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At the beginning of each year, Super GT teams flock to Malaysia to undertake harsh preseason testing at the Sepang Circuit. This, however, is not one of these cars. I hope you’re seated ladies and gentlemen, because what you’re looking at is actually a Malaysian street car, dramatically modified in homage to the steroid-fed racers of Super GT.

When it comes to Asia and modified performance cars, many think only so far as Japan; the birthplace of many of the automotive trends that have influenced our culture. However flying below the radar are a host of Asian countries pulsating with car enthusiasts, such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia. And, in stark contrast to the Proton-only stereotype, Malaysia has some of the most jaw-dropping rides you’ll ever come across. Just like this particular car, whose owner goes by the name of Slam.

First off, this isn’t a Super GT race car. In fact, it’s not even a dedicated circuit car. Nor is it a Lexus for that matter. As you can see from the rear, Slam’s creation is a street registered JZA80 Toyota Supra which he’s built with own bare hands.

As the owner of Malaysia’s Monster Garage tuning house, Slam created a custom body-kit design which replaces all panels except for the roof. Impressively, Slam only had photos of his favorite Super GT cars to use as a reference! While I’m sure his Supra may not conform to everyone’s tastes, I doubt anyone can question what Slam has accomplished. When altering a vehicle’s aesthetics to such an extreme – where girth is increased dramatically and all new body-lines are sculpted – it is all too easy to end up with poor panel fitment, an awkward side profile or clumsy proportions.

One of the most difficult aspects of the body modifications was adopting the Lexus SC430’s features onto the Supra’s front-end. Although the Supra and SC430 both have swooping lines, the rake of the nose area is incomparable.

Here you can see the cut-outs in the louvers, a necessary alteration for the SC430’s shorter snout. To the side of the louvers you can see how Slam has blended the bulge of the wheel arches into the hood.

The Supra’s 2JZ produces 600hp/450kW at the rear wheels. A single T78 turbo replaces the standard twin setup, with an HKS F-Con V-Pro managing the mash-up of aftermarket additions and OEM internals. Trainspotters will notice the Veilside intake plenum and throttle body.

Slam is keen to point out that his Supra isn’t a ‘show pony’ and is regularly punished at the track. Beyond the engine, Slam has fitted JIC coilovers, TRD braces, roll cage, Ogura clutch and ATS diff.

Within the interior, a boxy carbon fiber dash has been fitted to recreate the feel of a Super GT car.

The standard pedal assembly and BMC have been replaced with a Tilton pedal box, which work in unison with the six-piston AP Racing calipers and 345mm rotors.

The trunk is swallowed up by an ATL 55L fuel cell, which houses twin Sard fuel pumps. Fuel is fed to an HKS fuel rail and six 1000cc Sard injectors.

The enormous carbon GT Wing was made inhouse by Monster Garage, along with the carbon taillights housings and diffuser.

I’m not sure what my reaction would be if I saw this car zipping around on the street!

Words by Charles Kha
Photos by Lim Wan Xiong



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my reaction would involve heavy breaking and cutting alot of people off... on and i might throw in a few HOLY SH*& here in there


i have a huge chance of being SuperGT's biggest fan, and im really exited about this


this is the baddest fkin car i have seen in a long time,



I'm curious how functional all the body work is.


This is CRAZY!!! mann this guy has a helluva an imagination...DAMNNN


it would look better lower with wider tires. but this thing looks sick


na,,I've yet to see Super GT style widebody work on a street car, they all has that "fake" look to it..


way too sexy!!!!!! wallpaper please


Seeing this car, remembers the V12 Supra, the V8 V35 and the VQR32 made by Top Secret, for pushing the envelope a lot far from the usual tuning for the base car.

Please, make wallpapers for the site ASAP !


This is definitely is crazy and not to everyone's taste. But I love it and applaud the owner's skill and ability


Unique car and good of siam to try and to emulate these cars after all we all know how hard it is to obtain a real one form the lats auto salon blog.


im with gabe on this one, that thing is nutsO!



that's a helluva lot of work

I'd never do that to a street car but props for lots of dedication and hard work.

