New Cars: Mustang Rtr>> The Uprising Of A New Generation

Even though Formula D has come to an end for the year and is a huge relief for many, the next five days are full of suspense, insanity and excitement for me, as I get ready to introduce my dream that will become a reality in a big way at SEMA. A new generation of Mustang will be introduced to the world – the Mustang RTR which will be a dealer-installed performance and appearance package available at select dealers in 2010. Official introduction to be posted here next Tuesday. If you will be at SEMA, be sure to check out the car in person at the K&N filters booth!

I will also be unveiling the halo to the RTR brand, the Mustang RTR-C. The Mustang RTR-C is a one-hundred percent dry carbon bodied Mustang with both appearance and performance upgrades sure to make anyone with a heartbeat want to get behind the wheel of this completely made-in-the-USA machine. Only ten of these vehicles will be produced. SEMA attendees will be able to see the car for the first time ever Tuesday morning at Ford's booth. I have decided to release the first-ever full picture of the car on Monday for everyone that won't make it to SEMA. I will post a full write-up as well in the very near future. Until then, I will post a shot a day for you all to enjoy!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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can't wait to see the full pics and specs.


Full dry carbon? Wow, will these be availible for purchase??


Wow, Ford are up to some big stuff! I wonder if they'll use SEMA to debut the new BOSS 5.0 engine for the 2011 'Stang?


Can it go round corners? :P

Just kidding, I like this car and I´m sure it will be a blast to drive.


The dry carbon body parts are available for purchase from ASD,

All the pieces are only $11,600 or so.

When JR busts a quarter panel on a wall it only costs $1200 to replace!

With ASD selling all of these cool parts for the Mustang it is almost enough to tempt me to buy one. Almost. . . .

But the RTR kit looks sweet!


Bangin'... absolutely bangin'!


RDMDRifter- These cars will be sold complete and turn key, only 10 will be made. I have teamed up with ASD for the builds the same guys that built my Competition car.

Bobberz- That is a good question!!!

Bsyc- hahah...You would be EXTREMELY surprised how they handle.

Thanks alot guys! More to come over the next couple days!


Wait... Knight Rider?


100%? full carbon chassis??


There is a running joke among the Mustang Resto guys in my area about the amount of "Special Editions" Ford comes out with. This serves to further intensify the hilarity.


Ben- not the Chassis- All of the body's metal outer skin was removed and replace with the highest grade Carbon Fiber out there. Not heavy Fiberglass overlayed in Carbon replacement parts.

M4xvltG3- There is a lot of special editions no doubt...however I don't see this as just another "special edition", I see it as a New Generation......but I am a bit biased I suppose....haha


David- owners can slam them! Its hard to afford replacing That Chin and splitter as soon as they leave the lot everytime......not to mention not everyone still wants to rock a car as low as Hariguchi did a decade ago!


Those HREs are just perfect for the car.


Nick- they actually are not HRE'S. As much as I wanted HRE involved I had to keep the package as affordable as possible. They are RTR specific wheels, which I teamed up with a wheel manufacturer to have made.

I'm glad you like!


Love the light blue on the car and on the lip of the rims.


Instead of dumping money into the carbon panels, I would have replaced that rear solid axle with some IRS.


@ Vaughn Gittin Jr:

Evidently it is set apart from the others by the EXTREME changes that were made to it. Being biased isn’t bad as long as it works for you. I'm just happy guys like you are toting V-8s on the drift scene because any reason to hear one at wide open throttle is a good one. Now if you excuse me I need to go pollish my eccentric shaft before I stick it in another engine...


wow, that is some great-looking mustang right there, i just adore that new lip :)

and chance of an ass-shot?

btw - JR, i guess you already own a RTR, or am i wrong there? haha


ALEX- Of course YOU would, however you have to understand not everyone possess's the indepth car setup knowledge nor the extreme driving skills you do. Not to mention an IRS would add about 50lbs and would offer very little if any performance gain's for anyone other then a pro driver taking advantage of adjustable arms. IMO IRS would be cool to have....just to make the mustang sound like it would perform better then it already does, however the bottom line is that with the current Mustang Chassis it would offer nothing more then an acronym to talk about and some added weight. I've been around the block with the engineers on this subject. Go test drive a Mustang with a track pack, let that impress you THEN.... Imagine it with 550hp, Huge brakes, in car adjustable suspension dampening and 250 lbs lighter, then tell me you wish it had an IRS. We have not even gotten to the looks or the wheels yet my friend. As always thanks for your input ;)

Rene- There will be plenty of ass shots on Tuesday when I post a full write up on the RTR. Its hard for me to wait to, I just want to share everything right now!!!!!


Renee- the one in the picture is my daily driver, I used it as the prototype to perfect everything. As for the RTR-C that is a SEMA project that inspired me to build easily available street cars.


