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Okay, let's continue right on with more coverage from the 2009 SEMA Show. I'll start with this 1984 CRX Mugen Prototype that Honda brought out. A 1980's Honda might not be the first thing you associate with the SEMA Show, but who doesn't like vintage Japanese tuner cars? It was cool to see Honda pulling old cars out of it's collection for the SEMA display.

This STI was another car in H&R Suspension's booth. It's not quite your typical "JDM Style" tuner car, but it looks damn good.

Ford had this Euro-spec Focus RS in their booth – a bit of a tease since we never got the RS in the USA. Hopefully the next generation model will make it over here.

I wasn't sure how a second generation Trans Am conversion would work on a 2010 Camaro, but this is the finished product.

The car isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's a pretty authentic conversion – down to the Honeycomb style wheels, turn signals, and "shaker" hood scoop.

Another retro muscle car conversion, a winged Dodge Daytona replica built out of a new Challenger. Hmmm…

This Genesis Coupe looks pretty nice with the new Five-Axis split spoke wheels, but the graphics I'm not so sure about.

Another view of the Ecoboost-powered '34 Ford Coupe.

They did a nice job of mating the high tech V6 with the classic Ford, especially on the exhaust design.

A little Spocom throwback action with the Hot Wheels/Super Street Civic Coupe built about 10 years ago. It's hard not to feel a bit nostalgic seeing this car…

I don't think hybrid customization is going to catch on in the US like in Japan, but there were a couple custom hybrids at SEMA – like this Honda Insight in the Eneos booth.

Only at SEMA will you see a customized Honda Insight and a '66 Chevelle altered wheel base drag car at the same event…

The imported VW Scirocco in the Koni booth was getting a lot of attention. Another forbidden fruit for us yanks…

Again, there were Camaros of every type at SEMA – from race cars to out and out show cars. This version was in the Hotchkis Suspension booth.


Another one for fans of the longroof – a Ford Fairlane Wagon drag car.

The big body of the new Ford Taurus lends itself well to the lowdown treatment, as seen on the Mobsteel SHO project.

E92 M3's don't need much to drop jaws, as seen here.

I grew up around old Pontiacs, so naturally I'm a big fan of the Jim Wangers Signature Edition '69 GTO. Jim is considered the "Godfather of the GTO" and is still very active in the scene today.

The Goat is packed with things like a fuel injected 505 cubic inch Pontiac motor, a Viper trans, 'Vette suspension, Recaro seats, and these custom 19" HRE wheels styled to look like the original Pontiac Rallye II's.

Another view of the Sierra Sierra Evo. This car is mental!

This 370Z time attack car was found in the Enkei Wheels booth.

Another view of the badass 'Cuda I posted yesterday.

And an underhood shot showing the twin turbo Viper mill.

I'll finish with the '69 SPT delivery van in the SEMA booth. I think I'd need to cut a hole in the roof for my head if I wanted to drive this thing!

More from SEMA on the way, including some spotlights of our favorite cars.

-Mike Garrett



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The wheels on the 370 look pretty similar to the 33 GT-R ones..... !

Love the Genesis but I´m with u, better without those ugly graphics ;)

Nice pics Mike!


Wow, they're using the Challanger and Camaro to build replicas of all the conceivable 70s muscle cars from GM and Chrysler. Am I the only one thinking this is getting really old really fast?

The contemporary Challanger/Camaro are such caricatures of cars compared to their muscle car era versions when it comes to their shape.


v10 cuda is awesome and ecoboost '34.Please tell me you doing a spotlight on both?


Thanks for the 'Cuda engine bay picture. Spotlight on the Sierra Sierra Evo X? God I envy your job.


can you post some more pics of the Trans am? maybe the rear end


Spocom power,I'm pretty nostallgic too!! What about Wings West now??


Moar pics of the Superbird conversion Challenger pliss!!!



Those Enkei PF01 just came out (they're supposely replacing the great RPF1). Enkei said they're lighter and stronger than the current RPF1. I like 'em.

@ Harry:

Sierra Sierra EVO is actually an EVO IV, not X.

It would be awesome if Mike could do a feature on this car.


awesome. can't wait to see more.


i see more n more of those Five Axis wheels now...hehe


Man that Dodge Daytona lokks amazing.


The superbird challenger is badass. More pix please!!!


The superbird challenger is badass. More pix please!!!


Wow that SIERRA SIERRA EVO means business huh?it looks so simple.can we get a feature?would be cool


More and more great coverage. I don't really think that the graphics on the red Genesis is that bad. Maybe it's just Japanese style artwork on a Korean car that looks bad. It would have looked better on a Z though.


ya, more on the superbird conversion! Sweet!


More on the Sierra Sierra Evo please!!!!


That Trans Am is HIDEOUS


Ever since I saw the concept images of the Trans Am I thought "FAIL". Now that I've seen photos of the real thing, I know it is still a failure. I just hope they don't do a new Smokey and the Bandit. That Cuda on the other hand is CLEAN, kudos to that builder.


Man , I love that Mugen CR-X! Factory tuned '80s badness! *searches craigslist for cheap CR-X project*

Also love that Chevelle, man look at that intake! Not a fan of the "Challenger Daytona", the proportions look off. Not a fan of the Lingenfelter '10 Trans Am either. They should've done a '69 Trans Am, since the '10 Camaro is based on the '69 styling. I DO, however, love the 655hp 455 they put in it! That 'Cuda is sooo clean! Please do a feature or spotlight on that car! Love the Fairlane wagon as well; my mom grew up riding in the back of a Ford Country Squire, fake wood paneling and all!


Dodge Daytona Challenger? Hahaha I like it!


Do you have more pictures of the Subaru SPT delivery van ?


The Trans-Am 'maro looks absolutely killer!

Now, not only do i have to dream about the camaro being released in europe i gotta dream about getting a kit like that! xD


That 2010 Trans Am Camaro conversion looks kinda hideous. The Sierra Sierra Evo is just sooo evil from the front! It looks like some sort of demon!


The daytona was originally made from a charger but whatever. Still looks alrighti guess.

That Mugen CRX is awesome! More on the Sierra Sierra Evo, that thing looks nuts.


I've driven the pickup version of that Subaru SPT delivery van. I'm only 5'10" and 172-lbs, yet it was all I could do to operate the controls while squeezed into the cab. And no first-gear synchro, naturally. What an adventure!


The graphics on the Genesis remind me of the cherry blossom ones Veilside used on their cars in like 2004 or something.



That HotWheels/SuperStreet civic SI takes me back!!


More on the Sierra Sierra Evo please.


The Trans Am conversion doesn't work, sorry...