Car Spotlight>> S30’s From The Mooneye’s Show

I have to admit, since driving that amazing 240ZG at Sodegaura the other week I haven't been able to stop thinking about S30s, which is pretty much exactly why I couldn't keep my eyes off these two cars at the Mooneyes show. There is a very evident difference in style compared to the more authentic feel of the car from TA-Auto, but the Z's shape is pretty much ageless not to mention versatile, making any kind of style look amazing.

It was weird seeing color-coded overfenders on such a light colored car at first, but there is no denying it worked great on this highly modified monster.

I waited until the owner unloaded it from the transporter to take a closer look, which is when I heard that unmistakable engine note.

And there it is, the modified RB26 that replaces the original L-series engine. It looks like there was no issue with space, the S30's engine bay more than big enough to accommodate any kind of motor that may take your fancy. A massive racing radiator takes care of cooling while the intercooler had to be custom made to fit in the tight confines of the nose. Piping is kept very short which I'm sure makes the engine responsive while the N1 turbos hint at a probable power of about 500 HP.

If you look closely enough you can notice that the door handles were shaved and that very modern carbon mirrors, which look like they were borrowed from a sports bike, are fitted as well. Stance and wheel fitment is pretty much perfect. The interior was fitted with what looked like an S14 dashboard, something I was unable to get a picture of unfortunately as I couldn't get a hold of the owner. I would have tried to open the door myself, but the lack of door handles made it hard!

But if I had to choose one to take home from the show it has to be this Speed Shop Web built left hand drive Datsun 240Z. This car was oozing style, from its amazingly finished metallic silver paint to the excellent wheel fitment.

The interior was unmolested, had every original part in place but was modernized and stiffened up by a very cleanly installed roll-cage.

Under the hood I found this…

…an RB25DE, a very cool engine choice in my opinion. It follows the old recipe of a naturally aspirated straight-six with all the benefits of a modern motor, but does things differently by taking a step back and ditching fuel injection for a more authentic carb set-up. I'm sure this car sounds absolutely amazing!

So there you go, two more examples that show what a great canvas the S30 can be.

I've got to dig around more to see what other S30s I can find to shoot next, maybe something powered by an S20? More on this next year!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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wow! simply amazing....



I want to go buy one and make it look like this lol


That white one is a beast!


pic.2 wallpaper please.


I want picture on.2 in wallpaper desktop please.


Im loven these damn cars, we just need more beautiful s30 coverage like this !!!!!!

desktops ?


lways nice to see the Common Snapper cars, which can be researched further through their site here:


They are extremely sexy


BTW, the white one sports a full R33 dash and seats, from what I recall.


Love it!

Thanks for the spotlight!


the second picture made my eyes water


love the white one


Wallpapers of EVERYTHING PLEASE....

I guess you could also use your judgment and pick a few good ones for us... but I'll take one of each if it's no problem :)


Love the two of those. At first i thought the white one was the nicer of the two but the grey/black contrast works so well on the second one


this car has taken a step fpward in popularity in the us since yuta's rod appeared. these two are great . IM glad dino is hunting after more s30 pics cause ive also been thinking alot about s30 and celicasXX these past months


thanks DINO, Oo -Z - oO


if your diggin up s30's, the RIPS RB30DET 240Z is the king of drag 240Z's. absolutely no question about it.


Super Legit Z's. Love'em =]


hollyyyy!!!!! *&$^@&#*&*@(*(*#(&* Tanksss for the pics!!! What a beautiful Siiisssssssss.... the white one is damm so perfect!! tanks Wallpaper!!! jaja for christmas


profile of the white car in pic 3 is insaaaaaaaannneee!!!!! so aggressive! @#$%ing jizzzz....


Truely a timeless car. Age can never touch the S30 Z.

Speaking of unloading from the transporter. Maybe there should be a feature on the crazy Japanese trucks that roam the country looking like part of a Las Vegas neon sign.

27 with all this old school goodness happening, this site has really become one i visit everyday to view the updates. I am a huge fan of the S30's as after I am done with my s2 FB rx7, I'd like to restore a 240z.


Hey dino, I can give you the details of an awesome Z shop next time your near Utsunomiya:)

I can guarantee some awesome vehicles there.




You HAVE to get a wallpaper of the white 240z!!


Those cars are simply epic. Glad you got around on doing a review.

Crazy how two identical cars can have such different attitudes.


dedicate a month to Z's !!!!


its a work of it!


I have a copy of Custom Car magazine from last year or so and it says the dash in that white Z is an R33 dash


I mustadmit i lke the s30 and its sharp line which like yous ssaid makes for a briliant canvas and i think mike garrett summed it up best by calling the z series japans corvette.


WOW that's just amazing, we have one dude who's also doing a RB26 in a S30 ;)

He's aiming at 600 rear wheel horsepower ;)

These cars just getting better and better :)


Here is Mike's coverage of the Common Snapper S30 from Auto-Otaku back in the day.


I was wondering if you'd find an S20 powered S30Z :D

I love that RB25 setup though. pretty awesome.

Maybe someone will get an S20 with ITB's and standalone someday.


all in favor of Datsun month on Speedhunters say aye. AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE.....


The Classic S30Z. My favorite Old-School JDM Car!


Forget Yuta's 240Z, this white 240 blew me away!




These old school Zeds are an EPIC WIN!

So awesome and love the RB26DETT and RB25DE conversions.

The 6 trumpets look tuff as on the RB25.


that's my ultimate dream car right there....RBZ ftw!!!!


A neighbor of mine had one of these a few years ago in a very bad shape, yet driving and he wanted to sell it to me then for dirt money, but I was dead broke at the time and the dude gave me 3 days to decide. I missed the chance and he took it to the scrap yard. Now thinkin' back I feel like I stabbed myself in the heart by letting such a treasure be killed like that.... Well.... someday... I'll snatch another one...


This page make me wanna cry T_T

Dam'it... I've been dreaming for an S30Z for over 8 years now, someday will find one and DD it (I want to listen to that awesome L with some weber carbs :D


Is there one with LSX swaps?


piz make some desktops out of them


What size wheels are those? And exhaust system?


They are so clean





The white Z absolutly rules it!


It would be a great canvas if you can find a non-cancered body going for less then $6,000


The grey has what looks like bike carbs?

BTW all for Datsun month @ Speedhunters. Oh and wallpapers please :)