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I've been working hard on the car in the garage as well as on the computer building up  a visual target *that's what we call it in the games biz* for my FC build. I wanted something to be able to show people what this beast is going to look like. Enjoy the teaser! Should have the car really for IPO right around SEMA.

- Carl Jarrett



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Looks beastly...


Ah, this is why we had all the coverage of that abomination known as NFS "SHITF"


Neat teaser shot.

@sam: In regards to your comment, did you fail to notice the 'Powered by Need for Speed' above the search bar or the © Electronic Arts Inc towards the bottom of the page? You may not be a fan of the product but this blog wouldn't exist* without the backing of EA and the folks behind the NFS titles.

*(at least not in this form or scale)


Hey if you need anything let me know looks like its going to be a killer (my FC version 2.0 is almost done got an electrical gremlin maybe ill get her done and ill park mine next to yours! lol)


Can't wait to see the finished FC Carl! Cool teaser shot. Any with fitment teaser? ;)


Those headlights remind me of the RE Amemiya FC ive seen before. if its anything like this FC, then thats bad ass


Hot, nice wheel arches. Should be a beast ;)


Fantastic image


ooooh FC love! one of my all time favorite cars, I miss mine dreadfully. cant wait to see your finished product and what you choose to keep it unique.


I see a Re Amemiya nose!! I think either Super Now or Do-Luck has some knuckles that increase maximum steering angle if your into the whole weekend drift thing.


I'm definitely, a fan of Speed Hunters, but not of the game. NFS Shift could have been a really solid game, but for some reason QC failed on this one, and they released a broken game.

Anyway, it's nice seeing people are building FCs.


I own a fc and i can see were your going with this i wonder if its gonna turn out like i see it in my head.

good luck with your build and hope to see more fc's on here.


I love FCs. this car is gonna be so real!!! cant wait till i get one


Looks like a mix of the Ford GT and that Lambo Miura concept.


Your preview reminds me this video:



Wow ! This is one, gorgeous FC ... I just LOVE this picture. Could you make similiar pic, showing the car from different angle with this stylish glow ? I WANT this on my desktop :)