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We're in a bit of a video post production crunch right now as we have two videos to get completed in the next couple of days. They are going to be debuting next week at SEMA so we're putting a bit of pressure on ourselves to make these new films the hottest things ever. I'm having a bit of difficulty concentrating on writing right now to give you a review of the adventure that Linhbergh and I had in Houston this past weekend, but the site has been a bit empty this morning so let's try and get something written up here!

We came to Houston with something in mind for November's Slammed Month theme: tight fitment, low slung street drift and luxury VIP style cars. Scraping up a storm on coilovers or gliding on luxury air ride setups was always going to attract our cameras. This isn't to say that Linhbergh and I are particularly narrow in our automotive tastes, but we seem to have a taste for these two styles of cars right now. So you might see a slant towards these types of machines in this review of the Access Zero 42 car meet.

The Access Zero car meets are organized by the people behind Houston's Planet Zero Anime Center and as the number suggests this is the 42nd show of it's type. They've done a great job working with the local authorities and property owners to provide a place where car enthusiasts can gather without any fear of stings and impounds.

The event itself still has an underground edgy feeling about it as it's conducted late into the night, but it's all perfectly organized and arranged.

But before we go into too much detail about Access Zero 42, let's recount what us Speedhunters were up to earlier in the day. Linhbergh and I were up bright and early to drive in a caravan of cars out from Houston to the small town of Rosenberg, Texas. We wanted a town which had archtypical decayed "Americana" imagery for our photography backdrops, and this location didn't disappoint.

Apon arrival in Rosenberg, Linhbergh and I then split the cars up to each shoot our own set of features, which we'll slowly reveal to you over the course of November.

I'm particularly excited to present this white 350Z which is definitely NOT running on air bags. This clean machine has been built as a street style drift car and won't look this pristine for very long I'm afraid!

Linhbergh also did a second day of shooting with Zeem Choudhury's 2007 Infiniti G35. I have yet to see the fruits of Linhberg's labour, but am sure the results going to be stunning as usual.

Heading back to Houston a few cars were already starting to show up to the show, but the lot still looked rather empty. We elected to duck out, grab some dinner and come back when things had started to amp up further.

We arrived back at the Access Zero show to a parking lot full of cars and a gathering crowd of young auto enthusiasts.

In anticipation of our Speedhunters slant on modified cars, the show organizers had parked up a whole lot of street style drift cars at the front of the show.

They read us well, as these were the types of cars that we gravitated towards.

Cars continued to roll in for the next few hours. This rat style S13 caught my eye as it searched for a parking spot. Notice the doll hanging under the rear bumper.

There were several examples of everyone's favourite Japanese super car rolling in too. I do wish the spirit of this car was more present in the LF-A. It's no wonder there are so many hardcore Supra enthusiasts in the scene. It's a car that has never really been eclipsed or reworked.

And the cars kept rolling in. Here's a VIP or "Lux" style S14.5. It's a style that's rarely applied to S Chassis… but I like it!

And another Japanese Super Car makes its presence known.

Meanwhile DJ Tito kept the growing assembly entertained.

There was a complete sound system setup plus an all female video game tournament too! Access Zero really knows how to put on a great street meet up.

The event organizers were wanting to introduce Linhbergh and I to the crowd. But I suggested we wait to do this and promptly disappeared to the back end of the lot.

There were some gems parked up in the darkness on the other end of the lot. Both Linhbergh and I don't really like to use flashes, as it changes the mood and visual tone of night time photography too much for our taste. But our 5D MkII cameras have a remarkable ability to shoot in low light conditions. So we did just fine shooting in the blackness.

Check out the extreme wheel poke and tire stretch on this 1995 S14. While the car isn't a particularly crazy build, it's had attention put in all the right places IMO.

The S14 rolled in with this low and hard Impreza, but they were unable to park together to rep their crew.

As they say in Nor-Cal: Hella Flush!

Going the equally respectable "tuck" route was this Integra.

It was rolling with these two Civics. These simple but slammed style of Hondas seem to be the next wave of style for these types of cars.

I suppose some of you who are focusing on track day or maxed out performance cars might find these more straight forward "stance" cars to be too basic perhaps?

There certainly is an edginess to them though, especially when you see them dragging their underbodies down the street.

BTW I'm amazed that we were able to shoot this super-slammed S2000 at all given how dark it was on the far side of the Access Zero car meet.

It was parked next to the offset-stretch-slammed Acura.

Heading back to the central area of the show I stopped to admire this drift-spec GS300.

The 2JZ powered car is owned by Amir Rizvi from the 786Motoring crew.

