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Its been too long since I posted that teaser, but check it out! I'm pretty stoked to be able to see a glimpse of what my project will look like when its done (next year).

Here's where the nerd in me comes out, I mocked up this shot of the car in a windtunnel, not that it'll ever see one I'm sure, but a cool image regardless. There is a good chance I'll be doing some CFD tests with this car though, testing out various diffuser, canard, and wing set-ups.

For the sake of these concept images I through on the ultra lightweight track worthy Enkei RPF-01's, although I'm not sure what wheels I'll be putting on the finished car when I'm ready. You might also notice the FC2000 front bumper and headlights, with the flush lights built it, I figured it was the only way to go. I've also put some custom canards and splitter on there, which is what I'd like to verify the effectiveness with CFD.

Out the back is a custom diffuser which exits after the flat undertray to help with some rear downforce. The wing element is off the shelf, but the rest will most likely be hand fabricated and one-off. 30+mm fender flares all around will help fit some big sticky slicks or R-Compound donuts.

I'll post up some wallpapers in the next couple of days. NFS has me pretty busy this week, and I'm on a roll in the shop getting lots of progress with the FC. This week I'll likely finish the prep for the car to be blasted and ready for seam-welding and the cage build up. I'll snap some pics and keep you guys posted in the next coming week or two.

-Carl Jarrett



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So cool that you can make these kind of renderings of your own car, have you tried different colors?


old school rx7 always fire!!


I did a white one yeah. One of the next steps is trying out different liveries, and it's awesome I can iterate on it so quickly on 3d!


Thats excatly what I want my track fc to look like....just awesome


Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!!!! I'm sorry, I almost forgot about this. I was wondering from time to time, "what happen to that big FC project?". Indeed awesome that u can have such high quality renderings of your own car. So what's the aim here? Time attack, sticky wheels car? Or will it be some sort of hybrid that would be also drift-able? Can't wait for the update! Good luck and keep us posted!


Seriously, this looks like my FC!!! 1st event Grip Day 2.


Looks like the windtunnel of NfS ProStreet with the RX-7 in it ;)


what program are you using to make these renderings?


The renderings look great,, what program are you going to be using for CFD analysis?


Looks nice in black


I think 17" or even 18" RPF1's would compliment this car perfectly,


Show us the one in white...


Looks amazing! I dig the spoiler and the SH livery. I like the first shot where you can scope out the girth of the front meats. Can't wait for the finished product! Keep up the good work and get back in the garage! :)


That's really nice. I think the Enkeis go great with the car. What software do you use to render?


Excellent! This is going to be wonderful and id love to see our cars together at a track someday!


cool project carl.I've also been wondering what happened to this,Like ecr33 said what direction is this car taking?Have decided or still considering your options? Like the colour and livery carl. Best of luck.


"For the sake of these concept images I threw on the ultra lightweight track worthy Enkei RPF-01's, although I'm not sure what wheels I'll be putting on the finished car when I'm ready." Fixed.


It looks amazing!! Good luck with the build


O my god i love these cars so much i have one too and i hope to have a car that looks a little like that one but of coarse with a smaller wing for my car is a street car


good job; but the "wind tunnel image" looks wired to me; the Spoiler don't have any influence on the Wind; maybe you just try to use an "Ansys CFX" demo to get a more acurate CFD simulation, an later made the concept art again; right now the concep was excelent!!!; but the wind in the rear Spoiler; was a EPIC FAIL!!!


RX7 in darkside!!


Carl - what an awesome car. Please do a wallpaper of the 2nd image!!!


More more more!


Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll get some pictures of different livery schemes in the coming weeks or months for sure. I use 3D Studio Max and Hypershot for the renders, as well as a lot of Photoshopping, all of the backgrounds were done in Photoshop, nothing fancy. The wind tunnel image was actually inspired by a Techart GT Street RS image I saw on the web, I changed up the background, painted my own smoke and threw the FC in there.

As far as plans for the car go, it will start off as a Time Attack car for the first year as I work out the bugs and get the car sorted. We have some solosprint competition locally I'll join, and should make a couple of the bigger US events, would like to be at Super Lap Battle next November. There is also a new event here in Canada similar to Targa Tasmania and Targa Newfoundland called Targa Canada West, next year will be a stretch since the event is in the spring, but looks like a blast and I'd love to attend the following year.

