Car Spotlight>> Sema 09: The Mustang Rtr-c

Ok this is my last SEMA car spotlight. I think Mike has a few more cars to showcase but this is the last entry for me. For this blogpost, I thought you might be interested to have a closer look at Vaughn Gittin JR's new toy: the Mustang RTR-C.

The RTR-C stood out amongst all the various customized 2010 Mustangs on show at SEMA last week. Rather bolt on huge 20 inch wheels and ungainly wings, JR and the crew at ASD took it upon themselves the daunting task to completely reskin a donor Mustang chassis in carbon fiber.

The effect is quite stunning and served well to create interest in Vaughn Gittin Jr's new RTR brand.

You can't really appreciate the detail work on the RTR-C until you examine the car up close and personal.

It's when you stand next to the car that you can see the details of the carbon fiber weave and how the various panels have been lined up.

I looked at the car with our own Andy Blackmore and he was well impressed with what he saw. As an ex-McLaren employee, he would be one to judge!

The two piece HRE wheels marry an alloy center section with a carbon fiber rim.

Check out the custom RTR brake calipers.

I'm eager to sample a new 2010 Mustang as I'm curious just how much the quality of the interior has been upgraded. Looks pretty good from here.

JR is pretty excited by how things are going from him. Yes he's a well established professional drifter, but the launch of the RTR brand means that a new chapter in his automotive career is about to begin.

We'll need to look at the car in more detail soon, but for now I want to congratulate JR on the creation of the RTR brand and this aggressive but understated machine.

More soon! Perhaps we should get Linhbergh together with this car to see what he can come up with!




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What is this muscle month? What happened to the VIP rides?


how bout power to weight ratio compare to original mustang? need the details please and it is awesome by the way...


I wish him the best of luck on his new brand, stunning car!


John said:

What is this muscle month? What happened to the VIP rides?


First and foremost, this is SPEEDhunters and even though they have themed months, that doesn't mean they can't report on other subjects.


JR, I wish you all the best with this, man.

I hope it takes off and brings you fame and fortune.


Very interesting. I'm not sure why but the wheel fitment doesn't seem to work with me (maybe its that rears need to be slightly wider and more staggard?) and what exactly happend to the front spoiler that was planned?


That's awesome!


Needs meatier tires... that is all...


What is this muscle month? What happened to the VIP rides?

VIP rides are lame, get over it.


Thanks guys, I'm glad you all like the car!

The car weighs 3355LBS wet. we dropped about 500lbs with the carbon but added some back with the blower setup and the big brakes. The car has an estimated 550 HP and about the same torque. it should see the dyno in the near future!

@robby- The spoiler is in the works. not sure if it will come with the car or be an optional part.


RobbyturboAMG - The RTR-C comes with a ECC (Epoxy Carbon Composite) front bumper replacement and the RTR comes with a lip spoiler and splitter.


Moar LOWER!!!

Out of all the Mustangs available I like this one the best. I'd switch back to the stock steering wheel though.


Very good jon theob carbon fiber panel !...but the Mustang isn't for me....

I thought that with all that carbon the car would have weighted less than 3355lbs....I guess not.

If I'm not mistaken 10 of those will be put into production.....but with that Sparco steering wheel, how is it suppose to be legal? Doesn't it have to sport an airbag to be legal?....just curious.


From what I've learned carbon fiber makes anything look cool. But this car is far more than looks. Well done, I'd love to see one in person. I'd love even more to own one.


I like it, despite not seeing the attraction with the stang. I think its a bit chubby and probably miss out on the nostalgia factor because im from the UK. I like it though.


@ Alex. Thanks! As far as the Steering wheel, the way that the car is sold then converted makes it no different then you putting a aftermarket wheel on a car you build. As far as the weight, I'm pretty happy with it, I imagine it will be a notable difference on the track. my 2005-2008 competition car was 3150 in race trim fully gutted!

@ robby- yea I think the tires just need a bit bigger!


Taking a second look at this, and it turns out I REALLy like it. Great job Vaughn!


One word.: awesome! ! !

Fitment of the Carbon panels are tight...


Cool stang. The body seems look great. Nice and consistent. High quality! Gotta get some more interior shots and engine bay shots. Can't wait to see what else RTR offers for 05-up stangs.


Lihn and this RTR Stang HAVE to meet and work together! I think the end result will be killer! If he also gives his pictures a evil,mysterious, malicious feel to it, combined with all that CF and the looks of the Stang..... Well, I dunno the options are unlimited here, Lihn knows best.


Gittin this car is amazing!! Any chance of you running this car at buttonwillow or laguna seca? I would love to see what kind of lap times this car would run. The RT-R really has brought the Mustang back as the the average man's racecar


do you or does anyone know what the weight of this piece of art?


JR is doing things to mustangs that i wanted to see in a long time


I'd be hella scared to take that stang anywhere that has a chance of an accident.


Good luck JR! i'm wondering if we'll be able to have some video footage of this thing in action at some point :)


I plan to actually get to beat on this thing in January so Stay tuned for Videos! I have to get the pretty photoshoot's out of the way before I take any big chances.

@trace it weighs 3355lbs wet

@rdmndrifter- Thanks man! I'm looking forward to getting it on the track, since I am based in Maryland and the car stays in NC it most likely wont see either of those tracks anytime soon unless one of the few owners decides to take his\hers out for a ride!


i fully approve!


are the rims made of carbon fiber too?


Looks amazing! Keep it up JR, best luck for new season.