Biggest Super GT fan that I know of though, that's for sure


This is pure madness


I've been keeping an eye on this guy and his shop for a few years now...his style has progressed and the cars are starting to look more like the real deal SuperGT cars. His best recreation though was of what looked like the 2005 GT500 ESSO Supra. Good job for Slam and his shop.


why the front end conversion?? terrible... shouldve just done a supra gt car look instead of this. and wheel fitment is off as with most big widebody cars :(


Holy amazing engineering, Batman! I absolutley love this car. I'd rock her (or something similar) as my DD.


Ok if a car like this is riding on the streets of Malaysia, imagine how much more awesome craziness is rollin around. These countries got to be spotlighted a little more often. WOW!!


Got a link to this shop?! They gotta have a website...Next time I'm in Malaysia I would love to go there. Much respect to the scene in Malaysia. KL is on point with anywhere in the world.


Whether or not this is pleasing to you eye you must applaud Slam for his creativity and his ability to execute his vision. This has to be IMHO the prettiest car I've seen thus far. Men like Slam are special and I hope he continues to push the limits of his imagination. A car like this deserves to be in a museum.


I was very proud that finally someone appreciate the Malaysian works of art. Slam had showed us a unique way on car cosmetic modification rather than ugly ricers style that bearly dominates the nation market right now. The SC Supra is actually his second mod after the previous Supra GT style:

This is not only his creation as there are lot more to come, such as RX7 FD3S and ER34 which styled according to their Super-GT siblings...

Henry, their website is unavailable, but they can be contacted through here:


very cool. props to slam. work on the wheel fitment though, as kstyle said, its off with that big widebody kit on there. but mark that up as my only, and i mean ONLY gripe.


Yes, we may be under the radar most times, but Malaysia has no shortage of really cool rides. Props to Slam for your amazing work. Speedhunters should check out Thailand too with their insane street driven drag monsters and Indonesia with their super slammed street cruisers. Speedhunters go international yay!


video start from 6:12

dori dori inspect this Super GT alike JZA80 in this year SGT Rd4


I hate to be negative, but I think it looks pretty bad. The lines are off, and the arches look really chunky (compared to the low-slung lines of a Super GT car, that benefits from a sectioned chassis, or a tube-frame where they could hang the body however they liked). The rear arches are particularly bad. Trying to make something look like it's aerodynamic without actually knowing much about aerodynamics usually yields a really ugly or dumb-looking result. If you disagree with me, look at the distance from the top of the wheel opening to the top of the wheel-arch on this car, and then look at the same on a Super GT car. It's way different, and that's why I dislike it.


I completely agree with Malcom, if you're going to spend all the money, time, and effort on going that far, why not make it look right? Front and back halve the chassis to build a proper suspension setup to get the car to sit right (not to mention perform) and leave the cabin intact. I applaud the effort, but it looks like a Hot Wheels gone wrong.


And now for the final category of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards, Speed Demon of the Year. As the name


This car needs to be put into a few of the best of catagories right now. Right now!


I am not a hater...I think its ugly. The SC430 front is a good idea, but was executed poorly. The lines are all wrong, theres no flow and the wheels are way too small and thin. The carbon dash and tilton pedal assembly is sweet!


As with mobilespeed, I am too proud at what Malaysians can do.

Another car worth mentioning:

Built by Onward Motorsports


Hye there, kinda happy that Malaysian moders come accross in speedhunters web.


this car is incredible and looks like it might blow my ears off.CONGRATS


Got this magazine back when it was came out, awesome feature.


I've seen this car before...still great to see. Very Super GT


the back end looks like the toyota supra race car


Alright I love the car, but I feel like this photo shoot took place 3/4 of the way into the build... If your going for the Super GT look, go for it 100%. The devil is in the details, and i feel like while this car is something totally amazing, it isn't quite finished!!!


i have to say that glad to see another malaysian's car on speedhunter.... this car interior and engine bay are well done.. but this car exterior really looking so bad....


Omg hahaah. I have just inagine my reaction if i would see it on the street. Sth like:

WOOOT THE *** IS THAT ?!?!?!?!!!!!!???!!


