New Cars>>the 2011 Ford Fiesta

In what was likely the biggest car debut at the LA Auto Show, Ford took the wraps off the 2011 Fiesta. Again, this car is already on sale in other parts of the world, but it represents a big step for Ford as they begin to “European-ize” their American car line up. I had a chance to drive a Euro spec Fiesta at the SEMA show and was quite impressed with the little car. When Ford pulled the covers off the US-spec car on Wednesday I was pleased to see that it looked just as cool the Euro versions that have been making rounds as part of the Fiesta Movement.

With the Fiesta section taking up a giant part of Ford’s booth, tons of people gathered to check out the car.

This is the finished US market Fiesta five-door. As you can see, not a whole lot has been changed from the Euro version.

A four-door sedan will also be available, but the hatchback seems the way to go in my opinion.

There had to be almost 15 different versions of the car on display, including ones modified with all sorts of parts and accessories.

My favorite was this version tuned by FSWerks.

Yes, those are Work Meisters…

Anyways, I’m damn excited to see the Fiesta on American streets and am looking forward to spending more time in one of them soon.

The car should be hitting dealers in the summer of 2010.

-Mike Garrett



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Wow I am really liking the red one with the all White Meisters!


Full Spotlight please!!!!

A ford i might actually buy . . . maybe : D


actually, according to jalopnik, the US version only shares 60% of its parts with the Euro version... weird


The Fiesta with the Work rims are sexy


oh man I LOVE that red Fiesta on meisters. So much.


Really diggin' FSWerks' take on the Fiesta. A subtle drop, lip kit, and some Meisters make for an awesomely clean ride. I cant wait to see what else they come up with in the future.


5 years ago, if you asked around why Ford doesn't bring eco-cars in the US, most people would have responded: "f*ck that !, We got huge pickup trucks with tons of power, who the f*ck need a small eco-car !" Ford, like many other car manufacturies.....listed.....


I think I just found my new favorite rim..... Work Meisters


I see these every day when i go past polar ford in warrington and my sister nearly bought one and said they are quite nice to drive and i agree they look cool but they are niothing like the fsworks one that is tight but i'm still waiting for the st and rs versions from dagenham.


so what are going to be the main differences between this an a mazda2?

i like both car very much but how does one decide?


Its a shame the North American division tinkered with the Front end of the Fiesta. The European one looks better. I dont like the silver growth's where the fog lamps were on the hatch and I hate the cheap chrome grille on the sedan.


re-Jalopnik, maybe they mean the North American Fiesta has parts produced elsewhere (i.e: not in Europe). 60% seems extremely high for something that has, bar the front and the lights the same exterior, a close interior.


Big step for Ford here, they are way ahead of the rest of the american car segment. That 60% is taken out of context, it is based on where specific parts are manufactured. Most of the part on US cars are made in Mexico or Canada and sometimes other European countries. We recieved a brand new 4.0 V6 for a job on a 2009 Exploder and it was made in Germany. Why didn't I buy Ford stock when it was $1.00?


wallpaper of the red fiesta withs works will be nice :) by any chance does any one know the dimesions of the wheels??




i saw one in Fort Lee, NJ a couple months ago. A gay couple were driving it on a road trip. The car wasn't theirs as it had the manufacturer's plates from Michigan and it was on loan from a female friend that was on vacation. Lucky bastards! lol


lmao, find it so funny how its just a fiesta. bless you're not missing much!

the red one with the works is smart but the new fezza is so much uglier then the older models.


why do the designers of most small hatches these days model them after the shape of a hamster?


I was an agent for the fiestamovement - owning a euro car currently and being raised on jdm rides so I do want to explain my unbiased option.

I was initially hesitant about the fiesta, but it was a great little zip around car.

Would i buy one? No, although it was fun to drive and beat up, but my personal taste are more sporty and/or luxurious

Pros? GREAT gas mileage (35mpg/40 and we drove it like we weren't going to return it), It handled all the punishment we gave it, Never had an issue with it (aside from their tranny)

...its late but i'll try to add more. I was part of the unveiling and FORD really outdid themselves with our accomodations and everything. I would definitely encourage the non-believers to at least check out the ride if they're in the market for it....i'll stop rabling


wats up with the usdm using jdm rims lmao




Ford show us hot to SCREEW UP a great car..............

The car itself it's nice (better that almost all american line up or ford), but it's not beautiful like the euro spec, it's like a Beta or 0.6 version of a REAL Fiesta

BTW The "ugly red" fiesta looks so cool in Work Meister!!!!!1 the best looking car; i'm wondering how could be the euro fiesta with the Work Meister wheels, should be a BAD ASS


ismaelae86: The wheels are WORK Meister S1 2P wheels done in White (WHT) Finish with a special one-off White barrel. Sizing is an 18x8.0 +45 (O-Disk) 4x108 all around.

Nice writeup and coverage as usual Mike!