Car Spotlight>>a Pair Of Eight-second Hachi-rokus

We've featured A LOT of different AE86's on Speedhunters. Way more than I can count. The vast majority of these have been drift or circuit cars, but here we have a pair of Truenos built for one thing, and one thing only – ripping down the quarter mile as quickly as possible. With a lightweight, rear-drive chassis the AE86 makes a fine drag machine, and Isidoro and Mike of the Domincan Republic have used the AE86 chassis to create two of the coolest import drag cars I've ever seen.

Let's start with Isidoro's red panda hatchback. The car is a veteran of the drag strip, originally powered by a bone stock 2JZGTE that delivered 13-second ET's. It's still powered by a 2JZ, but now runs well into the eight second range.

Running as a demo car for a speed shop called Mecafast. Isidoro's Trueno is one of the fastest cars in the region, taking championships at events all over the Caribbean. The fully-built single turbine 2J is makes around 800 wheel horsepower with the help of an 80-horse shot of nitrous.

Helping to put those 800 horses to the ground are a custom four-link setup with a Ford 8.8" diff and a Powerglide auto trans.

The cars best time in the quarter mile is an 8.71 at 154 MPH, with a 60-foot time of 1.29.

Mike's silver Trueno just debuted this year after four years of construction. On its first outing to the track, the car turned an impressive nine second ET.

The car shares a similar a 2JZGTE engine setup with a few minor differences, and is also tuned to make around 800hp.

The tried and true Powerglide trans is still the choice of serious drag racers. Mike's AE86 is also running one these built automatics.

I love how the body is pretty much 100% stock on both cars…

…except for the drag wing, parachute, and 26×10 slicks that is.

Mike's best ET is a 8.81 at 154 MPH with a 1.3 60-foot time.

Big thanks go to Efrain Arias of for sending us photos and info about these two incredible AE86's.

You can check out more on

-Mike Garrett



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It's not often you see an AE86 do a wheel stand.


@_gpt_ its not usual you see AE86 drag cars like mike said.

I like it mike, even though if i was doing it i would have gone down the small block chev route or a supercharged 1UZ-FE and a munchie 4 speed.And its good to see the dominican republic doing some radical builds like these.


Bad ass! Now that's what I like to see!


These are pretty kickass. Haven't seen a drag AE86 in a while.


wow, they both look damn sexy, i would love to hear them snap off the line, those 60ft times are sick!


that's a small sample of the quality of car in the Caribbean is still a lot to see as examples: Evo IX MR 9.2 sec, 9.4 sec STI. , CIVIC 9.1sec and more "DAILY USE STREET CAR" ... and not just in drag, also in Time Attack, Drift ... visit the different forums RepDominicana & PuertoRico


Thank you Mike for letting Boostiao show just a couple of the great cars that we have in DR. We'll keep sending a few more of drag/drift/circuit as time passes by.

I just posted some more pics/vids for our english speaking friends, just click here:



cool feature, but the lack of engine bay pictures is a bit of a bummer.


Is that the same Efrain Arias who used to run the daewootec forums a few years back?


elefra!!! now international!! hehe... awesome coverage on the nations best cars... hachi love in DR!


LOL Neil! I'm the same one! wootech is still running!


3TC or go home.


cool!!you dont see this every day




Dang, now I want an AE86 with a 2JZ in it. I've always wondered if it was possible to do that engine swap, and apparently, it is.

Can we see some shots of the engine bays? How hard was it to shoehorn that flat-six in there?


EYYY PedroZC...oh oh ho escuseme....El efra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EYYYYYYYY PedroZC oh oh oh oh escuseme El Efraaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! metiendo mano


go youtube isidoro trueno.


8 second corollas do not look cool :|


AE86 not meant to be a drag car, i don't like them


i thing, this 2 cars are the world fasters stok chassis


Nice to see la Republica Dominicana representing on the 1320. This build definitely represents the unique style of Caribbean tuning.


thanks, rafi esteves fron drt, bartolo race craft fron pr,and all my team mecafast


H3AE86 - that was the dumbest thing i've read all day.

an 86 isnt MEANT to do any sort of motorsports

it doesnt say in the owner's manual that you should build it for local drift events or take it autocrossing.


congratulations for DR.....


had the chance to see it in person in PR the last match was against my mechanics 9 sec 87 civic, we were praying the mobil one AE made a red light lol... its faaaaaaast congrats!


There used to be a few 2JZ AE86 and KP61 Starlets running around the streets of South Florida as early as 1995.


wow great coverage..and by the way this only show the versatility of the ae86 platform great cars both of them


Hi Speedhunters! I’m Efrain Arias from, the Dominican Republic is well known for it’s baseball players, but what we also is a big love for motorsports. We currently have one of the best Touring car and Drifting series in the Caribbean and