Event>>doing The Cars And Coffee Thing

It was a cold weekend here in Southern California.

So cold.

Cold as in you'd probably want to thrown on a light sweater before going out for a cruise in your convertible.

Being blessed with what's probably the most car-friendly climate in the world, the auto events never really stop here in LA. It's been a few months since I moved to SoCal, but it wasn't until this weekend that I finally was able to get down to Irvine for Cars and Coffee. If for some reason you aren't familiar with Cars and Coffee, it's an informal car gathering held at Mazda's American HQ every Saturday morning, and following its success there are now similar gatherings held all around the country. I know that waking up before dawn on a Saturday morning can be tough for a lot of us, but trust me, it's worth it.

I'm not sure if there's a more diverse car gathering on the planet – and to think this happens every Saturday.

Now I know why I put up with LA's high rent and ridiculous traffic.

At Cars and Coffee it's not at all unusual to see a late model Ferrari sandwiched between American pony cars of opposite generations.

There are no rules here. You simply cruise in, find a spot, have cup of coffee and enjoy life.

You'll quit literally find everything on wheels. Whether it's an ultra-desirable classic like this 911 Carrera RS…

…or something a bit more odd like an airbagged Volkswagen Thing. Slammed month might be over, but our love for the low never stops!

This weekend's event featured a large number of classic woodies – an important vehicle in California's beach culture.

And just across the parking lot, a tuned up Evo X. Those enthusiasts with an open mind will find a lot to like at Cars and Coffee.

A bagged '61 Chevy two door sedan on HRE's. Cool.

In the mood for some pure '80s nostalgia? How about this wide-body first generation RX7?

A '65 Pontiac GTO converted into an El Camino…or is that an El Camino converted into a '65 GTO?

The E30 M3 is one of those cars that's just beautiful, even when bone stock.

With Christmas just a couple weeks away, the Holiday spirit wasn't hard to find at this edition of Cars and Coffee.

Speaking of Christmas, I'll have to add a Superformance GT40 replica to my list. A perfect reproduction of one of the world's greatest cars….

Another one of Stuttgart's finest. There seemed to be quite a few Porsches spread amongst the lot, but I'm guessing its a regular thing.

When I saw a crowd of people around the rear of this VW Vanagon I figured there might be turbo Subaru power back there, but then I saw the license plate…

Yep, that's a Porsche flat six swap, looking almost like a factory job.

Spread amongst the Cars and Coffee crowd, you'll find genuine pieces of history like this original competition spec E-Type Jag.

Gathering on the sidewalk to watch the cars roll in and out is a Cars and Coffee tradition. Irvine PD is also there to make sure that nobody gets too rowdy…

Seeing how the event wraps up at 9am, it's the perfect meeting spot before heading on a drive to the nearby mountains or coast. I'm guessing that's what this group of Viper owners was doing.

I need to start getting up early on Saturdays more often.

Stay tuned for more from the automotive mecca that is Cars and Coffee…

-Mike Garrett



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id be there errrrrrry week thats the dopest kinda car event



Dear mr.Garrett, I´m jealousy of you....


So many to love... But my favorite of this bunch is the classic Carrera. I think I squealed the most at that one, ha. (Yes, I squeal at cars. I'm a girl, okay? I'm allowed. They're cute. CUTE I say.)


great pics

anyone know whats car is that?.... in front of the grey GT2


I think i saw that jag on sale at ebay..either way, it had to be a conversion unless the owner is enthusiastic enough to put such a rear commodity at the cruel hands of LA roads..if the later is the case, kudos to him.


I would love to be the cops assigned to work this shift, cars cars cars...and your getting paid!


Anyone know of these types of meets in other parts of the country? Especially Portland, OR. Sure, our weather sucks 6 months out of the year, but the other 6 months it's great!


Thats a Callaway C6 Corvette in front of the silver GT3.




car in front of the silver GT2 looks like a callaway corvette


I live pretty close to this but I have heard that the organizers are not too cool about a lot of Japanese imports at the meets. Last year, when I researched going with a friend (I have an EVO and my friend has an E36 M3), I found a lot of internet drama to this effect---something about EVOs, STi, and S2000s... being asked NOT to park in the main lot. This seems to be someone else's meet, so I stay away.

Nice coverage though.


Why? Why are there no events like this in Victoria?


Anyone wanna hire a good english speaking and mecanically skilled honest mexican from Guadalajara in the SoCal area? I'm willing to move!!!


This is GREAT!!!)))))))


There are a ton of events like this in the D.C. area, with an equally eclectic assortment of cars. Let's see, Hemi 'Cuda verts? Yep! Hotrods? You bet! There are multiple Ford GTs, old and new Ferrari's, several Ariel Atom's, a supercharged Austin-Healey "Frogeye" Sprite, dozens of Cobra and Daytona Coupe replicas, what seem like hundreds of '69 Camaros, Novas, Mustangs, Chevelles, GTO's and the odd Hurst/Olds 442 and Buick GSX. Oh yeah, and we get tuners, too. R-35 GTR's, street-drift spec Silvias and S2000s; a V8 1st gen RX-7, a bunch of local Evo and Scooby guys, etc. And all this every Friday night at ONE Chik-fil-A from March until November. That's not counting the 10 or so other cruise-ins in the area. And I don't think Cars and Coffee invented the concept of an early morning cruise-in, a group known as the "Donut Derelicts" have been doing it for years, and an East Coast group called "The Church of the Holy Donut" has emulated the former since 2000 in Maryland.


You Can get up early.... orr... just not bother going to sleep at all.... works for me

That Orange Volkswagen thing looks good slammed.... See I can apreacate a slamed car like that.... after all the Volkswagen thing never had any real sporting potental... so as a slamed veichle it makes perfect sence..... Unlike slaming a RX7 or a 370Z .... wich IMO just completly ruin the point of verry capable machines

That 61 chevy looks good IMO .... (and thats the first time in my entire life I've EVER said a Chevy looks good)


(send me your info G-zilla)


Hot damn, awesome!


How many Brisbane Speedhunters out there would like to assist in doing a local version?




that 61 chevy sedan, is that a biscayne?


Nice pics! I'm not a morning person, but I also live on the East Coast! That slammed Thing is cool!


imagine how nuts the cops would go in australia if these things started happening lol.

i think the gap between the price of imports and exotics here makes it unrealistic as people who own ferraris don't want to drive with nissans that are worth 10percent of the price and will beat the living shit out of there performance


A nice combination of great cars there. *Thumbs up*


I'm not afraid to say that I'm jealous that they can have these year round, not the case in the NYC area. While I have sort of outgrown the local "lot meet scene", attending something like this would be a pleasure. It seems unique, and exciting with new things to see every week.

That Carrera RS and widebody FB make me drool. The '61 Chevy on HRE's, love it!


I would love me a Viper any day. Sometimes the Cars and Coffee events make me want to live in SoCal.


This looks like a fairly weak showing in terms of Cars and Coffee meets. I recommend several return visits. I lived down there for a year and every week I was blown away by something new and crazy. Vectors, 911 GT1s (plural), Multiple Enzos, Spykers, pretty much everything. Except a McLaren. I still haven't seen a god damned McLaren.


Love the widebody FB for sure. Also really like the gt40 replica, fairlady z, and e-type jag.


I'll add to my list, that superformance GT40,the 61 chevy,and the 65 goat.


Sounds like a challenge Jake! Stay tuned for a Brisbane event winter 2010 ;-)


super vipers