Next up is getting the chassis media blasted and building up the cage, I'm also re-building the suspension right now. This is very quickly turning into a full-restoration as well as a race car build considering my anal attention to detail.


For the diffuser: have it start as far forward as you can get away with, and run a nice, smooth flatbottom! That's about it really. Try some different diffuser curvatures and angles, but start it as far forward as you can without fouling it up with suspension pieces.


amazing design, happy to see the FC chassis is not forgotten yet :)

wish the best with the project


amazing design, happy to see the FC chassis is not forgotten yet :)

wish the best with the project


Some inspiration...

this tamon design car is for sale at the moment.

Have fun.


Cool. Nice to see an FC finally with the ducktail tamon and GT wing combo. I always thought that would look cool! BTW are you planning on running a center exit exhaust on your FC? If so you will have to do something with that spare wheel area, you might want to keep it though [URL=""]Check this out[/URL]


Where are you going to get the +30mm fenders from? Loving the progress and the pictures above. Could we get picture number #2 as a wallpaper?


beautiful pictures and aweome car!


@ Garan: "hand fabricated and one-off."


lose the BGW and it would be spot on!


nice stuff man, always loved the FC and miss mine dearly... the lines ony ours are truly beautiful and will be quite a highspeed monster to enjoy. the user "Bowtie7" on has had a lot of success with proving out some different big brake setups for track FCs if you had any questions about that stuff. would really love some wallpapers of your pics, really touches my heart to see such a clean and track-ready FC!


Nice! Cant wait to see the finnished thing! :D


you sound retarded I never want to hear you mention CFD again. as an engineer with experience in the field i am offended that you would even suggest you are able to understand the intricacies of CFD work.


Wow, you are the coolest person ever.... Did you ever think that he might be helped out by someone who knows CFD, that is if he doesn't? You are full of yourself. LOOKS SWEET! Stay with the black.


..Nicely done..Shows what you can do when you set your heart into something.

\Price has no Comparison to Envy ..

my Fc has been 4 years in the a driveway,simple handtools,can give you a Nice car.but ya know,if the budget was out of the Equation,My car would have been this car;s TWIN!..cheers!..STYX!


would be great as desktop


im full of myself??

the author's the one pretending to know CFD, name-dropping it like he does it every day or something.

the author of the article needs to get over his race-car fetish and realize that this car will never be competitive enough to necessitate CFD work.


"What do you wish to do Albert?" I asked. "I want a pony farm!" Albert replies. "Screw you Albert, you don't know the first thing about pony farms!" I sternly corrected.

See, its not so nice.


thank you, you just saved the lives of dozens of ponies from my lack of knowledge.

see? not so hard. just admit you dont know what you are doing and move on. i like the way the car looks by the way. i am an FC owner myself and have been toying around with the idea of doing a simple (simple meaning 90% or less accurate) flow analysis for an FC3S.


While I agree that CFD is complex and not easy to use (having used it in undergraduate mechanical engineering), there are some simplified tests that he could do that wouldn't require crazy modeling of super-accurate shapes. It's easy to get the pretty colours on the computer screen that so many people love, but it's not easy to get those numbers to be accurate or worth more than working with a few tufts of string on a windy day.


It might be more time effective to make the diffuser adjustable, spray it with a fine mist of oil, and drive at high speed, preferrably over some dust. That would very quickly show you what the air is doing in a real-world application. Adjust the diffuser to different heights, clean and respray the diffuser with oil, and go for more runs. If you find a lot of turbulence in one area, you can attach little vortex generators ahead of that area to prevent flow-separation. They're easy to make (Carroll Smith has a simple design in either Engineer to Win or Design to Win...).


Albert is right, although he needn't be offended. CFD is a tricky beast. If you want fancy colours, it's not too hard. If you want reliable data, then you really need to know your stuff. Unfortunately, I don't know of any user-friendly CFD. I think it's all a pain-in-the-butt, unless you've used it for 10 years.


fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!

FC love!


There are so many cool car things to see on this website.
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