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My shoes might still be drying out from the rainstorm over the weekend, but the weather in SoCal at the moment is incredible. You know, one of those picture perfect days where the snow-capped San Gabriel mountains can be seen from all over the LA basin. If only it had been this nice at Irwindale Speedway on Saturday. Oh well, even with the rain, we still have plenty left to show you guys from the 2009 Mooneyes X-Mas Party.

The aptly-named "Flying Coffin" has been chopped so aggressively that it's now a full-fledged roadster. It is lacking one thing though – a roof of any sort. Nothing a well-placed umbrella can't take care of, right? Rod is planning a Car Spotlight on this wild machine, so keep an eye out for it.

Like the Flying Coffin, the "Border Patrol" Roadster is representing the Cavaliers Car Club out of Long Beach.

You have to love the WW2 nose art-inspired graphics and names on some these cars.

This lake-piped Riviera is another one of those cars that blurs the lines between lowrider and custom.

As mentioned earlier, there were an incredible amount of '49-'54 Chevys out at the show – and this car was one of the coolest.

This big-finned Caddy had an absolutely sinister look as it rolled slowly through the parking lot. What a car.

With all the crazy rods and customs kicking about, I still liked seeing the original, unrestored cars like this Studebaker Lark. Why bother trying to make your late model car look ratty when you can just pick up a genuine artifact like this?

This laid out Caddy hearse got plenty of looks as it cruised around. There were a couple times when my dad tried to buy an old hearse like this, but for some reason my mom never gave him the OK on that one…

More blurring between the lowrider and the custom.

This Chevy is likely one of those cars that looks just as tough as its owner does…

Here's a pickup sporting a period correct custom look. Note the more conservative stance.

And another pickup, this one quite literally sitting on the ground.

You could dedicate a whole post just to the kinds of paint (or lack thereof) seen on cars at the X-Mas Party. This Pontiac was sporting a trippy looking pattern of bare metal spots.

One of my favorite parts about the traditional custom scene is the love given to cars like Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs. In the mainstream classic car scene, these brands have always taken a backseat to cars like the the tri-five Chevys.

Not that I have anything at all against the tri-fives. This '55 was obviously here for some action on the strip, but the weather was not cooperative.

A pair of open top rods heading out to navigate the chaotic SoCal freeways in the rain. This is the life.

The brilliant orange paint on this F100 made for an incredible contrast against the dark skies. Throw in the reflections on the ground, and you almost have one of those Linhbergh moments…

Here's a rare one, a custom Ford Ranchero outfitted an Edsel front end. Seeing as the infamous Edsel shared many parts with Fords of the day, the conversion looks quite factory.

OK, time to dig up some more photos of the year. Much more on the way from the Mooneyes X-Mas Party so stay tuned.

-Mike Garrett



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I'm loving the brown 54 chevy, and the border patrol has a awesome look.


Big Props to Speedhunters for great coverage of sick cars...from hella flush to hella old

you guys kick ass




Awesome cars, all of them. That bright orange F truck is so cool!


Hai, cAn I gEt SomE mOR inFo oN thAt PinK cAR bEhiNd tHe bROwN cHeVY?


Sorry, I just wanted to be "that guy" in this post...Badass coverage of such killer cars!



What better way to end the 2009 then with the coolest people & awesome cars and motorcycles that gather for a full day of festivities. The Show must go on! HoLla MoOnEyEs! ;) Let'z hope MoThEr NaTuRe will show us some LuV 2010. BaByGiRl DeMoRnAiE




That's an GREAT shot of the bigfin!


That Kermit Green / Grass Green scallooped GMC Pick-up does it for me!

Or that Eighty EIght with steelies...


love it!!!!!!!!


the rivi with supres brings back memories.


LBC REPRAZENTIN!!!! Rod culture goes so deep here I have a photo of my grandfather with his roadster from the 40s on Hill Street, 3 blocks from my house. They would stress test their motors on that hill back in the day. Dad raced at Lyons too. LOVE seeing them guys from Long Beach :):)

Oh...for the really old heads, Harvey's Broiler has been rebuilt exact same from the 50s/60s, now as a Bob's Broiler, and they have car hop service til 10pm i think, and have Hot Rod nights every Wednesday. I would be floored if you guys could possibly run something on that history there. Harveys was the ORIGINAL spot, true American car history.


Yes indeed, that slammed orange Ford made me wet myself... in a good way.


that border patrol roadster is awesome.And i can understand wghat you mean about buicks and olds lagging behind the tri fives. But it makes me want to to do a buick roadmaster now just to prove it can be done.I said it last post again this xmas par show is just so cool you could invite polar bears.


love that 64 wagon. You've brought up an interesting point about the BOP's. The thing is (in my opinion) they usually make better looking kustoms than many of the tri-fives and shoeboxes. I love walking up a BOP and going "I think theres about 12 different cars in this", love em. Oh and you cant go wrong with a nailhead...ever...


That tan Chevy Truck is amazing!!!! :) We need for posts like this!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey i'm the one that actually did all the work on that vanilla colored '50 chevy that's "one of the coolest" there's way more work in that than any normal ratty looking custom



Edsel Ranchero? i think i just threw up a little... :S


wallpapaer numer 4 pleaseeeeee pleaseeee!!!! dat is so cool


I'm lovin the shit outta that "Border Patrol" car. DAMN, wish we had the resources here to build something like that


Love the hearse


I'd love to have that orange F100! Feature would be just as nice...