Here’s a couple video clips that “Sassy”, the owner of the IMSA-styled SA22C RX7 sent to us.

Besides the sights and sounds of the RX7, you can also catch a glimpse of many other Japanese classics running on the famous Suzuka Circuit.

Thanks a lot, Sassy!

-Mike Garrett



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What a beauty! Shame the owner doesn't know how to drive...

My heart hurts when I see people that don't deserve their machines ;(


That was just frustrating to watch. GO GO! I know it can


Really, don't deserve? A bit harsh yeah? It's not like the owner is doing the worst thing they could possibly do, which is to build an incredible machine and then park it at a car show, rather than drive it. God forbid someone with the money to own a car like that actually used it to build something cool, rather than buying yet another off-the-shelf car-of-the-moment . Just because it's not sliding around the track sideways doesn't mean it's all bad.


That is an off the shelf kit, its just reeeaalllly expensive. But I know what you mean, and I'm sure he will pick up the pace soon enough. I want vids then!


NICE car love my rotarys own 1 myself.....have to agree with u guys aswell but that guy needs to drive the damn thing in second vid he gets past by a old stingray.....whats up with that.race cars are meant to be raced.


Amazing car on an aweome circuit! On board cameras FTW!


"Race cars are meant to be raced." +1


You arm chair experts are awesome! lol

For starters, it's not a "race car". It's an IMSA *styled* street car and is street rego'd.

Watch the first video and instantly, if you've ever been on a race track yourself, you'll see something familiar. Yes, that's what *you* looked like on your first visit! Going slowly, no idea where to put the car, no idea where the track goes, no idea what gear to be in and scared $hitless on hitting stuff! Only recently i was teaching a friend at his first visit to a race track and he looked just like in that first video. Not to mention the steering wheel is not even straight on this RX-7 so who knows how the car is set-up or if anything is pointing in the right direction!

Watch the second video, and instantly you see a difference. I had to check to see if it was the same guy driving! I thought maybe a friend had jumped in for a few laps! Now he knows where the track goes, roughly where to put the car, still not getting the gearing right and braking too early but he may be running standard brakes and street-based tyres for all i know.

And just because he was passed by a Corvette, it really means nothing. You assume it's a standard Stingray. Were any other cars standard? This car would be making maybe 250hp, it's not exactly a power house. Put someone in it that will keep the corner speed up and the Corvette would need to be driven well to keep up!

/end rant