Just saw this small video in which a girl pays cash for a ride in a BMW M3. At first I thought it was a video made by BMW to promote their brand, but in fact it is made by some individuals with a very keen eye. Maybe this can work as inspiration for some of the videographers we have featured on Speedhunters.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Looks really really good. Grade A material right. Who would have thought car films could be sexy.


well it is BMW ad because you send this to all your friends showing how well it's made without knowing that it's? just a BMW ad and that's it.

but very good video...


Great video! So who made the video and why? Someone trying to sell themselves to BMW marketing?

Always happy to see more BMW material on here, I started following the blog during BMW month and it has been a hard transition for me.


stunning visuals .... but its a a bmw funded viral. Made by the Bandito Bros who do lots of car adds/virals.


Well that's definitely filmed in Long Beach - I recognise the underpass from the entrance to the Red Bull event last year.

I need a rig!!!! :-D


I was really hoping that her boob was going to fall out.


i was totally in love with the passenger until the very end when she closed the door by touching the glass


lol i noticed that too jessie


Great film, good production and hot girl, but is it just me or does it sound like the car soundtrack was taken from an older need for speed game?


The film is great but as Stephen said, it is made by Bandito Bros, who have made lots of ads for car companies including BMW. So it will be hard to reach that level without at least camera for 15k$ and 60k$ worth lenses :] (Red One plus accessories).

I'm thinking... is it just a video made "after hours" (like it is written in YT) or in fact ad of BMW M3 made for company...


That was pretty rad, but as an inspiration to the flimakers on here? I think i speak for a few of us when we say we make real videos that don't include, green screens, motion control rigs, and fake speed. but i might use those things if i could afford them. ;)

Also, 7 or so years after the fact, the guy ritchie BMW ad still kills it.


I do not think it was made by BMW, unless someone can prove otherwise, the fake turbo sounds is not something BMW would have in the video.