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I had one of the best experiences of my life the other week. It all happened on a very cold, very wet Monday morning at the recently opened Sodegaura Forest Raceway, a short 45 min drive from Tokyo. The idea was to meet up with revered Fairlady Z restorer Ando-san of TA-Auto to shoot a couple of his latest creations, one of which was this beautiful maroon HS30 240ZG.

The 240ZG was built in 1971 to homologate the S30 for Group 4 racing and was only sold in Japan. The car differed from regular Z’s due to a series of small modifications like the riveted on over-fenders, the wing mounted side mirrors…

…as well as the more protruding nose with acrylic covers draped over the headlights.

TA-Auto did a super job in restoring this great Japanese classic by keeping the body as stock as possible for that authentic look.

Even the ride height looks stock despite the dampers being more performance oriented items.

The owner opted for a set of 14-inch RS Watanabe wheels wrapped in a set of sticky asymmetrical Yokohama Advan Neova AD05.

TA-Auto went to work on the single cam L24 engine modifying it extensively to make it perform to its fullest potential. A forged bottom end has bumped capacity to over 2.5L…

…while a lot of time went into helping the head breathe better. Larger Mikuni carbs provide the necessary fuel.

Even if the car may look like a classic the performance and handling is on par with sports cars of today so the seats have been upgraded to full Recaro buckets.

The original steering wheel.

A triplet of Omori gauges have been installed to keep an eye on oil and water temperature as well as oil pressure.

Willans harnesses keep you strapped down through the twisty bits!

The owner was kind enough to let me have a few hot laps in his pride an joy around the very technical Sodegaura Forest circuit. To familiarize myself with the car I first took it easy, giving the engine and driveline time to gradually warm up. Then came the surprise. I stepped on the accelerator and was rewarded with a big wallop of torque, which for such an on old car really surprised me. The tuned straight six felt relentless in its delivery revving smoothly all the way to the screaming 7,000 rpm redline. I couldn’t believe I was driving a close to 40-year old car, it felt so responsive, so alive something someone that has driven an older car like an AE86 would know something about. And it’s exactly what the 240ZG felt like, a slightly bigger more grown up version of a hachiroku, something I discovered coming out of one of the tight hairpin bends at Sodegaura, as the LSD locked and sent the rear end in a smooth and progressive slide. I feathered the throttle to keep the slide going while my arms were busy dialing in opposite lock. In no time I was getting the tail out exiting even third gear corners thanks to the wet conditions, the car communicating so well from each of its controls. This ride was a real eye opener, reminding me just how much fun and satisfying light older cars are to drive. Simplicity rules!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Dream car!!!!

So sweet!!!


that is amazing <3


Very subtle. Bet it's a lot of fun!


"reminding me just how much fun and satisfying light older cars are to drive"

-amen brother, amen


Wow,that's truly a beautiful like this prove that you don't need fancy computer systems to control a car.

Now only if I could get my hands on a s30,life would be great


Very well executed!


wallpaper for 1, 4 or 5 please




"reminding me just how much fun and satisfying light older cars are to drive"

I second that sentiment! Nothings more fun than a day of auto-x in my '84 RX-7!

I would do very illegal things for a Z like that one! A couple wallpapers would be nice!


Fantastic work Dino, thanks for posting. I do have one remark though - Japanese market Fairlady Zs always had wing (fender) mounted mirrors. Back then they were compulsory as per Japanese traffic regulations.


Dear lord that is beautiful!


Beautiful looking 240zg! I really like the US spec 240z as well!




2nd pic as DESKTOP Please!


Oh damn, it looks like we are in the 71 and this car have just came out from the assembly line :D

So nice the owner let you have I ride!


I love those Z´s with or without g-nose - dream car...


thats fantastic!


Just because I'm anally retentive. I just want to clarify that fender mirrors were not ZG specific. They were not even JDM specific. Export market S30 Datsun 240Z's sent to NZ were known to sometimes have them, sometimes not.

Beautiful pictures as well as story, I can only imagine your glee at getting to drive such a wonderful car. People seem to consistently neglect the magic of the L-series 6. They're no slouch and with work can pull some very impressive power figures and on top of that, they sound a mile better than all but the angriest of RB motors where they draw even.

Anyway, enough blather from me. Thanks for the article I thoroughly enjoyed it.



I will never ask for a wallpaper again...........DO IT.



"Cleanest Classic" Speedhunters Awards 2009 Nominee. :p


DAMN NICE. very cool DINo ... but the height still bugs me


first picture wallpaper please!!!


Too bad we only have very few of 'em here in canada. :(


This car needs wallpapers, definitely! Especially the last shot, it looks like a photo you would find in the original brochure of the car. It's really cool reading posts about classic JDM cars, even more when the photoshoot has been made in a wet track in Japan. I really wish I could get a S30, but that seems like a far dream for me when I start considering that I live in Chile and one of them would be really expensive. I guess the old Fiat 600 sitting in our driveway will have to satisfy my car-thirst once it's running again (Hopefully not burning oil!).

Please, at least one wallpaper. :)


Am I the only one who really doesn't like g-noses?



i have a matchbox replica displayed in my van, love to see one even just in the pics! :D


fun fact: sizewise, the 240 is almost the same as the AE86.

This car looks great, it would be nice if you started to supply some videos about the cars you feature.


What a great job keeping the car looking original,

A 'Sleeper' of a car with the 2.5lt stroker kit.

I really need to get a Zed car again!


With this month being dedicated to builds and previews there is one place I knew I had to visit for you


This past Sunday I was up at 4 am to shoot a car on location at a nice little spot across the Tokyo Bay