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I'm going to be honest here, four or five years ago when the first VIP style cars started popping up in the USA, I doubted that the style would be able to catch on here. The key to having a legit VIP car is attention to detail, and I just wasn't sure us Americans were capable of it. I guess you can blame several Fast and Furious movies and years of over the top Spocom rides for that. In 2009 the US VIP movement still isn't quite "mainstream", but the following continues to grow, and the quality of cars is getting higher and higher. Nowhere was this more evident than at Autofashion USA's 3rd annual "VIP Festival" held this weekend in San Diego.

Since it's "Slammed Month" on Speedhunters, this was a must-see event. Whether you are fan of the "bagged 'n tucked" look or the "fender sitting on the rim" look, there was plenty to be found at the VIP Festival.

As part of the event Autofashion opened up their showroom so people could drool over all the high end parts on display. From small interior accessories, to wheels and air suspension kits, if it's VIP they can get it.

When I first arrived at Autofashion there weren't a whole lot of cars there, but slowly they started to roll in. There's no denying the sinister vibe of a bunch of slammed luxury sedans rolling up in a group. My wife said something like "uh oh, the yakuza is here".

This dark gray Lexus GS was one of my favorite cars of the day. Modern VIP style at its best.

It wasn't a huge meet, but the quality of the cars more than made up
for it. Would you rather look at 200 so-so cars, or 60 really nice

This is the same OC-based LS400 that Linh posted earlier today. You don't see many too many VIP cars rocking OEM two-tone paint, but this car pulls it off so well.

Besides this bagged GS on Work Schwert wheels, there weren't too many late model Lexus cars at the event. Overwhelmingly the favorites are still older models like the JZS161 and UCF10,20, and 30.

Lexus models dominated the meet, but the Nissans were represented with cars like this F50 Infiniti Q45, or Cima as it's known in Japan.

Since the VIP Festival was held just a couple days after SEMA, there were a lot of industry and media people from Japan that came out. A few of the RHD demo cars from SEMA also made it out, including Air Runner's leather-wrapped Toyota Vellfire. Everyone at the meet gravitated towards it when it pulled up.

I'll be doing separate spotlights on a couple of the cars that caught my eye at the meet, including this super flush G35 sedan….

…and this immaculate Y33 Q45.

Not all of the cars at were traditional VIP sedans. There were also cars like this black Lexus SC on matching Work Meisters.

Plus a few Scions holding it down for the wagon and compact side of the scene.

If there were a "VIP parts" hall of fame, the Junction Produce Scara wheel would be one of the first inductees.

A wide shot showing an overview of the gathering. Again, quality not quantity.

The Chrysler 300C looks damn good as VIP car, and has a ton of presence compared to the more common Toyotas and Nissans.

Sometimes a set of wheels and a proper drop is all you need, as demonstrated by this stock-bodied Lexus GS.

OK, that's all for now. I have a super busy week ahead of me with the Buttonwillow Super Lap on Wednesday, plus more SEMA material to post.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Autofashion VIP Festival.

-Mike Garrett

Autofashion USA



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I like those older GS models. That second to last pic of the stock bodied GS really pops those fender flares out when its slammed.


Ahhhh! I fucked up and slept through this shit -_-.


What is the material used on the Toyota van?


damn those cars look good


U need to send me 5$ for new pants Mike!

OMG, VIp Style makes every car look so sexy!

Awesome Mr. Garrett ;)


looking forward to this g35 sedan mike.looks clean.Wouldn't mind a feature on that lexus linhberg posted earlier aswell.And that event is awesome if only i booked a couple days off...


Sweet!!!!! This month feels like a party!!!


Awww Jeez, This month is really f*cking with my goals. All of a sudden I want a 2007 IS 350 Bagged. My RX7 is hungry....


I've seen plenty IS350s and never batted an eyelid. In fact I still regret never picking up an IS300 2 years back when I had the chance, the design interior and exterior was wonderful. But the last 2 days, with the white IS on bags at SEMA and the one above (Pic #4), has totally changed my opinion of them. Great stuff.


Damn those Scions are UGLY


Good to see this style taking hold.

And glad it hasn't morphed into more of a scraper style.


I think the VIP custom cars are natural progression for people who had custom sport compact cars 5 to 10 years ago. Now that these same people have better paying jobs or have gotten married are getting luxury cars. I think this great anybody who has a european, japanese or american luxury car because there a lot of custom parts for these rides.




hawaii's VIP scene would blow this meet out of the water.

just sayin'.


i saw the white sc430 on the 60 this morning and think it should of had a shot of its own. Reminds me of a Carlsson car.


wow the small body IS250/IS350 looks so damn good and menacing on a big drop with flush wide wheels, thats amazing. nice pix and quality car builds, wish there were more ambitious VIPs doing even more.


Don't sleep on the 300's - they will make a come up!

As for that F50 = SUPA SEXY!


Looking neat.


Hmmm...it's not the stances that bother me so much on some of the cars. It's the camber.


um...I like VIP car!!


very good car's).In Moscow also not bad car's


The Vellfire was done by Shikata-san from Eskan in Japan. Gotta see this car in person. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into this thing is truly superb.


Hmm, don't know about the practicality of a fully upholstered car, but I don't think practicality is the point! Plus, anything with the name "Vellfire" gets a thumbs up from me! Somehow, it reminds me a bit of the old Chevy Astros. I think there are more Astros in Japan than are left here, right Mike, lol? The 300C really just works for a VIP car, it's like it was designed for it. Are those Lorinser wheels on the 300C?