Le Mans 1991 will always be remembered as the year that a Japanese constructor won Le Mans. It was a moment of glory for the Mazda 787B and its unexpected victory… But look further into the 1991 Le Mans record books and you’ll see the Mercedes race team start to come up:

Pole Position – #1 Team Sauber Mercedes – 3:31.270, Highest Trap Speed – 342 km/h (race), 363 km/h (qualifying), Fastest Lap – #31 Team Sauber Mercedes – 3:35.564….

Now what is interesting about this fastest lap is that a certain Michael Schumacher was behind the wheel of the C11 at the time this record was set. I’ve read accounts that his race team was rather alarmed at just how fast he was going at the time, but he didn’t think much of it…

Have look at the video to see the man in action at the world’s greatest race!