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It has been a bit hectic at the office but here is my final part of the Essen Motor Show coverage. I’ll start with this Brabus B63S. It dominated the Brabus stand with its grey matte finish. This really was one of my favorite cars of the show. The car started out as Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG, which isn’t too shabby I must add. But Brabus found a way to squeeze even more horsepower out of the 6.3 liter V8 and enhanced the exterior with parts that are engineered inside a windtunnel.

Most aero parts are made from clear coated carbon fiber except for the front fenders, they have been sculpted in aluminum. The frontbumper can be upgraded with a spoiler lip and in the rear the earodynamics can be improved with a diffuser and rear spoiler.

The standard AMG with 517bhp is already a force to be reckoned with but Brabus squeezed another 30bhp out of it. Giving the engine a total of 547bhp and 650Nm of torque. This is all thanks to two sport air filters, free flow metal catalysts and a custom programmed ECU. The power gains increased its top speed to 200mph.

This is the car that BMW should have build after they introduced the E90 M3. A M3 Touring is something the BMW aficionados have been waiting for. Manhart Racing decided they couldn’t wait any longer and built one, but with a twist. It doesn’t feature the V8 from the M3 but the V10 from the M5.

The BBS CH wheels looked spot on.

The infamous Brabus E V12 of which only 10 will be built, this was number one but I’m not sure if Brabus has been able to sell the other nine to some rich customers. The numbers that accompanies the engine are unbelievable, but here goes, a 6.3 liter V12 biturbo with 800bhp and 1420NM of torque which has been electronically limited to 1100Nm of torque. The most striking part of this car are the wheel covers made from carbon for maximum aerodynamic properties.

The car is able to reach a top speed of 217mp/h and goes from 0 to 60mp/h in 3.7 seconds. The car is priced at 600.000 euro’s.

On the other side of the large Brabus stand were these Smart’s. They came in all different colors and outfits. This one right here was a electronic version. It had some interesting wheels with a clear plastic cover.

A closer look at the hotrods revealed this purple one. It had a cool logo on the side that said ‘Cam Snappers’. I would love to hear the sound when they fired this car up at the end of the show.

This blue hotrod was right next to it with a more old school feel to it.

This Corvette C6 Blackforce One build by Loma featured a biturbo 7 liter V8 giving it 794bhp. The entire bodykit including the arc extensions are made from carbon fiber. At the front it gained 8cm and at the rear it got 14cm wider. It looked pretty impressive although I’m not sure about the rear.

I found the one and only tuned Porsche Panamera on the stand at Speedart. The Panamera is really growing on me especially when it is dropped like this one. It had a set of Speedart Light Spoke Competition in 22″. Next year I will have to visit Speedart and get a closer look at their cars.

This Porsche build by Manthey Racing stood on the ADAC stand together with other race cars including the Alpina B6 GT3, Scirocco 24hrs race car and the Maserati MC12 GT.

The Polizei was also present or should I say Police. Every year they have a strong presence with their ‘Tune It Safe’ campaign. The car had a complete AC Schnitzer bodykit and 20″ wheels.

Hey look what I found… this thing looks even better in person. Check out more detailed shots made by Rod right here.

Well that’s it for my coverage of the Essen Motor Show. I will be back next year and in the meantime I will visit some of the tuners that were present during the 2009 edition.

:Jeroen Willemsen

Essen Motor Show 2009



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The Brabus B63 S is amazing!

It's a nice family-car :-)


Please tell me those wheel covers are removable on the B E v12!!!


that c6 blackforce is awesome as is the brabus e63. And the more i see that skyline autoart model the more i want it.


M3 touring yes pleasseee.


God that E V12 is ugly, what were they thinking???


I really like the EV12! I think it is unique!


The figures for that Brabus Benz are incredible! But why is that panel in the center of the grill? That Brabus E V12 kind of reminds me of the I Robot Audi TT. Those plastic skirts are odd. Also, the Smart car is cool! Never seen plexi wheel covers. What's with the giant roll cage behind the Panamera?


it's amazing car show thnx a lot