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Well, it's October already. Tomorrow I'll be kicking off the month with a trip down to Orange County for the fifth annual Japanese Classic Car Show – something I've been looking forward to for a while. Before that though, I need to finish up my coverage from last weekend's big event in Orange County, Sevenstock. I posted a lot of sexy RX7's and RX8's in my first Sevenstock post, so this time I'm going to give some love to the more unique cars (and trucks) found at Sevenstock 12.

I'll start with this RX3 done in perfect retro Japanese style. Fat fender flares and SSR Mk.II's may be most common on Z's and Hakosukas, but they look right at home on this Mazda. Looks like there's a intercooler peaking out from the front grill too!

A beautiful RHD SA22C RX7 looking like it just rolled off the boat from Japan. I especially like the number plate with the "…7", just as you see on RX7's in Japan.

As it's exterior suggests, this Mazda pickup is a project from the 1990's done by Racing Beat.

Under the hood is a factory-appearing FC Turbo II swap, complete with the stock top-mount intercooler. Oh how I love swapped mini trucks.

Sevenstock is open only to rotary-powered vehicles, but that doesn't mean they have to be Mazdas. This Datsun 510 was one of several rotary hybrids that made it out…

… as was this stock-looking SR-5 AE86 Corolla sporting NA rotary power under the bonnet.

Another rotary-powered 510, this one a wagon.

And one more rotary powered Datsun – a super clean 521 pickup.

Hmmm…you never hear purists crying out about swaps like this.

It was nice to see a healthy turnout of first gen RX7s, like this one parked amongst its classic Mazda siblings.

No it's not a rotary, but I thought this Mazdaspeed3 parked outside of the show looked pretty cool on Gramlights 57 Maximums.

More evidence for the "sexiest Japanese car of all time" argument?

When I saw this rotary pickup complete with murals and a camper shell, I felt like I was in an episode of Starsky & Hutch or CHiPs. Shhh…you can hear the disco music playing.

Another example of an RX8 done right. Perfect ride height and wheel fitment without going over the edge.

This classic Mazda rotary pickup was also representing Racing Beat.

The stock rotary has been removed in favor of this modern boosted unit with a good-sized turbine.

Another cool touch are the six-lug Ray's TE37's and rear disc brake conversion. This would have been an awesome feature back during Mazda month!

This slick-tired FD3S in the Koyo Radiators booth is another JDM import. How are people managing to get these sweet RHD cars over here?

And I'll finish with one more FD3S dropped low with full aero and Advan RS wheels. If you have even the slightest appreciation for rotaries, make plans to be in LA for Sevenstock next year!

OK time to get ready for JCCS tomorrow. Be sure to ask for a Speedhunters sticker if you see me at the show!

-Mike Garrett



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was that Black FD plated?

I wonder as well how people are doing that. Are they finding smashed/junked FD's and switching the Vin's?

I ask because Id like to do somthing like that...... but finding a smashed/junked FD is probly quite hard.

Anyway..... so many beautiful Cars in this post! .... and yes the FD is the sexy'est car of all time!


Is it possible to order a "Speedhunters" sticker decal?


wow great cars there more pics pls


thats why i love living in canada. you can import RHD drive rx7's skylines everything as long as it's 15 years old. bet thats where they got that Rx7 is from canada


@TougeNoMikado:gl with that, ever heard of Unique Performance?


Thanks for the props on my Mazdaspeed3 kind Sir!! It was a great event and looking forward to next year!

Be sure to check out www.MazFest.com for the next big Mazda event here in Cali


RHD SA RX7!?!?!

game over.


mike.... the last rx7 is not advan rs. its advan rz...


2nd to last RX-7 BESTEST!!!


The last FD is AWESOME!!! :O

Sexiest car of all time!!


Second to last Rx7 looks the best out of them all, very sleek.


RE pickup wow,


my favorite car is the Sw-20 but when it come to sexy curves in a car the FD wins.


I think i like all the cars lol... love the SA22c Rx7 and the AE86 just plane and simple nothin crazy :)

Does anybody agree?


Love that SA22C


awesome stuff.


the sa22c is pure awesomeness!!


i have a 87 b2200 and its hard ti find a rotary thats in good shape in the states


A pastor at my church drives around in a ratty late '80s/early '90s B-Series p/u (even though she also owns a Lexus, lol). I don't know how that thing still runs, it probably has 2 million miles on it! That fact alone makes me respect Mazda. And the fact that I've loved the FD since I was 6. I'd love to find (and afford) an RX-2 or 3, but they're scarce on the right coast :(


Why aren't the photos loading anymore?