Like the sparkle paint?

I thought it was pretty cool that this huge four door drift-barge had a discarded helmet sitting in the back seat. It shows what this car is built and used for: Drifting!

This Cressida is also part of the 786 Motoring Crew.

Those of your who attended the Red Bull Drifting World Championships last year in Long Beach may remember this car. We'll look at it in more detail in a bit.

And another 786 car: this very clean S14.

Now that's perfect stance! You can see the infuence of the Matt Powers look in some of these cars. Some of them even quoted his car as an influence.

As the darkness of the night set in, the assembly of cars and crowd continued to grow.

The maids seems to take a shine to Linhbergh… perhaps they wanted to play video games with him?

Myself, I was pretty amazed by the ambience of the event. The Access Zero 42 organizers bring together some pretty cool elements. video games, car enthusiasts and music are all gathered in one place and people were free to loiter and hang out to their hearts content. I have to commend them for their efforts and give props to eveyone in the Houston Car scene who came out on Saturday!

To be continued…




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HOLY FAAAAKING SHIT, THE lexus in the first picture is BEYOND awesomeness!


Awesome pics, that Supra looks minty


Houston, we have an awesome stance/slammed problem!


Wow, this is an amazing meet. Where there is not hate or no one doing dumb shit to show off. This is just straight love for the scene.


THose look like M6 or regular 6 series wheels on the SC? Cool event! Can't wait to see more from this night!


Was a great event, thanks for stopping by Houston. :)


You guys really gotta be there to take it all in and be in awe what we as car enthusiasts can accomplish together. I cant thank you enough Rod and Linhberg, I truly cant. Until next time we are gonna keep this thing going down here in the Lone Star State!!!


LOL and the maids did not get to play games with Linhbergh! *sad face*

The pictures look great btw! It was great meeting you Rod and Linhbergh!


Woaa so many nice slammed cars in one place Oo Damn, no such events in my country :|


YEAAAAH BUDDYYY. SamboSmash. Looks like awesome meet


looks like it was a good meet! gotta love that 240, YEAH BUDDY!!! john u crazy man!!


Was an awesome event!!


DAAAAMN! I think I'll go blind due to over-exposure to PURE AWESOMENESS! This sooo sweet and perfect!!! Now if Speedhunters could keep it in this direction at least for a while, I'd be PERFECT!

Don't like the sparkle paint. Other than that, pretty much every single car in this post just oozes or overflows of PURE AWESOMENESS and BAD-ASSNESS!!! Thank you for this dope post, and please do keep it coming!


Houston: We stay low to the earth!!!


mazdaspeed uve said it...texas is holding down....


That lexus is INSANE!!!!!!

Somebody borrowed a tilt shift, eh? You could use it more effectivly than that rod!


Oh, and btw... You guys in Houston are blessed with perfect roads that allow u to run cars that crazy-low on tight coilovers. For the rest of us poor basterds, all we can do is to work our asses off and pack and move to a country with better roads.... or weep and bitch about it and envy those that have to great roads at there disposal.


That black E36 looks like serious business, any more pix of it?


Oh wait, just saw that lindbergh was there too. C'mon son, use that tilt shift with purpose!


man pics look good. thanks for my featureish that mad my day lol


great to see a well-organized car meet and greet. wish something like that could happen in socal without getting rolled by the pigs


Man great pics guys and this meet has always been one of the best to go to every month! and trinity im pretty sure you mean PZ 42 lol. Definitely be there next month!


Amazing! I want more! More pix please <3


It was great having both of you out there, glad both of you had a good time along with everyone else that was there.


my bad it is az, i was thinking planet zero lol


And just where the heck are my comments??


I never realized Houston had such talent, Good job guys


John Leigh. WE ARE AWESOME :) but we were AWESOME-RRRR when SPEEDHUNTERS in town.


AZ 42 goes down in history...pure awesomeness!




Great meeting you Rod and Linhbergh, the meet was a really good turn out and lots of stanced cars showed up to support the cause.


Yeah buddy!!!!!


S14 galore!!!!so much potential feature just in this little post!!!rat s13,s14's,cressida,aristo,nexus IS/SC's.....wow.


One of the Best Coverage i seen!! thanks again for putting houston in the map!!... won't miss the next meet that's a fact!!


wow! thank you again for coming Rod and Linhbergh!!! Come to Houston again in the future!! We'd love to see you guys back! :D


Good article. Congrats to PZ. John good job.


meet was dope.

for whoever said we are blessed with good roads... it aint nice everywhere. in fact, if this event was a couple weeks earlier half of these guys would have showed up with no bumper. they just redid this street after years of being terrible. guess they heard it was slammed month.


