Car Spotlight>>the Blown Sled

For my final Car Spotlight from the Mooneyes X-Mas Party, we'll be looking at a very unique custom. While hot rods might lend themselves well to over the top mechanical expression – the "led sleds" are typically a bit more traditional. A chop, lowering, and some body work yes, but overall they keep a smooth, somewhat restrained look.

That's not the case with this car.

I walked by the car once and grabbed a few photos, the next time I came by it was already fired up on and ready to leave – with a big crowd of onlookers checking it out. It's obviously had a lot of custom work done to the the body, but I believe it started out as an early '50s Oldsmobile. Looking at the car, you can see the obvious roof chop, front end work, and the addition of "fins" to the rear.

The centerpiece of the car is the engine, a giant supercharged V8 with the blower towering of the engine bay and even the roof itself. Now there's a lot of car to move, but I'm still willing to bet this thing moves pretty well. However, I can't imagine the driver's visibility is too good with the chopped roof and fat blower…

You may have the noticed the lack of any cooling system in the frontend shot. That's because it's all been relocated to the trunk. Looks quite serious, eh?

Just look how you can see the top of the blower popping out in this shot. This seriously looks like something out of the old Car Toons Magazine. Just add the sound of a whining supercharger to this photo, and you'll have an idea of the kind of presence this car has.

I really wish I had a chance to look at this thing in more detail. I have a feeling I'll run into it again at another event here in SoCal though.

Hope you guys enjoyed my Car Spotlights from the Mooneyes X-Mas Party!

-Mike Garrett



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AWESOME! Love the stance. Love the steel wheels. Love the cooling system!


off the hook! loving the blower and the cooling system quite unique by traditional hot rod standards, Maybe he does trackdays with it?


It's Nice to see MOONeyes coverage, Thank you!

More Pin


just out of curiosity, was the blower turned around so it didn't scoop up all the water? or is it a cowel induction type deal


Wow, he's actually driving it with NO HOOD in the RAIN.


I was also wondering where the inlet for the blower was


If I remember right, it was turned around cowl induction style. Possibly because of the rain.


mad max´s backup car


Are those vents in the roof?


This car is garbage.. there's nothing cool about this hack of a build..

Speedhunters, you guys lack Domestic Hot Rod knowledge and it really shows in the cars you feature.



Is that a magneto i see in the reflection on the firewall, or just a really tall distributor?


That's ugly! What a waste of a feature!


"Ugly" , "Hack of a Build"

I dont think so. The chop looks like it was done extremely well, the tailfins look great, the body seems laser straight, the trunk with the cooling system is a interesting idea. It may not be your "cup of tea" But judging by the detail work like the fabbed catch cans, and hardline work for the fuel lines makes it obvious that this is NOT a "hack of a build."

Obviously the authors of the posts I am referring to have never attempted to do anything but comment on custom cars. Even though I would not build a car like this, I appreciate the work and creative process that went into it. Lets see pics of your cars, haha.


inspiered me to do custom stainless fire wall on my 93 toy pickup, kick ass