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When living so close to ‘The Ring' you sometimes feel spoiled as the high performance cars you'll encounter at the track become normal. For example, Porsche 911 GT3s are nothing special to see when Speedhunting at the Nordeschliefe.  So you start searching for cars that are less obvious to satisfy your car craving. On my last visit I spotted this BMW E36 touring which certainly grabbed my attention. 

It has been painted in Porsche green, the same color you can find on the GT3 RS version. It doesn't has power like the Porsche but it does feature a completely overhauled 2 liter 6 cylinder engine.

Just like the front lights the rear lights have been smoked, this is still very popular in Europe. I didn't get any pictures of the  inside of the car, but the owner Robby told me it has a full leather interior with a nice wooden Momo steering wheel.

The wheels are called Kerscher RX and are actually made by BBS. They come in size 17"x9.5j in the front and 17"x10.5j in the back. Maybe you also noticed the black roof? It has been done with a 3m carbon foil glued to the surface.

The car could go lower on its KW version 3 suspension, but because this is a daily driver Robby decided it was better this way. His other car is Honda S2000 that he uses as a track day vehicle. So he really has the best of both worlds.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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finally!!! some bimmer wagons!!!!!!


Damn, I really need to import one of these wagons! Maybe I can sneak one into the states, haha.


wow!!! nice!


Cool ride, minus the carbon fiber decal and lack of power.


kersche rims, are not made by bbs, but have a "bbs-look" ...


BMW just got the E36 design so right in so many ways. I love that exhaust and those side skirts, nice. The RS Green is rockin' on this car. So, what's this things best laptime? :()


that color actually looks good. An E36 wagon would be a dream come true in the states!


I hoped more photos of this e36 and here im watching it. Impressive. Thank you very much...!


nice rims,

but I find that the green doesn't fit well to the wagon.

It looks good on the second picture. When you don't realy see that it is a wagon version.

The yellow fog light are cool.


OMG. Something not ghey.

Slammed month sux.


Thanks Jacco for this post, i love this car !


That thing looks so smooth. One of my favorite E36s, for sure!


Looks good... but I cant imagine most "Ring Tourers" have stretched allseasons...


finnallyatrackcar shut up n dont click on the link if u dont like this sorta thing. speed hunters is an awsum site and im sure there is sumthing u mite like sumwhere else so go away with ur stupid comments!!!

Jeroen this is an awsum e36wagon just needs a bit of rb26 power now


I love this, best of both worlds. Nice stretch with a decent stance. Looks good but is still functional.

I agree with r32drifta, I love just about everything this site posts except the VIP stuff, I hate that style so I just ignore the links. No reason to go on and make negative comments about other people's cars just cause I dont like there style. Whatever works for you, they probly dont like my gutted track car.


Hello and thanks for your positive opinion to my winter car, many thanks also to the photographer for the nice pictures. I would be glad very much if Jeroen Willemsen also the pictures of mine STRUGGLE HONDA J ` S. RACING / ASM / TODA S2000 would publish, with it also to you in the USA grind can see that also in GERMANY it gives hammer Honda S2000, it is also an original from California of the imported US HONDA S2000 2.2 l with ITB ` S. and a lot of CARBON . Thank you and greetings from Germay Robby