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With the passing of the last round of the 2009 Formula D season, Irwindale will go down into the history books as an event of many great memories. Moments of great jubilee, celebration, quiet reflection, and, of course, moments of disappointment.

But this was the moment. The moment when Chris Forsberg rolled back into the pit area with his team mates, drivers, and media personel running towards his car to congratuate him on the ultimate intangible. He got out of his car, quickly removed his helmet, then the balaclava, which revealed a smile that brimmed from ear to ear, and embraced the first person he could find. This was the moment that a grassroots drifter, who rose up the ranks with zero professional racing experience, won a Formula D drivers championship. And at this very moment, Chris embraced his victory.

In contrast to the loud celebratory event with the new champion, there also were moments of quiet anticipation. Between every run, each media personality would look back at their LCDs, review their shots, give a quiet nod of approval (or disapproval), and turn around and chat with the nearest person around them.

Then there were moments of absolute badass showmenship. Joon Maeng, in his privately owned, tuned, and maintained S13, showed the crowd at Irwindale that he could definitely drive balls-out to stay above the likes of the big league teams.

Let's not forget to mention the moments of great sadness, especially the moment of silence in honor of the passing of Shaun Carlson. But there was also the moment when a very iconic gold rice-13 slammed into a wall and ended its long and prestigious life in the limelight.

It was saddening to walk up to the mangled shell of Tommy Roberts' gold Nissan 240sx knowing that we will never see it again. But when chatting it up with Tommy, he mentioned that there was already another car in the works. We'll see what this man of fine rice taste has up his sleeve soon enough…

This was a quiet and calm moment before the storm –the storm of the top 32.

There were moments of personal disappointment. Vaughn Gittin Jr. was set to finish the season with a bang, but failed to beat Alex Pfeiffer during the top 32.

But, that did not stop him from putting on a fantastic smoke show in the process… If you're going to go out, then go out with a bang!

Finally, there the David and Goliath moment. This was the moment when the most underfunded, and riciest privateer on the whole of the FD grid triumphed over the deep pocketed works teams with their high budget race car builds. Matt Powers, under all the circumstances, stood tall, put his foot down and drove his heart out all the way to the top 4.

Formula D Irwindale 2009 will be remembered as a day that the guard changed hands. The big boys of the past were replaced by new and invigorated blood. And in the moment of the course of the day, we saw a crowning of a new champion, and the rise of a new star. Twenty-Ten definitely looks like it will be a year to look forward to, and its not coming soon enough…

-Linhbergh Nguyen

Speedhunters FD Irwindale Coverage



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What's with the "rice" comments. ah ha Anyway, cool story! Congrats Chris F!


Wow love the shots with the macro lens.


Damn Linhberg.... your shots are always amazing!! I love the tilt shift lens too!


any pics of the crash



If you read the article that speedhunters did on Tommy Roberts... You would understand


Gavin like dan said its a tilt shift lens.

Good stuff as allways! I wish I could have made it down to SoCal for this


Is that ypur finger on Gittin´s first pic? haha

Props to Fosberg & Powers! Robberts, in what the hell are you working on?

Anwesome as always Linhbergh.




Love the tiltshift of VG Jr

Is that the lens or photo editting program?


Yeah, I agree with hechtspeed. If that's what rice is, then it doesn't bother me at all.... But it's not. Drift cars are hardly rice, they're intricately tuned racing machines, built with pretty much a single purpose in mind: going sideways. Anyhow, all the money in the world is useless if you don't have the set of skills necessary to drift in the first place.


Linh, killer article man! Loved it this is really a cool aspect of the scene.

@foxie, sure drifting is not much but rice, the cars that look good have the shittiest "performance" but thats not what its about, it is about style aka rice.

I hadn't seen the full pic of tommy's car and that sucks to see that chassis dead, however i'm sure that he will bring something wayyyy more badass to the table, i can't wait to see what it is.

Also, matt powers outfit looks rad!


OMG, quality of the shots is amazing. You're definitly one of my favourite automotive photographer.


Sad to see Roberts car go as cars like he's and Powers's are the best example of a real DRIFT car...I'd be happy if my VErt looked half as good.

And their should be more drifters like Joon Maeng,Powers,Roberts and of course Forsberg as he started out the sam...I stead if WACK factory Rides.At least Dai's car looks good now..

Can't wait for next season...


Wonderful and spectacular!!! Congrats to Chris F.! The purrists feel avenged :))) MOAR! MOAR! Are we in 2009? Cause I can't wait for 2010!:D


WOW! those pictures are amazing! lovin the tilt shift


Wow I absolutely admire the way you manage to capture the emotions so creatively in your photos. The tilt-shift shots are awesome too!!!

BTW go JOON!!!


Hah I see me in the media shot! I thought that was you up in the crow's nest. Absolutely killer set man, always raising the bar. Shooting drift with a TS90 is it? You're nuts.


"riciest" ???


good rice not mad go read tommy or matts feature on here.


when I put mad i meant bad.


god i want a tilt-shift now!

epic pictures man, epic pictures....


Great pictures. This photoshopped depht of field post effect gives an unusual toyish "miniature" look to some of the pictures. Like mustang drifting on the table))


The Moment when Linhbergh puts this pics up is awesome!!!!

Great event huh?