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Honda just released this picture of their 2010 SuperGT entry. The Honda HSV-10 GT will replace the Honda NSX and is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 with more than 500bhp. It will debut at the SuperGT opener on the 20th of March, but I'm sure there will be more info released by Honda before that. This shot already looks promising, and I'm just glad Honda continues their efforts in the SuperGT Series.

Man, how hardcore does this car look…

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on Autoblog



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Hope to see this V8 in street trim powering a showroom car in Honda dalerships one day.


very cool..shame the street version won't be available for a while




Holy CRAP!!!! That's amazing looking! More please!


Shame the NSX is going away. We'll never see another car like it.


I feel like i just got punched in the face with testosterone!


if there is an NSX reboot it has to be mid engined. if not, make it a new model, not an NSX, just call it something else


From a quick glance, this Honda looks better than the LF-A.....and this comes from a Toyota guy.

Obviously the street version won't look like this GT racecar, but the headlight, the front bumper shape....I like it.


GO HONDA!!!!!!


Well chuffed that Honda are back in the game.


The front looks slightly reminiscent of the TVR Sagaris.

Regardless, major thumbs up.


pretty damn hardcore...


@T5shortblock - I wouldn't hope to much. I think Honda is pretty content on being the Saab of Japan, making boring FWD sedans, mediocre hybrids, and "trucks and SUVs" for the American market. They wouldn't want to upset their demographic.

I would be impressed if Honda took the drivetrain and engine from the Acura TL SH-AWD, flipped it around, and put it in some kind of Lotus-tuned chassis. BANG! You got modern NSX.


Apart from that lingering fact that they announced that the development of the production version has ceased, they really need to sort out the name first. HSV is already associated with Holden here in Australia (Holden Special Vehicles - kind of like the BMW M/Merc AMG/Audi S/Lexus F/whatever).


lovwe it .anymore pics , wonder what it would look like with the orange arta livery on it ? :)


@rich_hobo94 i agree with what your sating about the hsv naming honda may come unstuck with that.

@walfisch honda will turn this into the next nsx because it is except it can't be MR because super gt cars have to be all FR from now on.

@t5shortblock it will come to dealers in V10 trim you just have to wait until honda produce it.


cool! now maybe nissan can wake up and sell the s16 silvia! go honda


Finally a new Honda REAL Sports Car!!


Great ! would be nice to see more pictures thanks!


There are so many self-proclaimed engineers on here is not even funny.....


I was just about to demand some kind of article of this from you guys. I saw the following site and was O.o

Honda Japan:

It took me totally by surprise, even though it's a fact that NSX is bloody old model and for real should had been replaced long ago :)


Looks like a 458 Italia on 'roids with a honda badge.


god, i hate alex


Christmas wishes on a street version even resembling this one guys. The GT corolla and legacy look awesome in race trim too, and we know what they're derived from.

Great for honda though.


@ utah dragon: True they do look awesome and yet are based on regular saloons, however, This Honda is a GT500 car, and if you take a look at what GT500 cars have alwease been based on, youll notice that there pure sports cars everytime.

If my comment dosent make sence thats because Ive had a fair bit too much wine.


I just hope this is not fwd...

I kid, I kid, just like someone said, looks better than the LF-A mess of a car. And I too am a Toyota guy. I really wanna see this on the street.


YES! Makes me proud to be a Honda owner (even if it's just an euro Civic R18A)! Really this car looks brilliant, I want a street version of it! NOW! ;)


desktop please! i need something on my desktop at work to scare this mazda guy i work with


Too bad Honda will never make a street version of this car ever. I still give props for for Toyota making the LF-A and Nissan making the GT-R as they actually are on the street.


@efcivicman - Honda will do nothing to put a street version of this car out. Now that they were able to get into Super GT through a loophole that guarantees they don't have to make a street version if need be, they won't do anything unless the rules require them. Honda, and other Japanese car companies priority #1 is to make money. Civics, Accords, ugly crossovers, and mediocre hybrids make Honda money. A RWD GT sports car that surely would be overpriced much like the LFA would not make money. I'm taking a wild guess that they would be typical Honda and use some new, expensive V10 that has no relation with their engine line-up just so they wouldn't have to bow down to the norm and make, aghast, a V8. Even though it would be extremely beneficial for Honda to source the V8 from the Acura LM cars, Honda doesn't roll that way.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Incredible! Thats all I can say...Hopefully the car will be just as succesful and unique as the NSX... Cross those fingers.


I wounder how much it will cost?