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This is so bizarre. Last Friday, after I shot a few drift cars at Nikko circuit, I was on my way to the actual historical town of Nikko, to relax for a bit before heading up to Ebisu for the Drift Matsuri. As I set the Audi S4 I was driving on cruise control, l sat back and enjoyed some tunes from the crisp Bang & Olufsen audio system. After cruising for twenty minutes or so I suddenly had to hit the brakes and pull a U-turn. I couldn't believe my eyes, I had just driven by an abandoned gas station with three neglected vintage Skylines lined up next to each other. I parked up and got the camera out.

It was such an eerie feeling standing in this deserted place; there was nobody to be seen, only myself and these rusted out Skylines.

I tried to imagine what could possibly be the reason for allowing such cars to decay away like this…

…and I couldn't help but think that there might still be a possibility to salvage them.

The engine had been removed from each of these C10s but the interiors didn't seem to look too bad.

This coupe Hakosuka was even fitted with RS Watanabe wheels.

I couldn't figure out which model this one was, it looked like the Touring Deluxe but I'm pretty sure that had six square tail lights.

The front was in pretty bad shape so not too many hints to be found there.

I wanted to grab one of them and bring it back home! 

This is what the view looked like from the road.

I tried to walk around the premises to see if anyone was around but didn't have any luck…

…even the building next door, a barbershop, seemed to be deserted. I found this rusted out Datsun Fairlady (Datsun Sports outside of Japan) parked outside, it didn't look like it got much use but at least it still had number plates on it.

Back at the Shell gas station I had a look at the inside of the shop through the window. It was a disaster inside, tons of crap lying around but among this I spotted a few nice bits like these old school (Work?) wheels…

…and some old steering wheels thrown onto a sofa. Pretty crazy right? Anyway I thought it would be cool to share these pictures with you, it's not every day you see something like that! I will need to explore more of the Tochigi-ken countryside once I'm up there next!  

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Looks to me like both the 4 door and the 2 door were GT-R's.

See the indents on the rear fender of the 2 Door? Looks like they used to hold overfenders. What I would have done if I was you was to have grabbed the VIN's off of the firewall, and taken the numbers to a Nissan directory, and had them figured out. These could be very rare little gems. Also, those steering wheels and Volk wheels suggest that there used to be someone there who knew a little bit about performance tuning.


dont know how u stopped ur self from taking the steering wheels n the rims wouldve been cool shit to keep them for ur house or something lol thats crazy how those skylines are just sitting there pics are good always like pics of abandoned places


That just looks surreal...


They would make some awesome rat rods...


try one more time dude...bring it home...


there's probably a restoration shop somewhere nearby, and this is just a makeshift storage... the first 2 skylines seem to still have an engine inside, given the front end is still low down.


Stuff like this is so cool.

Last time I was at Fuji Speedway, I spotted an R32 and R33 in a field overgrown with weeds and getting parted out slowly.

Kinda like what we do with 5.0s and such here state side.


OK, now this is a real surreal and interesting find!


Dino, that silver sedan has been fitted with GTR-look tail light clusters, with the little chrome finishers on the inside. Non-GTR sedans had a plastic trim panel that went between the tail lights. And that blue one (hard to tell from the angle) looks like it might be a shortnose C10, which means 4cyl.

Steve, these all are non-GTRs. See that body crease that goes above the rear wheelarch (it's called "surfline")? To fit flares you would cut the panel above that (so the crease bisects the flare).

What an awesome find! I've definitely seen worse cars brought back from the brink, but even as parts cars those have value. Good-condition Hako tail lights are $300pr, as are those fender mirrors. Bumpers are $1000 new too, so those cars are still worth something!


Awesome find Dino..masterpieces rotting in the land of rising sun...Great pictures of beatuful cars.


bring them all home(including the fairlady)!


That's pretty crazy....oddly beautiful and tragic at the same time. I suppose this just goes to show there are strange people, and strange things happen all over the world. Maybe someone died, and this is the remnants of the life they left behind? Perhaps someone is too busy to work on the cars they once worked so hard to aquire? I'm sure there are a thousand possible stories. Sort of like those rumors you hear over in the states about "that guy down the road" who has all the land and the big barn which is supposed to be full of priceless vintage Ferrari and Porsche cars, and it suddenly turns out to be true.


That looks amazing.....


That looks amazing.....


It's like someone see my corolla from the highway..............


i recommend getting the 2dr and make it good as new but the only problem is where to get ab engine?


It's a shame to see cars like that in such condition. Amazing photos though. You know, those two black and white photos would make great wallpapers...hint hint...


this is sad.....:(


Ugh.... Those poor GT-R. I'm hope they're not abandoned, because come on there three GT-R in the open. But, You point me in the direction of those cars and well, I would make it my best (and first) car restoration and I would be hella proud with them being GT-R


how much for all of them?


hey guys...look at the tyres.....nearly all are in good shapes....these cars are not too abandoned....


Dino top work and awesome photos.


would be cool if someone could do a Japanese scrap yard feature!


