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If you live in Australia, or happen to be planning a trip there next year, mark your calendars for May 21st and May 22nd, 2010. That's when the World Time Attack Challenge will be held at Eastern Creek International Raceway in Sydney, organized by the creators of the Australian Superlap events and sponsored by Yokohama Tire. The competitor list already includes some of Japan's best time attack cars, and it will surely grow as the event draws closer.

So, which cars can you expect to see?

For starters we have Tarzan Yamada and the Tomei/Cusco Impreza.

The famous Pan Speed RX7 is also scheduled to make the trip. As far as I can recall, this will be the first time Pan Speed has competed outside of Japan.

The Cyber Evo will also be running, fresh off its victory at this year's Tsukuba Super Battle.

And of course the Hi Octane R34 GTR will be there, along with other Australian cars defending their home turf from the foreign invaders.

Some of America's fastest cars will also be invited, and hopefully some cars from Europe too.

It should be one hell of an event, and Speedhunters will have people on the ground to bring you guys full coverage next year.

Check out the official site for more.

-Mike Garrett



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i wonder what and if the us teams come out

im thinking ams/sierra sierra/world racing could make some drop the jaw!


keep us posted boys! we want to catch up with you guys! (and perhaps nap some stickers too)


Nice! sounds like its going to be an awesome event! cant wait for coverage.


Cannot WAIT!


I'm going to be there for sure. Can't wait to see these cars on the track in action.


Can't wait to see that coverage... :) Though of course I'd love to see it in person, but that won't be possible.


i just be out there by 2015.


i should* be out there by 2015.. correction


Been hearing things floating around fora while on this.

looks like everything is panning out....kick ass!




I hope Panspeed will be taking names and kicking ass.


looks like aussies are gonna get rocked.


OMG, that's a huge news. I have to be there to film that event !


Entering for sure!


I don't think the aussies would have a chance, neither do any of the US teams...


Thats good news, would definetly be good to have the Japanese cars on a different track to tsukuba, as its real hard to beat them there

would be hard for Euro and US cars as its mid season and cars would need to be shipped and get back in 6-8 weeks which will be tough

would be great idea to run this end of season


Roger clark and simon norris will be there and martin french and his lexus hayabusa.That'll give tarzan something to think about.


Any news on whether the CT230R is gunna show?


Well be filming it for Motive DVD and DSPORT DVD. Probably making full length DVD like last years Superlap. Going to be an awesome event!! Got two cars to get ready myself!


It shall be a clash of the Titans!

Can't wait.

Go the Aussies in the R34 GTR!

LOL! Yeah I am from AUS.


WOW, this is exciting! I wish HKS would bring out something special. :)


Deffo heading over the ditch to see this one. RCMS will be there? Damn!

MotiveDVD were you on a plane AKL>SYD 3 weeks ago in a Ken block tshirt?


Good Day all possibly participants;

We are available to assist all companies wishing to send down cars. We can provide collection and covered secure storage and tow vehicle (extra$$) and assist with trailers etc for all that need it. We have a thorough understanding of import and export and can even offer guidance on importing and moving the cars through customs etc. Feel free to email


Awesome! Can't wait!!


Yes! Exactly what lap battle needs! Would be cool to see someone outside Japan bring/run an R35 GTR that takes the cake to show the Japanese they need to stop worrying about the warranty or whatever it is that's keeping tuners in Japan from tuning the R35...anyway, this event should be rockin'!


I was lucky enough to be on Pitwall all day for superlap 09 @ OP and that was amazing being 2 feet away from Berry's R34 flying past 200kms plus..

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures/vid!

I just love the ammount of R&D put into these cars..



I doubt HKS with bring their CT230R.....if I remember correctly they said that they retired the car. Now they're working on the white CZ200S EVO X....which looks never know....maybe they're gonna show up with their A game.

Personally I'd like to see the AMS crew, as well as Chris Rado there....


how bout the revolution rx7??


ha ha

Yeah, I was on a plane from Auckland three weeks ago. Was there filming.

HKS sold the Lancer to someone in Singapore and its technically retired anyway. Cant go into it but it was way too much headache to bring over the HKS Lancer. The cars that are coming a keen to compete and go all out though.

The US competitors will be announced in the new year.

Gonna be a HUGE event!!

And dont think the Japanese are un-beatable


Oh, and thre will be a few modified R35s at the event from Australian tuners


Guglielmi Motorsport Elise 20VT and the Zen Motorsport Green Goblin please- Lotus in particular. Lets take a good British fight to the Japanese imports!


you guys are in for a treat!


I'd like for them to bring the 230R considering the CZ200S would get spanked by these cars


I would love to see Rado out there. Also, Sierra Sierra, AMS, FXMD in their NSX, and Ryan Gates!


Zen have sold their green GC8 so that wont be coming


This is awesome.. hope the tickets arent too expensive~


I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!