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We’ve seen all sorts slammed and stretched cars this month, and not without a doubt Volkswagens are one of the world’s most common platforms for this sort of styling. In some cases it can get a bit dull seeing Golf after Golf lowered on BBS wheels, but every once in a while you see a car like this one. There’s nothing outstanding or gimmicky about the car, but it still manages to stop you in your tracks. It could be the color, the ride height, or the precise fitment of the wheels, but this MK5 Golf owned by Chris Peacock of Scotland manages to stand out from a very crowded field.

Looking at the car, you might think this was a build months, or even years in the making. Nope, try 13 days. Before leaving on a business trip Chris dropped the car off at a shop called TUK customs where the guys wasted no time in creating one of the coolest show/street VW’s ever. The grass is always greener on the other side it seems, and Chris used American-built VW’s as his inspiration for the build.

The color is the first thing that grabs you on this car – a custom mixture of Lamborghini Spiker Green and Hummer Sage Green. Other body work includes the removal of all badging, a USDM front grill, and smoothed out side skirts. The fenders were also extended by five centimeters in the front and four centimeters in the rear.

The stock rear bumper was also swapped out for a USDM version, and then outfitted OSIR carbon diffuser. The exhaust system is a Miltek catback with R32 style exits.

And then comes the heart of the build – the wheels and suspension. The car lays body with a trick air ride system done by TUK Customs. The wheels are BBS RS290’s, sized 18×9.5 all around with 225/30 Dunlop tires. The centers of the wheels have also been colormatched to the unique Lambo-Hummer color on the body. When asked if he considered any other wheels for the car, Chris says that the Golf was actually built around these exact wheels (thus the extensions of the fenders).

Outside of an ECU tune, intake, and exhaust the 2.0L engine is essentially stock. A carbon engine cover helps to add a little bit of visual character to the bay.

Inside the car you’ll find a pair of Recaro CS bucket seats done in a custom black leather and green alcantara pattern. The door panels, shift boot, and arm rests have also been redone in green alcantara.

A small 300mm Momo steering wheel completes the interior.

The car looks impressive from all angles, but there’s something about the front profile, seeing the rims just peeking out from the fenders.

I suppose the ultimate compliment you can get on your stance is
when it’s hard convincing people that photos of your car are genuine and not “photochopped”.

Such is certainly the case
with this Chris’ Golf.

Mike Garrett