was the team manager. Simply put Schumacher will win his 8th world championship in 2010


I really wish this didnt happen. AND for him to go to merc instead of back to the failing ferrari.... sad times for true ferrari fans (not the hero omg its a ferrari fans)


What does this mean for Schumacher's relationship with Ferrari?


It means nothing... he's contract as advisor was till 2010!

Sure the Tifosi will hate him for going to Mercedes.

But hey it's Motorsport.

Forza Schumi...

The Return of the Silberpfeile.


Smells like the Michael Jordan comeback.

Schumi will be midpack at best.



lets see how bad he has to cheat to try and keep his "title" a tarnished one at that


This is great, like lance armstrong coming back in cycling... going to be a fantastic year of cycling and f1!


Their both German they should do really well together with button (a British driver) and him behind the wheel I'm sure its going to be an exciting season cant wait to see what happens


whoo!! schumi's back! remember that he's been with much more powerful F1 cars and he's seen the pinnacle of the days before the FIA started scaling back on engines, aero, etc. He's also got the experience with using little to no electronic driving aids, slicks, and no refueling. cheater? there's always a bit of controversy here and there. why is no one quick to mention the many childish squabbles between Senna and Prost?


Dont doubt Alonso with Ferrari


I think this is going to be the most intersting/crazy season in quite a while!


IF this is is true, Schumacher will single handedly make me watch F1 again. He is the reason I started, and he is the reason I will come back to it after a long time.


I bet if the FIA hadn't ravaged the regs, he would have stayed retired.


I dont know why but somehow I feel uneasy about Shumacher coming back to F1.


hope schumi can make things in f1 exciting again


ugh so awesome! long live the rain king.

It will be weird seeing him in something other than a ferrari however : /