The interior s nt so kwel,bt i lyk da spoiler most!


Ride height and wheel fitment is horrible.


ya i must admit, even being a malaysian im not a really big fan of this car, as well as the tuning scene in KL, but this car has had alot of money put onto it, and it really deserve a chance to be covered on a worldly auto-blog. M'sia has some bad ass car around such as T.Djan's AE86 and his S15, would love to see alot more of M'sia cars on Speedhunters ! Cheers~!


It may be very fast and well engineered, but my God is it ugly...


look on how this car have gone far from the standard version....congratz...FYI it is hard to get this legally road car because Malaysian strict regulation,seriously..some of law here are not practical at all..BTW speedhunters should come here to the see the scene here

Congrtaz again !!!


Mobilespeed thanks for the links! Looks like they are turning out a number of nice kits!


change the headlights drop it more pull the tires out take off those exhuasts and put a side one


Damn! And it´s street legal, DAMNNNN!!!!1


Stance fail SO F*CKING HARD, kinda gives the impression that the car is not quite sussed-out. I've never been a fan of mixing the front and back of two separate cars, also engine choice is not SuperGT at all. But that's a lot of work and $$$ in that ride congrats to the owner for getting coverage.


The stance does suck really bad, and the paint makes it hard to see the angles of the car, the interior looks booty, ya... i'm just gonna stop...


Another Amazing post.. well done mate!!!!


Such quality work only to be let down by the paint, I'm also wondering why he still has carpet seeing what he has done to his interior already.


wonder what else that guy has come up with-imagine what he could do with a gtr


sorry but I think the body is horrible!!! great craftsmanship dont get me wrong, the design just looks like a bunch of crappy body kits riveted together, and why go through all of the work to make a "racecar" and still put pinned roll bars in it? this car looks like it would fall apart if it were actually raced hard


damn, this guy needs to build an nsx gt copy...takata dome any1?


Can you say DAMN!? haha awsome!


I also Malaysian those always browsing on this site. Although i was fav-ed this site since 1 year ago at least, This is my first comment ever here. :) . Dropping by just to thanked Speedhunters for highlighting malaysia scene.

FYI, there's also hyped Satria NEO S2000 rally car which is drove by Alister McRae in IRC Rally . It's currently beat Subarus and Imprezza too!


Haha its so awesome to finally see the Monster Garage Supra being featured, I just wonder why nobody features the monster garage GTR's...


malcolm= crazy


This car REALLY BAD LOOKING!!! wher if u though its GT look alike! Please refer to the actual GT car before waste up money to built this Urgly!




No thanks, to many half assed things going on. Aero kit is agressive looking but not functional at all. To me this represents ricer/boy racer to the max, Its got some nice parts on it, but whats with all the body work then some cheap off the shelf rotas? Huge fuel cell next to a strut bar? Tilton pedals with carpet and floor mats? I think its trying to hard to be something its not. And IMO thats why it fails.

I will say if he built this all in his garage thats awesome, I'm all for home built cars. I do the same here. But I think this build is seriously lacking in balance.


ha well said DAN, whats with the open battery right next to the fuel cell, and check out the flimsy tabs holding it in


Great body work.

The size of the wheels is off. One size wider frunt and back. And the offset is not right.

Push the wheels further out.

U go threw all this awsome widebody work to only miss the mark on wheel fitment.




i saw the 2009 lexus super gt car while i was in japan recently and this is a pretty good remake. great commitment to a project


i respect the amount of work that has gone into this car but........... as ppl have said before this car is ugly as hell, i love super gt cars they look awesome but its due to their low slung lines and ground hugging ride heights, the reason they have the massive tubbed arches is so that they can fit the huge tyres under there. and so they can sit the car right down to the ground not so they can look cool with their fully sick widebody. and the kit on it doesnt even look like it has any aerodynamic merit to it at all.

this looks stupid offset, ride height and stance fail


Well, each to their own in terms of taste :)



im drooling all over my keyboard right now!:D


I saw this car for the first time at last year’s Formula Drift Malaysia. For some reason it stood