Car Spotlight>> Sema 2009: A Caddy On The Ground

What’s the difference between a low-rider and a custom? Can any of you answer this question? Is it the choice of wheels? Or air ride used instead of hydraulics? Or it is the type of scene that the car fits into that determines what you call it?

Without talking to the owner of this car, I’d say this flat black low riding Caddy is styled to more fit into the custom car world. The flat black theme and the white walls more fit into this scene than anything else. Agree?

It’s one of my favs from SEMA 2009. The Caddy was presented in the line of cars outside the show, and overpowered many big budget, blinged out show cars with its large-and-low styles.

A car like this normally doesn’t have much reason to show off its engine bay, but this Caddy was powered by an usual powerplant.

A turbo diesel.

Without any info about the car it appears that it’s an Aurora Turbo Systems promo car, hence the choice of powerplant.

Let’s take a quick look around the car. With the exception of the combo red metalflake/flat black paint job, the exterior of the car looks pretty stock.

This photo gives you an idea as to just how low the car sits.

This is the pure definition of “laying frame”.

The people behind Air Ride must be very pleased at the wide spread popularity of their systems across the globe. Cars like this are showing that a focus on lowness can make such a strong visual statement, even high end SEMA car builds are overpowered. I suppose that’s why I like this car, it’s not overdone, is obviously a street car, yet has enough presense to cause a stir at SEMA.

Ok let’s move on to some more SEMA favourites…


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unique and so sick,its definately a custom, and i think the scene determines were a car sits. And the turbo diesel engine is definately a first.


generally there are three things that define what a traditional lowrider is. 1. Wire wheels. 2. Hydraulics. 3. a stock looking but clean body. There is a hell of alot of debate as to whether cars with air suspension can be classified as lowriders though. I get in this argument at least once a month with a few friends of mine. Lowriders are a tricky thing to get into. Because once you get into lowriders lowriders, you have to find what class of lowrider you want to be in. different years of cars are allowed certain things. Like cars from the 50's and back fall into the "bomb" category and are mainly kept as stock as possible, including the suspension. but sometimes you'll see them riding on wires. Then there's the classic category, 60's and 70's, then your Euro category, Luxury catagory, Low-rod category, etc, etc....It's more than confusing at times. but fun as hell to argue with die hard "traditional lowriders".

In the world of Customs you can do whatever the hell you want with the car and not have to worry about falling into a category. like replacing a caddy motor with a turbo diesel. which is amazing by the way.


I hate putting labels on things that transcend scenes, but I would call this a progressive/modern custom. If the hood was closed, I would definitely call it a traditional custom at first glance. As far as your scene comment, I believe it is how the vehicle is accepted within that scene. Being a member of the HAMB, a few years ago this would have not been accepted as a kustom at all. Lately, it would be accepted. I guess the definition of each scene is changed with each new vehicle that hits that scene,


Interesting car! The engine bay pics had me confused for a sec. I'm not sure I like the shaved handles look on this particular car...


I remember when this car was being this thing. I have build pix if anyone is that interested.


Why does it have to have a label or category? It is badass...plain and simple.


you know its a badass car when you can just sit on the trunk or hood without a problem hehe, baddass, love these caddys


how does the car turn????


Yeah, I'd love to see the build up of this car. I got an early glance of it from my friend. He took a few pics of it while it was at the Heritage show in Kentucky back in September. Definitely an awesome car.


boy i hope the diesel swap thing doesn't take off.


bet that leadsled hauls


Not only is the style spot on, but the Cummins makes it! AMAZING, though the Cad 500 V8 probably makes nearly as much torque as that Cummins TD, stock, they were torque monsters! Would classify it as a Kustom, the hubcaps give it away. It seems little details can determine what classification a car fits into. For instance, if the owner had chosen to put chrome Daytons on it, most people would probably have called it a lowrider. After all, lowriding grew out of the traditional kustom/leadsled scene, but just took it in another direction with the advent of hydraulics.


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