Car Spotlight>>2010 Subaru Legacy "vip"

Last week at the SEMA Show parked amongst all the WRX's in the Subaru booth was this 2010 "VIP" Legacy Sedan. Now you can argue for days about what makes a true VIP car, but the people putting this Legacy together certainly did their research. Even the official info Subaru provided about the car says "VIP style is known for a clean, yet heavily reworked luxury theme with an emphasis on impossibly-low ride height and aggressive wheels."

To give the car a cleaner look, Subaru's JDM parts bin was put to good use. The car is sporting a JDM hood, headlights, bumpers, headlights, and front and rear under-spoilers. The body is coated in a beautiful color known as Shinjuku Black Plum. The Shinjuku district of Tokyo also happens to be the site of Subaru's headquarters…

The interior of the car is packed full of a bunch of audio and video equipment that I won't bother listing, as well as Togarashi Red leather upholstery with diamond pattern stitching.

The red leather was even extended to the engine cover. I can't say that I've ever seen something like this before…

And then there's the wheels and suspension. A Universal Air kit was used to get that proper VIP ride height, dropping the body nicely over the MC3 Enterprises Trinidad wheels. The exact wheel specs are 20"x10 on each corner, with offsets of +30 in the front and +12 in the rear. Tires are 235/30/20 Falken FK452's all around.

Whether or not you think a Subaru Legacy qualifies as a VIP car or not, I thought it was damn cool to see a car like this in an OEM display.

-Mike Garrett



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whoa, $$$$$...


This is great! I suppose Subaru actually listens to its followers. That's great to hear about a car company, bravo.


Good call Mike! This and the Legacy wagon GT (Go cart Transporter) was kind! Why can't we have a nice and low GT wagon? Please?


i think i want to cover my engine in leather now.


looks cool... the wheels seem more fitting for a vip van i'd say


Awesome to see a OEM listen and follow the tastes of the public. Usually OEM "tuned" cars are sedated, boring and look quite ridiculous in a tuning show. But still, one thing that bothers me a lot these day: Why do car manufacturers around the world feel a burning need to cover up their engines as much as possible? I just hate it when I lift up the hood to find a big plastic cover! Can any one give me a good explanation to why this seems to be a long going trend among car manufacturers all around the globe?


That's Hot!


I was planning on my next project/daily driver on being a new Legacy, and when I saw this at SEMA, I started researching airbags....

Anyone have any input on airbag systems that raise up high enough as to allow driving in snow in winter, drop hilariously low in the warm months, and don't handle horribly all the time? ;)


The car looks really clean, especially in the back. The leather is too much imo but it IS a vip styled car so overdoing it make it right. Wonder why they opted for the 6speed SpecB instead of an automatic.


all we need now is a VIP mitsu......


Is it me or does the new Legacy look like a G35 with a different front and rear end? This looks very new, don?t care for the engine cover at all though, I mean I really like the plastic engine covers for some reason just not leater ones. Awesome!!!


I wonder what NASIOC will think about this hahaha...


Yuk, red leather and vinyl in the engine bay? Some people have no taste


This car is great, but the Legacy Wagon next to it was hotter. Feature that one as well.


To also add to SoloTwo most airbag systems are good for all seasons. As long as they are properly cared for, and aren't maliciously beaten. Reference the ones used by city buses that kneel and rise at almost every stop in all weather conditions.


Fashion has to be about what is.


leather engine covers is something i've seen in the VW scene for a couple years now... i think maybe Worthersee? or some other treffen.... nice to know that the right people are paying attention ;)


to be honest when i first saw the new Legacy i detested the looks of it, but it never occurred to me that it could go all Bippu and become something so beautiful. props to whoever put this together.


They do leather covered various pieces in Australia, like one car has leather trimmed wheel spokes... not my cup of tea but whatever!

That does look sick for a OEM tuned car.

@ Chris Davy: i think the engine covers are for a safety thing, less chance of idiots putting things in the engine bay to get stuck or hurt themselves! :P


@Chris Davy : The only thing I can think of is that designers want cars to seem less "complicated" to the casual driver. Not that they'll be doing their own work under the hood, but when they open the hood and can't point out parts, they can just pop the hood and tell their friends "that's the engine"....I dunno. I think they're ridiculous and just another step to take off the damned thing when you have to repair something under the hood....that and they hold in heat, so that's even further counter intuitive to performance.


"The red leather was even extended to the engine cover. I can't say that I've ever seen something like this before..." ...Yea, and I hope I never see it again. Some people try so hard to be different that they are blinded by what looks absolutely retarded. StanceHunters at it again, get your "show car" coverage here.


I LOVE subaru. but the new legacy.. two thumbs down. one hundred times over.