Car Spotlight>> A Onevia From The Plains

Those of you who've been following our coverage from the recent Pro-Am Nationals at Irwindale Speedway will have noticed that Canadian Ian Fournier took the overall spoils at the wheel of his four door ER32 Skyline. Although this type of car is a fairly common site at drifting events in Japan, it's rarely seen in North America. And this points to an element which differenciates the Canadian Japanese car scene from its American equivalent. Fresh-off-the-boat imported machines are quite plentiful in Canada, as any 15 year old Japanese car can be easily imported into the country.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise when I spotted this clean RHD 1991 drift spec Onevia,
at the Drift Mania West Event this past August in Victoria. For
those of you who don't know the term: Onevia is a mash-up of the
One-Eighty and Silvia. It refers to S13s which started life as Silvias but been converted to 180SX front ends.

Calgary, Alberta resident, Kurtis Goat picked up this JDM import Silvia in 2006. It was in a pretty sorry state at the time but after several years of nurturing he's made a nicely done up street style drift machine.

I took this photo just as Kurtis rolled in to Western Speedway and immediately knew that I had to find out more about this car!

As Kurtis parked up, I introduced myself to commend him on his car-style.

He had just completed the 13 hour drive from Calgary Alberta out to the West Coast so the front of the car was looking a bit weathered!

While the front piece is a BN replica, the rest of the car is sporting Origin items including 20mm front and 30mm pulled rear overfenders. Kurtis did the Onevia conversion himself… I assume he used USM parts so perhaps we should call this a Twovia?

Check out those glistening SSR Viennas. There's nothing like a hunk of chrome to lighting up your day! The rears are 18×12 +7  wrapped in 275/35/18 Kuhmo Estcas.

Up front the wheels are sized at 18×10 +4 on 225/40/18s.

The car is fully prepped for drifting competition and is fully stripped out and caged up. I like the bandana on the steering column.

I'm pretty sure that these playful elements on drift cars like the Bubble shift knob have their origins in some kind of Japanese re-interpretation of American custom culture. I bet there's a story there to uncover.

Here's a shot of the car in action. For competition duty, Kurtis has a variety of other wheels he fits to the car.

Let's give props to Kurtis for repping some proper style on his machine!



GP Sports Coilovers
Bings Traction Rods
Megan RUCAs
Cusco toe arms
Aluminum subframe bushings
Non Hicas Subframe
Z32 Rear Hubs
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Sway

PBM Knuckle kit
Oem outers/kazama inners
Bings Tension Rods
Ichiba Hubs
GTR Front Calipers
Project Mu pads
Stainless lines
Cusco Front Strut Bar
GTR front sway bar

SSR Vienna
18×10 +4 225/40/18 Kuhmo Estca 711
18×12 +7 275/35/18 Kuhmo Estca 711
18 x 9.5 +12 Gullflames (spares)
17 x 9 +35 Blitz (spares)
17 x 8.5 +10 Truck Wheels (spares)
Tonnes of spacers for spares

S14 Blacktop SR20
GT2871r .86
Megan Manifold/Elbow/Downpipe
3" Straight to dual 3.5" tips
Mishimoto Rad
Rocker arm stoppers
Deatschwerks 740cc injectors
Apexi PowerFC D-Jetro
Greddy EBC
Sard BOV
Nismo Clutch
Unknown 1.5way Diff

Bn Replica Front
Origin agressive sides
Origin agressive rear
Origin Roof spoiler
Hood Vent
Origin 20mm fronts
Origin 30mm rears pulled
Custom Front and rear tow hooks

Bride mismatched seats
OMP 2 spoke wheel
Bubble knob
Custom Roll Cage (thanks to my welder Bryan!)
Still have power windows and full door panels
Takata 5 Point/RCI 5 Point
2 lb fire extinguisher



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you should change the wheeles on your car


very hot onevia

doesnt need to change anything :)


wasn`t it sileighty,or that is s13 front,180back?


Sileighty = 180SX with S13 front


nice car.Joels right doesn't need to change a thing.


love the bubble shift knob, does anyone know where to buy them online?


Proper style props for you sir! Love the Twovia! :) 18x12 and 18x10 is saweetness!


I wonder what's up with the wheel in the passenger seat? I mean...aside from looking cool (which it doesnt), I could see how it might balance the car out a little. I'm surprised the saftey people didn't have issue with it. It'd suck to have wheel rolling around in your car while your sideways.


the hand break grip is and gusset bikes mountain bike grip i have them my self awsome detail a nice color too


^^^ "I took this photo just as Kurtis ROLLED IN to Western Speedway" and being isn't wearing a helmet I think he just got there..


looks like lindsay's car from 8yrs ago but not as well-executed.


Whats the power output?


this car is SO BEAUTIFUL! :O


"I wonder what's up with the wheel in the passenger seat? I mean...aside from looking cool (which it doesnt), I could see how it might balance the car out a little. I'm surprised the saftey people didn't have issue with it. It'd suck to have wheel rolling around in your car while your sideways."



@ Peal: That's how the wheel got to the track, in the passenger seat. He hadn't started drifting yet he just got there.


Reminds me of Lindsay's old car.


wats up with the off on swich on the car in picture 5?


Car is amazing. I saw it at DMCC Stratotech Park about 10 Minutes from my house. Amazing. Stance is great and it looks so so good.


you have to have a battery kill switch in dmcc

congrats kurt, knew this car woudl end up on here edventually after staring at it for two years lol


Nice, Super modifications


It is true, you see more s13/s14s on the track (where they belong) than you do on the road. The ones you see on the road tend to be going to drift events :-) Great car!


Hey, thanks for all the feedback guys. Im stoked to get my car on speedhunters. It looked like a bag of ass when I first got it, so it feels great to have it at this stage.

Front end is actually from a JDM 180sx, so the term Onevia is actually correct.




pink godzilla copycat lol

looks good though


I've seen that car irl. haha sick