It could be stolen! after these post!


yiso again here.... some of these pics would make great wallpapers, btw


So cool! Great photos, i can really imagine how unreal that must've looked. I would also love a wallpaper of the opening shot. Oh and please save one of them and give it the love it deserves... :P


One man's junk is another man's treasure.. So crazy that it's all abandoned like that, would it mean that it's up for grabs since it seems to be "abandoned"?


I agree with Heng, the tires look like the cars are moved around. Probably these are donors? And this place is probably hot at night. Probably its a monster garage? lol


go back at night.


Very cool sighting!


take 1 of the cars lol


If no one wants them I'll be more than happy to fill my driveway and front yard with them as work in progress cars. Seeing any car with potential rot away always breaks me up a little inside.

That Fairlady is in pretty good condition for sitting outside.


That looks so weird, and cool. I don't know how to describe it. Also, like Ian said, I think there should be a feature about abandoned scrap cars.


Damn, thats sad...


Great Photos...Would love to have one of those in my garage! Wallpaper of the Road View would be awesome! Thanks


I would have any of them in exactly that condition! Engine's are overrated anyway...............


TAKE - THAT - SHIT - FOOL!!!!!!!!


Unreal indeed! I can't stop thinking that either those or the person owning them doesn't care about them or is unable to salvage them for now or someone just died and these got left behind.

I might be a jerk, but if I'd live there and had some friends I'd pull a getto action on them! Come with some flatbeds and save them! Of course, that's not nice...

But what I'd really do in a heartbeat is to grab their VINs and try and get to the bottom of this. Maybe try to buy them? If it were for Speedhunters, try to set up a fund raising for saving these awesome pieces of history? I wonder how many people would be willing to donate some funds for "car charity"?


First up, wallpaper please! It's really awesome that this hasn't been 'mined' by some souveneir hunter - I just love the desolate beauty of it. As usual, great work dino. I hope none of you greedy americans go and ruin this unique scene lol.


If that was Cape Town, or anywhere in South Africa, those would be stripped, and disintegrated moments after being left there, anyone seen Lord of War with Nicholas Cage? Thats scene where those villagers shred that Antonov cargo plan overnight? Yeah, like that. You guys would shit brick to see what "scrap" is lying around South African yards ,really. I second the idea of seeing Japanese scrap yards.....


That really is a sorrowful sight,I also agree a japanese scrap yard feature would be cool.And dino can you go back at night to see if anyones around then?


i think i just died a little inside
what a beautiful waste ='(


Nice find Dino. There are indeed lots of strange people out there. I've always fancied a 4-door Hakosuka after my friend was able to bring back to life his 1978 Bug. So sad to see such beautiful cars rotting away in the Japanese countryside. It's kinda creepy, that shop. The guy that left there must have been some tuning guru. It is worth noting though that the old school rim and steering wheels don't look so dirty so maybe the place hasn't been abandoned for a long time yet.

I want to take that 4-door home!!!


That's the eeriest thing I've seen in ages, in terms of cars. I remember when I used to work at a salvage yard in high school, we had a small area of the back corner of a field devoted to odd cars. There were three completely written-off XR4i's with weeds and other greenery growing up through them. They were all alone, like some one knew they were really special cars and deserved their own "plot". It was so creepy, like they were just left there for dead. I remember sitting on and in them during my lunch breaks, imagining the stuff they saw (one was obviously an amateur rally car in it's lifetime).

I was so depressed when the mangled one (radiator against the firewall) was finally fully stripped and crushed. It wasn't even my car, but you just have that feeling that you don't want to let go of it. I've never owned an XR, but have always wanted to. There's an eerie beauty to be found in scrapyards.


My parents hometown is Utsunomiya and I travel to Nikko often. Can you explain your basic route from where to started and the route takened to this gas station?


That Fairlady is SWEEEEEEEETTTTT, man, kinda reminds me of my MG B I had, that would my project car of choice for sure... The paint on that one looks ok? I would love a project like that... Maybe that was the old Do-Luck HQ!!!! lol How much do you think you would pay for some of those old Skylines?


I knew there are countless of abandoned cars in Japan, but never something like this... it's unbelievable.

Somehow, when I saw the picture with the wheel my mind mixed everything and I got this weird idea of a ghost racer, sort of like that the Skylines revive at night and the ghost driver takes them around for a spirited drive... Hehe, wouldn't that make a good story? :)


Please make at least one desktop res image from this post. Preferably any of the ones with all 3 lined up :D Anyhow, amazing post! You always have incredible photos!


Hey, all you people that want a "Wallpaper" of these. Right click the picture you want and just hit "Set As Desktop Background..."

Or save them and put them into photoshop. Change the picture size and it will keep the quality and then make that one your background. It's really not that complicated... you all make it sound like you need him to call it a "wall paper" for you to be able to set it as your background.




