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If you are halfway into drifting, then you have heard of Drift Alliance Ace Brian Wilkerson and his infamous Zombie car.

The car was given the name after a serious smash into a wall at the 2007 D1GP in Englishtown when Brian let it all hang out in a battle against Imamura. He let it hang a bit too much and got bit by the wall – a wall that showed no mercy and immediately transformed the beautiful Cassius Red S13 into none other then a Zombie.

Like most of us drifters, he didn’t care that the car was falling apart and that it looked like it had been chewed up and spit out. All he cared about was the fact that when he pressed on the right pedal the car screamed and tires burned.

He embraced his Zombie car and continued to compete and kick ass in it for the entire 2007 year – the Zombie refused to die. With goals of competing in Formula Drift Brian decided that it was time to build a new car, however he had to kill the Zombie first and make sure it never came back to life.

Brian took the car to his shop – MA Motorsports in Baltimore, Maryland ( – where he and his partner in crime, Ray Shake, cut the zombie in pieces. They cut up everything but the suspension, the drive train and of course, the Regamasters. How else can you kill a Zombie other then cut it in into pieces? It was a sad and unsettling time around MA Motorsports after the death of the Zombie car.

While Brian was preparing his new chassis, he started hearing weird noises and strange things began to happen to him. Parts that were slated for the new car were being moved around in the shop and old Zombie parts ended up in the most random places including his bed and toilet. Even weirder, everything that mysteriously moved had a weird green slime on it.

Brian thought it was Ray playing a joke on him and just dismissed it, until one day he came into the shop and there was deep claw marks on his new chassis. It was this very moment that he knew he hadn’t killed the Zombie and realized that it’s soul was ultimately going to follow him wherever he went.

He realized he needed to give the Zombie’s soul a home where it would be happy. He decided to resurrect the Zombie car; not only resurrect it, but build it faster, lighter and stronger to aid in its evil nature to annihilate anything in its path.

The chassis was fully spot-welded, sub frames were reinforced, and the cage was built to bounce off opponents as well as walls.

The suspension consists of MA-Motorsports Awesometron 5000 spindles, KW coilovers, and Battle Version suspension arms.

While the chassis and suspension were pretty basic by design, the insanity was focused on the heart of the soon-to-be resurrected Zombie. He built a bullet-proof Brian Crower stroked 2.2 SR20DET bottom end.

Due to some of the issues that the original Zombie car had when revving to 9500RPM, Brian and Ray decided to adapt a VVL head to the engine to allow the engine to rev to the moon without any worries of breaking rockers.

Brian decided to force-feed the hungry Zombie by way of a Bullseye Power S256 turbo controlled by a World Electronics PBC-1 to control the air being shoved in the handmade intake manifold. Keeping the Zombie cool was a Griffin Radiator and a Griffin Intercooler, and the blood was kept chilly with a custom Griffin oil cooler.

The Zombie was to be able to put all of its power to the ground under the load of Brian’s heavy right foot without exploding thanks to an Exedy Hyper Carbon Twin disk clutch, Z32 transmission, and a 1.5 way Kaaz differential.

Brian used the mysterious green slime as inspiration to paint his Regamasters, which he wrapped with his choice of Maxxis rubber.

The Zombie made no hesitation when jumping onto the dyno putting out 443 RWHP and 380ft lbs torque…

… thanks to Ray’s feeding of the proper amounts of nutrients for a Zombie to perform at its peak via an Electromotive Tec GT.

It was obvious Brian made the right decision to resurrect the Zombie
the first time he put it on the track, as they started off right where
they left off…

… Melting tires and making babies cry with the engine\exhaust note at 9500RPM.

Brian’s Formula D debut was in Atlanta this year where he made the top 32 and had an unbelievable running with Robbie Nishida in his first-ever professional tandem battle. Brian’s pure skill, passion and dedication is sure to make him one to keep an eye out for in the near future.

BTW Brian recently got bit by the Mustang bug. Zombie Horse… coming in 2010. Stay tuned!

-Vaughn Gittin Jr.

PS. Thanks to Dan Jenkins for the pictures.!



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nice car, can't wait to see the horse


I even heard that this car was for sale at one point. It's really nice to see a driver and owner not really give up on a car. Now let's see a video of this car. And those Regamasters are awesome!


I own the Zombie Roof Wing! Thanks Bri!


Can't wait for the Mustang, but we NEED a stang that is as low as Risky Devil FC's! or "The RIcer's" S14! Come on Stangers, go low!


hey b-riiiiiii,

thanks for selling my hopes and dreams. it was like you sold me into slavery. why don't you just call me Toby and chop off my foot already? cause that's what you've done to me... NO BRIAN! NO! MY NAME IS KUNTA!!!!!! I'LL BE FREE AGAIN!!!! (by free i mean enjoy the next ridiculousness of your Mustang). ok later buddy.


you forgot to photoshop the 2010 mustang side mirrors on


"into none other THEN a Zombie"

"other THEN cut it in into.."

SICK article but seriously....I love the English language waaay too much to see it abused like that. Its not THEN people, its THAN. Love your mother tongue!

Speed hunters is a top notch sight and professionalism should be shown in all aspects, including editing and proof reading.

Not to bitch and whine but when you see a site as awesome as this you want to see it be perfect and address even the small flaws....and like I said I love English too much to stay silent.

Awesome read though! Love the zombie theme running through out it. Keep it up


I love it when racers/drifters bring back cars back from the dead.Looking forward to zombie horse. Bring on 2010!


ME- whooops! thanks for correction. You want a proofreading job?


Hahaha yes I would love a proofreading job. I'm good at it...I'll be reading books and just pick out mistakes that made it past the editor/proof reader.


Beyond dope car and article. Made my day.


@oop, no Adobe here, 2010 facia conversion.


so that cars chassis was cut up into pieces and then rewelded back together? ive always heard of the zombie car but never really understood why exactly it was called that. i just thought it was cuz all the fiberglass was cracked up and all. but learning that it was cut up? wow....


lol JR nice photoshop there ;P


great vid of the ol' Zombie car in action courtesy of Dead Pirate


Nice story-telling :P


Nice story :) and what a car! Not so keen on the color though.


perfect time to feature this car


Nice photography! We've seen this young man's work before and we're impressed!! Keep up the good work, mon.


Man I'm Loving That SR And That Cage Work. Beautiful =]


Inside the Zombie's head...

check the revs at 0:58


wallpaper!! i like the side shot in the middle of the pictures...


hey "ME' you spelled site incorrectly. you spelled it sight when it should be site. these dudes race and build cars they dont need to spell correctly. NERD!


Looks like he has SR20VE head.. cool built.


@ jacobchills

I wrote that in like 20 seconds so yes I did make some mistakes. Who said I was perfect...

And whats nerd about me pointing out a *very common* mistake? if you read my post I made it very clear that I only mentioned it because I love this site and would like to see it be better. And if you think that speaking the English language correctly while avoiding 1st grade mistakes is "nerdish" you are either some middle schooler or have some growing up to think you are too cool for school or something man?

Speedhunters might be a a car site but its a BUSINESS, and they get thousands if not millions of readers. In my opinion cleaning up little mistakes just makes it seem so much more professional and clean! Like I said, when you love a site, you want to see it be perfect, specially if all it takes is a 1 minute proofreading...

Anyways Im not here to argue over teh internets,,,,Vaughn, like I said sick article. I re read it and it put a smile in my face =D


Wow, Mustang is lame.


Zombie mustang > Falken Crustang