Car Spotlight>>flush Dc2 Integra

While walking around the Hellaflush meeting earlier this month, I saw all sorts of car that were spotlight, or even feature-worthy. Keeping in mind what we've already featured this month, I tried to find cars that were a bit different than those. We've seen a lots of Nissans and Infinitis, various European cars, and drift cars this month, but not too many Hondas. Civics and Integras have been done in every style under the sun, and there are no shortage of "flush" Hondas out there these days. There are a lots of cheesy and poorly executed examples to be found, but rare is a properly done car like this DC2 Integra.

The DC2 Integra has been out of production since 2001, but the design has held up remarkably well. In my opinion this is one of the best compact cars of the 1990's – attractive, simple, and fun to drive. The owner of this DC2 has basically improved upon all of those attributes.

You almost don't notice the JDM front end conversion, as it's probably the most common modification for this generation Integra. In fact, I think it's almost rarer to see an Integra with the original US front end these days. Hey, it's hard to argue with the aesthetic appeal of the JDM nose.

The choice of black SSR Professors is a perfect one for the Integra. A simple design for a simple car.

Of course you can't pull off the look if the car isn't low – something that a lot of newcomers seem to forget. A wheel setup like this on a car with a moderate drop just won't work. As you can see though, the car isn't lowered to the point of losing its drivability.

The interior of the car has been converted to JDM Type R-spec with things like an OEM Momo steering wheel…

…and a pair of red OEM Recaro seats.

Noticeably absent is a Type R wing on the rear. The smooth, de-winged certainly works on this car.

With the right amount of offset, camber, and a choice selection of parts, this is one of the nicest Integras I've seen a long time.

-Mike Garrett



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Nice car, very clean, cool wheels. I feel like you guys should reconsider posting up spotlight features for cars like this though. After posting up the hotness that is the Top Secret G37, a post like this just seems like a step back. A random snap would do just fine for this one.


nice combination of wheels and car love it!


honestly i dont fancy it much

but ill give it has a clean look


i really like this car!

I grew up on DC2's and this is a great blend of older and newer styles!

Keep it up Mike/Speedhunters


the offset is sweet integras have great body styling


nice... although i think this is the GS rather than type r.... the 4-lugs, non-ridged side mirrors, rear lights and bumper give it away that it's the pre-facelift dc2, and although the type r was available pre-facelift.... type-r only came to the US post-facelift.

any engine details on this one?


neat setup, really clean and nice. the wheels look fishy though. i thought SP1's had stepped lips, and i've never seen the SSR logo oriented like that. still nice size and fit though. if i'm wrong, i'll have learned something about small 4-lug SP1's. are they SP1's?


Nice to see some integra love. Gives me some motivation to finish my DC2 track car. season is still a long way off tho, lol

This is the perfect balance of stance and function, love it!


Those are SP1R's, which are the 4-lug version of the Professors. The reason why the SSR logo looks off is because that finish (gloss black) is not a finish that is offered by SSR, the black that SSR offers for the SP1R's is the matte black finish. This means that the wheel has been repainted, and the logo that the owner used is the bigger logo that is supposed to be used on the regular 5-lug SP1's, because the SP1R logos are a lot smaller.


kenny sure knows his SSR's


too low, not my taste


The reason of no Type-R wing is because it's not a Type-R... All USDM ITR's came with only a 5 lug bolt pattern - dead giveaway.

The stance and JDM front end are spot on! Wait, no roof rack? LOL


No love for that look on Honda's, hope the fad dies as quick as it was born...


I love the SSR's.


I love the SSR's.


I love the SSR's.


I'm don't normally like JDMs but this is not bad...still i'll stick with my VW


Wow, i bet this must be one of worst dc2 ever. What a waste of legend!


Why so much hate on a great ride. I think its Hella Sick! Too many haters these days. Haha


car needs a steering wheel alignment


Too many haters. I dont even like hondas, but this works well. And the rears dont sick out!