Random Snap>> Mk4 Porsche

This fresh looking Golf MK4 was spotted at the recent Westside Show in the UK. You see a lot of rims that come from higher end cars ending up on cars in the VW community. This time the owner of this Golf got himself a set of wheels from the Porsche Turbo. It just shows that a design that has been made exclusively for a Porsche also works wonders on other cars.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Picture taken from Tej's flickr stream



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love it, wonderful everything.



(waits for the whiners to chime in)


i saw one just like this in my toen just with flat plated porsche rims, which are more liely to be seen on mk1 & 2s but it was sti,ll pulling them off.


awesome car. but why would you call it a 4th generation porsche when it's clearly not? so if it was a civic on porsche wheels you would call it "eg6 porsche" that doesn't make sense....


i love it also! (i iz not a whiner lol) but those Porsche wheels have always appealed to me, didnt know they'd fit on other cars.


Agree with above comment. Seems like hatchbacks have become the focus of Random Snap lately.


So now there's a Porsche in England rolling around on a set of Rotas?


The MK's never did it for me....but I'd like to see one done with the Porsche GT3 wheels....maybe in metallic gray?


The MK's never did it for me....but I'd like to see one done with the Porsche GT3 wheels....maybe in metallic gray?


Stop showing us common everyday cars puh leeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Who is this new guy just reposting stuff into the Random Snaps section?!?!?!!??!?!?!!??!??!?!


LOL! So they only sell two kinds of wheels over there, Rotas, and whatever original equipment wheel that they replaced with Rotas. But I want to see the Rotaghini before the Rotache.


Is that another one of ryans cars?


I built this car for myself as a daily in 2008.. Its still nice to see its been kept in such great condition. I really miss it!


The current owner uses it as a daily driver, very nice clean car, saw it a couple of weeks back at my local VW meet.


ever see 997tt wheels on a touareg? they're not real OEMs since they're bigger, but they're very identical and look amazing.


EA Sports started this site as a way to promote and deliver more information about the cars featured in their games. It has strayed far from that. A few games have Rotawagens as the joke cars, but those are appreciated only by the narrow subgroup of people who own those cars, and used only by groups of drunk and/or stoned gamers, late on a weekend nights, for one mark jalopy races.


EA Sports makes games like Tiger Woods, FIFA and Madden m8...


You can put lipstick on a pig, It's still a pig.


Fire joren. I'm sick of these reposts. Get out of your house and snap some original content. I can't believe u get paid to copy and paste pics that we've all seen before. At least give us some information that we can't see from the pics like custom interior or engine work. Do all your posts have to be random snapshots? Write a fucking article already.


is that a corrado back there with the porsche rims? im kinda more interested in that ...sorry


So much hate on this site. This is a nice clean car. I dont have time to search the internet all day and night like some of you haters, so who cares if they repost a pic. I would have never seen it. I do agree with the fact that some of these random snaps should be features b/c they leave me wanting more.

BTW those wheels look better on the VW than they did on the Porche imho.


And *POOF*, it's a Porsche!....not really, but it's got Porsche wheels! This is the very definition of rice, just with a Euro-trash twist to it.