October Editorial>> The People In The Cockpits

Sometimes the monthly Speedhunters themes have a very narrow focus and the site becomes becomes flooded with stories about single subject matter. This does work well if the theme is a broad subject matter which can be sliced and diced in multiple ways. However for October, we’re going to go with a lightly applied theme, to allow the site to breathe a bit. From what I can tell, you guys enjoyed BMW month, but we now need to relax with themed stories for a while.

So for October, we thought it would be interesting to do a series of articles about the people who pilot our favourite race cars: the drivers.

So as we attend events this month, our plan is to hook up with some of our driver friends and have them write guest blogs on the site.

Not all of the arrangements have been made, as to whom we are going to feature, so please let us know which drivers you want to hear from.

One driver that we are definitely going to photograph is New Zealander, Mad Mike Whiddett. Dino is planning to meet up with him in Japan later this month.

Mike is going to be competing at the D1GP final at Fuji Speedway.

Let’s hope that his gearbox holds together this time! Dino will be there to bring you all the dramas.

Our first guest blog this month will be coming later today from BMW driver Tommy Milner. We followed him around closely at Road Atlanta last weekend and he’s already written up his experiences from the event for Speedhunters.

I also spent 2 weekends shooting with double Touring Car world champion Andy Priaulx, both at Imola and Road Atlanta. He is also going to be writing a guest blog for us about his back to back racing weekends.

We are also planning to do some retrospective articles about some of our favourite racing drivers. An article about sports car ace Allan McNish is something I’d personally like to see, and I know John Brooks has enough photos to do this. Do you guys have any requests? Any heros you want us to write about?

Mike Garrett has a rather busy schedule this month. Tomorrow he’ll be heading over to the Japanese Classic Car Show in Irvine, California…

…The next weekend he’ll be at the Laguna Seca for the ALMS final.

And the following weekend Linhbergh, myself and videographer William Morrison will be joining Mike to shoot at Irwindale.

Mike and I will then be driving up to Bakersfield the following morning for the California Hot Rod Reunion. We hope a few of you SoCal based people make the trip to this event. It’s well worth the drive.

In other areas we also have the Time Attack UK – Need for Speed European Drift Championship Final at Snetterton. Speedhunters will be there to bring you the latest form this event to see who will take these two championships.

And finally, the month will end with Dino Dalle Carbonare’s reports from the Tokyo Motor Show. There will be a lot of new car releases and announcements at this show and we’ll be there to bring you the latest news.

Let’s get started!




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How about some old school racers like Willy T. Ribbs, would be interesting to see pix of the IMSA Celicas, RX7s, and Rousch Racing Mustangs........


El Matador..............Carlos Sainz


Definitely some of the greats like Senna and McRae and Schumi.

But what would be great is if you did a profile on The Stig, or even go so far as to have a Stig Week inside of the month and devote it to all the drivers rumored to have driven as The Stig.


I would love to hear more from Andrea Bertolini or perhaps Kumakubo?


Cool.how about some of the more famous grasssroots drifter and not so big name pro drifter?


MAX Orido and NOB please, thanks!


Nobushige Kumakubo, Keiichi Tsuchiya (in his experiences in drifting and racing)


Tommi Makinen, Sebastien Loeb!!


Olly Clark from Roger Clark Motorsport


DK himself - Keiichi Tsuchiya, that's for sure! & maybe some F1 pilots, if you can;))


Please please please do a feature on Justin Pawlak


I'd love to see Randy Pobst . That guy is awesome. Racing SCCA Champion!

Just please PLEASE keep away from overflooding with drifters, again and again


Go bug Paul Gentilozzi at Laguna. The new GT2 Jag is itching for a spotlight and you'll get some epic stories. Ask about the Bonneville record car.


whats flat eric have to say??


maybe i'll see you at Laguna!

look for SpongeBob SquarePants near the corkscrew in the camping area.

i'll be working the corners during the day and am making the drive down from Vancouver.

I hopefully get time to take some photos too.

As for drivers...

Geoff Brahbam

anything from the Can-Am days. those guys drove rocket ships like the IMSA guys.

there's always the Morton v. Kweck/510 v. Alfa battles.

Champ Car/CART families - Unsers, Andrettis, Foyts, Fittipalds.




Itd be cool to see an interview from Tom Kristensen, Sam Hubinette, or John Force. I know they're all big name guys and all, but I think this sight has done some pretty cool interviews and articles, and I love the blogs by the drivers.


Another vote for Randy Pobst or what about Ron Fellows?

I think it would be nice to see more sportscar drivers get interviewed, Im all for the idea of Alan McNish, that would excellent, what a champion! or possibly Tom Kristensen, David or Geoff Brabham, other ALMS/FIA GT/LMS drivers would be nice too.

Looking forward to Andy Prilaux.


Word up to Robbie Nashida, down earth rad dood.


Feature some drivers that came up from the Grassroots


MAX Orido yo!


I want more of the underground drivers, the ones that dont get much attention. Such as the article on Powers and his mate


Please do not judge the entirety of New Zealand on madmike.


Sebastian Vettel, Yoshinori Kogushi, Tetsuyoshi Tezuka, Nico rosberg, Jaques Villneuve or Alexandre Tagliani...hehehe oh! and Tommy Roberts !


Nomuken and the one he created BonBon!

Big up FlatEric