Re-reading this post and reading the comments, tells those that weren't there that this meet was like a mad-awesome party for everyone!:))


sweet! very nice. that Soarer on M6 hoops is badass lookin.


i still owe Linhbergh some drank. it was really great meeting you guys and all of the other guys that came from out of town to make this what it was. thanks for coming by. you are always more than welcome here. thanks again Rod, Linhbergh and Planet Zero.


catch ya next time fellas next time


Looks like Linhbergh was mesmerized by hot maids??!! Come on man, more pix of the of S14s. Im building one right now, need some ideas. This event looks siiiiiiiiiiiick btw


WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! gr8 turnout!


Matthew: I mean AZ 42...for ACCESS ZERO silly!

But I will take PZ goes gown in history also. LOL

Maids...you look grrrr8!


Gaaaaay ANdy, whats this tilt shift? lol

PS You can have any brew you want... as long as it's a Corona


The SC300 with M6 Rep. rims!


Andy easy on the beginner photographer here LOL


Awesome coverage! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics, especially of the San Antonio guys. Sorry I didn't make it back at the end of the meet Rod, we were still working on the e36.

And Houston definitely doesn't have perfect roads, I was scraping everywhere in my e30.


greattt pictures >w<

speedhunters + p-zero ftw n.n


Awesome looking event, thanks for sharing that! Looks like Texas has a pretty solid scene


@ Chris Davy.. Our roads are not perfect. We have minimal roads that our smooth. Many of our roads here are horrible but we just man up. Not all of us have the luxury to ride on air and adjust the height at the push of a button. So dnt think its all gravy here cause its not.


thanks to speed hunters and PLANET ZERO for making it an epic event!


Linhbergh now has a fan club on Facebook! rofl


actually that s14.5 is a s14, has the s14 jdm front bumper with amber turn signals. and they are 18s perfect offset. just wish i could of made it out there...


Big ups to all the Houston peeps for comin out, to speedhunters for coverage and for makin this as big as it was and of course to John the mastermind behind the entire meet.

Altough I did run into some issues with my car down there I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Thanks again Rod for the feature on my car! I can't wait to see the finished product, the pics you showed me were amazing and I hope the readers like my beater ;)

I gotta also give it up to my boy Nick for holdin it down and helpin me through out the night so I could make it home.

Can't wait till the next event, see yall soon!


my bad didnt see the actual s14.5 above it lol. thought you were talkin about the black kouki


come to maryland!


Love the White 350 Z !!! Very Clean !


Cool pix, more pix of the S14.5 pls. Are those 18s on it?


Ahem! Attention Attention!! Just in case you guys didn't know! (LOL) Linhbergh now has a fan club on facebook! Join plz =D


meet was great loved all the love from speedhunters, and me personally i rather coils and no bags cause i ride that way all the time if i see a incline i take it like a champ, i have no switch to raise it but i respect the look, most drive high with bags anyway but owell to each is own


yeaa hondas!


great post and awesome pics

but the 1st one....WOW


It was an awesome event! :D Thanks Rod and Linhbergh for capturing the moment! It was great meeting you guys! <3 Haha @ Rod's comment. Lawl. :P


MAN!! Ameen Rivzi's cressida! that car is pure awesomness!!!


awesome meet. awesome folks. awesome rides. awesome pics.

awesome blue lancer in the 10th pic ;)

Thanks to PZ for the event(s)! Thanks SH's for coming down!

looking forward to Import Reactor!


where can we get more pix?!


Fantastic meet, very well organized and extremely entertaining! Sick cars, gorgeous women, sweet venue (PZ), and awesome people...can't ask for more than that!

Thanks for letting RND rock the turntables for the night, we'd love to do this event again!


i spy a Serial Nine sticker on that Cressida! props on repping the Canadian Connexion 8)


Swang N Bang/Home Built gold 240 and Subie do work!


Thanks Speedhunters and PZ for putting Houston on the map! =)


Great coverage. Interested to see the Rosenburg locations.




this meet was great!!!no pics of the M3 with his dyno sheet painted on the side???j/k glad to let the rest of the world see how Houston puts it down....


looked like a real good turnout, I spy sambo scoob and Jon 240 (Yeah Buuuudy!)


nice cars but again the actual write up needs work.


hey, where are all da real muscle cars at?


" C6 said:

hey, where are all da real muscle cars at? "

LoL Its to support the import scene, Planet Zero is more of a Japanese culture place, We American Muscle cars should pack up and park together at the meets, tho PZ has done a Muscle car meet, most cars that will show up are imports.