Sadly, this is not uncommon here in Japan. Alot of guy have their toys and then end up married and have to get rid of the cars or put them on the back burner. I've stopped at MANY houses with old cars sitting out front, trying to buy the cars or parts off of the cars, but 99% of the time, the answer is "I'm planning on restoring it", Then as the years pass, I'll watch the car wither away. My next door neighbor has a beautiful AE86 Levin coupe sitting in a field next to my house, I see it everyday when i take a shower. I always ask him to sell it to me, but he refuses. Not like I need another, i have 3, hehe. But to see the old girl out there rotting away kinda hurts. Also tried to get a Hakosuka off a guy a few months ago, it sat in a field in Katsuren. The guy said he had plans for it. I told him "The floorboards are gone and there are bushes growing inside of the car, but he wouldn't change his mind. I just wanted the 15x10j Wat's on the little lady.


The last pic seems too suggest that it hasn't been too long since there has been someone there. I see a CD and some relatively new magazines that haven't yellowed.

Are there any more photos that could give more clues?


I have a hunch that these cars come alive during the nite. Oooh, scary! Haha. This is one of the most interesting stories featured in Speedhunters. Awesome!


Wow..that's pretty powerful. Like time just kinda froze around that entire's sad really. The steering wheels really kinda brought it home for me; that's an item and a look that many we still covet for our modern day machines, and it's cool to see that they were kind of in that same mindset during the times of automotive yore.

Great find indeed Dino!


Awesome find.

I spent a couple days in Nikko on my honeymoon, just wandering around the town seeing what there was.

Ended up going down an alley up near the big bridge (can't remember the name of it) and find a

'71 or '72 Mustang Mach 1 (rough guess on year, not a mustang guy)

Wonder what other little treasures are hiding away up there


+1 on the wallpapers!

Thanks for sharing.


Dino try going back at night, I agree with the other guys. Bring your camera too, a feature may be in store if people are there ;)

Something tells me that gas station and barber shop are far from abandoned. The wheels, tires, magazines, the clean couch... This could be a hangout for some car guys. You really should check it out again!!


i have seen my fair share of rotting pieces here up north... same things... we try to buy and they just throw up the infamous X....when we say ekura (spelling )


thats what i call a beautiful disaster


Ironically enough, 3 of us ventured to Japan this past April and stopped at that very gas station after nearly breaking our necks in double take shock! Some of the stains you see on the parking lot are Canadian ones. Ours.

I was about to find the owners and rent a container so the 3 cars could some home with us! (James posted a link to our pics a bit further back I see now)


It's so sad.....beatiful cars and it's waste.....nice photos Dino!


Yeah Dino, i agree with the other guys. Try to go back and get the VIN numbers or the compliance plates and go to Nissan. You never know what you have there mate. Wallpaper of the pic with the 3cars and shell building pls :)


Excellent post and pictures, thanks for sharing! A Desktop of the 10th picture down please!


I get the vibe of a small drift scene that once existed there!

I dont know why, but i'd love to know more about the history of two those cars got there its awesome how those steering wheels were there and the work wheel. I want more on this story.


WOW what an amazing find! get the rim and steering wheel!


Its pretty unlikely that these are "abandoned" just because the owner wasint around at the time, Its pretty naive to think that someone who has 3 of these cars, and some decent parts lying around wouldint know the value of them. who knows what the owner has in store. very cool thing to come across tho and nice pictures.


With Skyline week now under way, we figured it'd be cool to start off with some classic Skyline "Best of" galleries. To start off, here's a selection of Hakoskua shots gathered from the Speedhunters archive. Enjoy!


With Skyline week now under way, we figured it'd be cool to start off with some classic Skyline "Best of" galleries. To start off, here's a selection of Hakoskua shots gathered from the Speedhunters archive. Enjoy!


With Skyline week now under way, we figured it'd be cool to start off with some classic Skyline "Best of" galleries. To start off, here's a selection of Hakoskua shots gathered from the Speedhunters archive. Enjoy!


With Skyline week now under way, we figured it'd be cool to start off with some classic Skyline "Best of" galleries. To start off, here's a selection of Hakoskua shots gathered from the Speedhunters archive. Enjoy!


I find it crazy that the gas station building was left to rot. Maybe it belongs to a owner who has a chain of these stations. Makes me want to go and do some investigating!!
Thank you for sharing stuff like this Dino, so interesting!!


Someone should definitely do some investigating! Allof this rad stuff can't just be left out there =[ Although it does make for an unbelievable scene to stumble upon!


This is so sad, seeing these beauty's rot around.
And that wheel(s) you've spotted were Work Equip 3, had some on my Hachi-roku before I (sadly) had to sell it.


Man I would have broken into that gas station so fast when i saw those wheels!


Just visiting some of the older posts here on speedhunters as you do, I was speaking to an owner of a GT-R last weekend, whilst pouring over his stunning car I noticed that his car had clear glass, as my S30 has blue tint like most nissans from that period, he informed me that the GT-R's came with clear glass where as non-GT-R's didn't, I don't know how factually true that is but it makes sense to me in that most of the GT-R's I've seen at auction for real money do indeed have clear glass.