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I've got a few more posts to churn out before the year's up. First up, I want to quickly share this special set of photos with you. They were taken by our in-house artiste-as-photographer: Linhbergh Nguyen this past April at the birthplace of hot rodding: the El Mirage Dry Lakes.

Those of you familiar with the history of Hot Rodding will know that it's at locations like the El Mirage dry lakes in the Mojave Desert where the pioneers of the scene first organized land speed record top speed runs. So what better a place for Linhbergh and I to try out a photographic collaboration together.

Having only just met Linhberg the previous day at Formula D Long Beach, we hopped in my borrowed NFS Edition Shelby Terlingua and thundered up Highway 18 out into the Mojave Desert.

Although El Mirage is not nearly as famous as Bonneville, it certainly is a Temple of Speed unto itself. Land Speed record events have been run at this location for the past 60 years.

It's also used year round as a vehicle recreation area and is frequented by all manner of dune buggies, motorcross and quads.

The constant presence of these vehicles created a surreal backdrop to conduct our little photo shoot!

The Terlingua was covered with a layer of dust…

…  and the front of the car was splattered with the remains of countless dead bugs.

But it all added to the authenticity of the shoot IMO.

As I stood watching Linhbergh shoot the Mustang, I couldn't help but ponder the history of El Mirage and all the racing legends that helped form the movement now known as Hot Rodding.

It was here that the do-it-yourself culture of modified cars first started up and it was here that we came on a special pilgrimage to pay our respects to the history of speed.

Anyway… a little moment in time I wanted to share with you!… It was this test shoot that cemented Linhbergh's role on the Speedhunters team and the rest as they say… is history!

BTW Thanks to Shelby for the use of the Terlingua this past year, I've truly savored any second behind the wheel of this wild machine.

Happy New Year everyone!




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Wow! what a mustang. :)


Nice car! Cool shots! What's up with the rabbit/griffin thing?


I love the Terlingua mustangs! I dunno what it is about them, they just seem so great! :D

@ RPS13: the rabbit/griffin thing is the Terlingua Racing Team logo!


huh that is a cool logo , for a second i thought he had a toyota soarer emblem on the grill, good thing its not or id be hating.....j/k nice car sidepipes are bad ass


Please please please make the second last picture a wallpaper. It looks so awesome. Thanks :)


wallpapers please!!!!


The rabbit as some called it is the Terlingua mascot/logo. Goes back a long way with CS and boys. Second on the wallpapers please.


Wallpaper of 2nd pic please!


Great shots and a great car. I may have missed it earlier on but whats the stats on that Mustang?