The overall record for the Nurburgring Nordeschleife was set on the 28th of May, 1983 by Stefan Bellof, while qualifying for the 1983 World Endurance Championship race. The time? An astonishing  6:11.13 set in the then-new Porsche 956 Group C racer. This was the last year that the big prototypes raced on the Green Hell, for ’84 they moved over to the new GP circuit.

That very same weekend, Derek Bell did some in-car shooting for a new video called “In Car 956″, so we can get a little taste of what the Bellof time looked like. Have a look, the speeds are quite scary….





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Insane!!! LOL at the moment when he got passed:)))) I was watching and thinkin' damn, indeed the Green Hell, scary corners, blind spots and what not and damn he's fast..oh!.... wait.. wtf!? he just got passed like he was a trailer van!

Now I know that this guy was crazy fast and he was with his time 6:41:00; so.... if he was that fast, just HOW much FASTER was the guy that passed him!? The dude vanished!


Speacking of crazy, scary speeds, check this out:

I wonder if BMW or any other top-brands from F1 would seriously consider achieving a new overall record for The Nur'? If you read the info in the description box of the video-link that I pasted, u'll see that BMW engineers claim that they could settle a record of 5:40 without any restrictions on the car or track.

Does any one think it's possible or has any further info on this?


hahaha. no big deal. "so we just finished a lap of the nurburgring in 6 minutes and 41 seconds." hahaha he's giving a tutorial and jus finished the ring in 6 41 and says it so nonchalantly...


what makes it even more comical is the 80's techno music haha


I honestly don't find that that scary. Those cars (like F1) have a huge amount of mechanical grip, and the suspension are setup perfectly......allowing the driver to reach such speed.


how sick is that song!


And that was a 6:41? Wow. I wonder what a 6:11 looks like then...


im driving this TRACK on NFS SHIFT like crazy comparing times with all the cars I buy, but it wont be as good as compared to GT5!!!


Another video of high speed drifting at the nordschleife!


This is, hands down, the best in-car vid going around the "Ring. Don't mind the music!


The video seems to have been removed :(