So, what does RTR stand for? In the radio controlled world, it means "Ready To Run", kind of cool and fits. Love this RTR stang JR. Can you get it in Grabber Blue? Would look sick. Can't wait to here the specs...


Ready to Rock!!


Hecht Speed- there is a ton of things RTR can mean that are fitting for sure, to me its Ready to Rock!

It will be coming in Grabber blue with Black or Blue Vinyl scheme. I will post up colorways early next week for you!

Matt- Yeaaaaa Boi!!!!!


As of today, I will be looking at mustangs in a new light.


This is a great looking mustang JR. I'm not much of a mustang guy myself, but after watching you race for these past few years you have really made me respect the vehicle and the performance it offers. Well that, and of coarse you as an driver! The direction that you took with the RTR really impresses me and that's a lot to say coming from me! Great work JR!


@ Vaughn Gittin:

I don't need to feel the "thrill" of driving such a car.

I commented on your post because......we are in 2010, and we should have new sports car on the roads that use 2010-technology.....not '80 technology.

Like you said, you're biased, so there is no point of arguing....

The 50lbs extra weight of the IRS is debatable....the gains? You want to compare a solid axle design with an IRS design? Please !


^ Enough drama. We all have our opinions on the subject and that doesn't necessarily mean we have to argue them when they've already been argued to death. Sticking with "antiquated" technology while dueling it out with modern tech. is what makes the Mustang unique...take that as you will.

All that matters is that the RTR is a step in the direction of awesomeness...there's no denying that. Sick stuff JR.


@Alex- there is no argument. IRS is newer technology no doubt once again you are correct and obvious, that fact would lead anyone to believe it is better. But better for who? For the guy at the bar bragging he has IRS to the guy with the Mustang that does not?? Results speak for themselves the new Camaro get smoked by Mustang onTrack. It has IRS and more HP. Now, Mustang vs 370Z I was at the track when 0-60 tested them against each other, the driver of both cars was a heck of a shoe who runs the track he was testing on. The 370 beat the Mustang by 3.2 seconds on a 2.279 mile course. Did I mention the Z was equipped with the "sport package" it had 17 more HP, weighed 255 less then the Mustang and and cost 7k more? Not so bad for 1980's suspension right?? Again it is fact that IRS has potential to be better especially with regards to at track adjustments I 100% agree. I would love to see Mustang with IRS at some point .Trust me I have had these conversations with the Mustang engineers, but when they show me the comparing performance data, aka the FACTS my only final answer as to why is because it is cool and modern to have an IRS. When A car come out in the Mustang's class and makes it look silly on the track then we can revisit, until then I think there is something to say for 30 year old technology that is very very well tuned!

@Phil- Thanks a lot man!


Soo would you consider the one in the first picture to be a legit RTR, or just a heavily modded Stang? Whatever it is, very cool, especially the colors! More pics?

Oh, and why aren't you speaking in those Taurus commercials? Seems to me that you have more of a connection to Ford than Mr. Foust does. Either way, much respect to the both of you, and indeed all FD drivers.


Tom-The first picture is the Mustang RTR in the blue on kona blue color way. the only difference between that picture and the actual RTR is that the spoiler is a prototype. The production spoiler was just completed and will be installed prior to SEMA.

As far as Tanner and the Taurus. I imagine his brand he has built related to his show and the type of cars he represents on there was one reason. I personally think he relates to the Taurus crowd a bit more then I do. Tanner is a good dude and he does his job's on and off the track very well.

Thanks again everyone for the support and comments!!


@ Vaughn:

Again, I don't want to argue, I see your point. I just said, as much as I like carbon fiber, I would have opted to replace the rear suspension design with something newer, that's all.


@ "old suspension" debate.

I suppose the leaf springs under my C6 are keeping my car in the 17th century. Better hurry up and get some "new tech" under this thing, before I'm accused of being old fashioned. 1.02 g's, be damned. Latest is always greatest, right?


this stang is so boss! can i has one? please??


does the RTR have a trunk? I hope not.


This is very exciting for me, being in a ford family. Our dealer just sold our first 2010 GT 500, and we also just became a Ford Racing authorized dealer. How is the selection process working out for these "select" dealers that will be selling/installing these packages? We are just across the bay from Hampton Roads on the shore. Although its nothing like the scene out west we have lots of people swapping engines and buying track packs for their 'stangs now, it would be awesome to be a part of this but I imagine it will most likey go the way of huge, high volume dealers. Anyway is this car in VA? I f you're getting ready for SEMA I assume not, but let us know if you are in the HR area with the car I would love to check it out in person.


Stock GT w/track pack beat Camaro hands down in the twisties, but hard to resist with the pig's stunning exterior.

But now, I can finally forget about the new Camaro.