Car Spotlight>>’59 Rolls On Air

Back in September when I was at Billetproof 2009 in Antioch CA, I kept my eyes open for interesting low cars to spotlight this month. I found all manner of slammed customs and rods, but none were as crazy as the '59 Rolls Royce pictured above. Seeing the world's most prestigious luxury car and scraping the ground is one of those things that just grabs you, and I knew I had to include this sled in our monthly features.

I couldn't find the owner to get more details, but it's clear that this car's had a lot of custom fabrication work put into it. Look at how the wide steelies and white wall tires tuck so nicely into the fenders.

A view of the air suspension set up in the trunk. Air ride systems are one thing I need to educate myself a bit more on, but I imagine there's no off the shelf kit available for a '59 Rolls.

The interior looks all original, no need to mess with perfection here.

The engine on the other hand has been replaced with a smooth and reliable late model GM V8. Perfect for hauling the big car quietly down the road without breaking a sweat.

Another shot of the wheels tucking under those low slung fenders. It's like a work of art.

Whether you are behind the wheel or being chauffeured, I couldn't think of a better car to roll up to social function in.

In the words of the great Ron Burgundy, stay classy.

-Mike Garrett



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Kinda cool actually.


Amazing...that's all I can say...


I love it!

PS: I think you should include a 5 star voting system to allow readers rate posts.


Absolutely SICK!! I can't wait to see it with some fresh paint. I've seen this car before but I had no idea it had an LS engine in it. This car is full of win.


wow that look awesome, it would be better if it was finished totally, respray and interior done abit


That looks absolutely smooth. Probably costs a heck of a lot to maintain, but who cares?


This is pretty rad, some purists are pissed!


that is dam cool! so dam cool!


good god, I think I have an idea for a new project....=)


F@k!nG Dop3!!!... Awsome combination!..


Brilliant! looks fantastic.

Would make a great wedding car!

At least there wont be any rolls purists around here to piss and moan. or is there?


Fucking stop the madness already!


Really? I am never one to criticize the intentions of another car enthusiast but disassembling the proud handbuilt engine and putting in an American V8, tacking on the lovely Lady on that shift for a knob (a skull is one thing...the well-respected mascot of RR is quite another and WTF "Original" about that interior?)...and then there is the JDM-titeness red steelies. At least he kept the tyres in a whitewall of natural sorts...

Don't get me wrong...I am loving the groundpound. It's bloody brilliant how the owner/builder wants to make this into a proper luxury sled (this, when completely built, painted and rolling will trump all slammed Lexus' and Audis)...

A+ for an awesome vision...D- for exposing it into sunlight in such a ruined-like condition.

Keep at it though. I am curious as to where this thing will end up.


Old class acts like this Rolls are super nice. The owner of this car gets whats good and whats bad about this particular car. Being an old British car, its got great body lines. Jags, Bentleys, Austins always had that swagger. On the other hand the things that needed to be switched out were the engines. Keeping one of those old Brits running takes pockets of money or some real dedication to fixing something out of nothing.

My favorite part about these things is the interior. The wood work, nice thick big pieces of wood used to surround yourself in an office built to resemble an old gentlemen club. Now you only get a veneer probably glued onto some some plastic. The leather and seats for that era were insanely detailed.

Dropping it looks nice, I just wish they would of kept the front bumper, it look incomplete in the front.

but that's just my opinion, what do i know. Cheers to the owner.


Somehow these kinds of cars look more @ home on air suspesions than new luxury/sports sedans IMHO.


the Shift knob is where its at .

im in love


quite a cool idea, but, to be honest: a rolls doesn't deserve that kind of paint job and engine swap


Remember when that one kid came to school with his pants on backwards, and everyone started copying him? That's what all this stance/flush nonsense is like. Not too far in the future, we will look back at this and cringe, much like we all did when people used APC parts.


This car is gonna be a DREAM!!!!!!! once restored! DAMN!


Wow, never seen anything like this on a Roller!


am i the only one confused a little, you said you couldnt find the owner to get more details about the car ........then how did you open the trunk and hood to get those pictures

great car tho i dont hate on the chevy under the hood, prolly got a good price on a blown out junker and swapped it up... kudos my friend scrape that hand built belly


StayShift said:

.......and then there is the JDM-titeness red steelies

JDM?! How about hot rod tradition for YEARS.

I like it. For all we know it was headed for a scrapyard, whats worse, crushed into a cube or chevy v8 swapped. Kudos for making a car that will probably roll reliably for years and look tough as nails doing it!


I doubt this build was inspired by the "JDM tight/hella-flush" and super lowness of current trends with newer cars. This is hot rodding at it's best. I love it.


I absolutely love it so far its very well executed and yeah the red steelies are definitely more hot rod than jdm cant wait to see it complete...