Just got this note in from the Twins Turbo crew:

“Guys, just a quick note. The Viper project we have been working on for the last year is up and running. Shane Tecklenburg has been on the DynaPack with the car all day and we are looking good to go. Results so far are 950 WHP and 806 TQ at 4 psi of boost.”

We’ll be following the car’s progress at the Silver State Classic (they are entering the 1 mile event) with interest!


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That is a ridiculous car. That's all I have to say about the matter.


ummm, wow @ 4psi



so what are they using the car for when its done??(drag, track, etc.)


Not a bad project but, is just too big, destroys the front view and doesent look that good imo... also 950hp for 8 liters is a lot, but not nothing never seen, since you see daily driven Supras and Skylines with no much more than 3 liters and 1000+ HP

Anyway keep going ;)


@ Weed, theres lots more aftermarket for Supras and Skylines than there is for Vipers, most of it is custom stuff, so i think it's pretty awesome


This this is awesome and I am guessing by the size of the turbo's that 4psi is just the starting grounds for some monster numbers.

Does anyone know what model of the Dynapack pods those are? They might not read much more than 900 foot pounds of torque so that might be why they seem to be "just getting started".


.........the custom work is insane, sure there is more than 950 in that engine.............


LOL.. USA! USA! USA! That is the most overly macho American object I have ever seen. Flame decals and all..Ugh. Does the driver wear a helmet shaped like a cowboy hat? lol


That is quite an accomplishment! The Twins are geniuses when it comes to turbo motors, as is Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines. This Viper is a very good example of what turbos can do to an already insane car. Speedhunters should feature some of Nelson Racing Engines' projects. They are innovative and they put out a lot of power. Please do it for the Rodders.


Anyone with no faith in this project should Youtube search the name "Gary Javo"


Vipers are SICK, and this one is a fire breathing savage! AWESOME



I have the outmost respect for Tom Nelson and his company (they truly build some of the best muscle car in the country)....but this Viper.....it doesn't look too much tweaked out.

Aside from the custom manifold.....and those rig-looking exhaust don't look like they're very aerodynamic.......on the other hand you have JUN AUTO's Koyama san that painstakingly revises the aerodynamic of this Z (the Z streamline).....and look at EVERY aspect of the car........and here we have the same usual stuff, some American company trying to make the most amount of hp you can think of (Viper can achieve 2000 hp these days).....and then what?

They fail to look at the car as a whole.

Some American companies should take note from the Japanese tuners.

The car needs BALANCE.....meaning that if the car has 2000 hp, it needs a kickass-top-of-the-line suspension, and top-of-the-line aerodynamics to go with it, just to name a few.

Some people just don't get it.

(my harsh comment of the day).


10$ says that Weed is single because he cant find a girl with double D's an ass and a face and likes his crummy ass car that doesnt even compair to this viper... those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


Rod, thanks for putting this up here.

I appreciate all of the comments, so thank you all for posting.

As for the comments about the cars BALLANCE and how we missed it. I would start to list the changes in suspension pick up points, what we moved to where, what we did with the gearing, the aero package ect. we have given this some thought as we have been doing this for about 15 years now as a profession.

We learned how to make power in the mid 90's we have evolved slightly since then.

Stay tuned.

And thanks again SpeedHunters!!!!



Very nice, Doesn't rev that high tho, but i guess when you are making that much power at such low revs you dont need to push it any higher eh?


Wozers!!! holy crap, this is a serious piece of machinery.. From what i can see the details are pretty impressive. everything must have been made by hand. It takes some serious effort and imagination to pull something like this off. Go Twins Turbo!!!

and Alex, I like how you post like you know what else they have done besides making power. from what i saw these were 40 second dyno videos. dyno videos are usually about dynoing and power.

How you extracted all of that failure you listed out of those videos is pretty amazing..

The Japanese tuners can defiantly take note from American tuners from what i can see. Saleen, Lingenfilter, Hennesey, Callaway, UGR, Twins Turbo ect....

I , for the life of me dont understand how you can see this and compare it to some jap tuner that use the same greddy or hks BOLT ON parts on every car they build. Jun, is cool, but to say American tuners are not, is seriously playing yourself... Seriously...


Good numbers but the turbo setup isn't very pleasing to the eye.


Alex is right. the masterful Japanese tuners have been building high power extreme cars waaaayyyyy before any American tuners ever thought about racing or high speed. It surprises me that the us has taken this long to even get close to the cars out of japan.

Everyone knows that the Greddy T78 is a much more efficient turbo than anything these so called tuners can even get their hands on.

When Jun takes a greddy header and turbo, uses a HKS engine package and endless brakes throws in the amazine Japanese knowledge of high performance, that is real tuning. In Japan they even fabricate intercooler pipes out of a straight tube. Can the US tuners do that? i think not!!!

my 2 cents..


I've got some further detail on this monster - 1070hp @ 5psi/ 888 ft. lbs. ENTIRE car hand fabricated.

Every inch of this has been dealt with by Twins Turbo Motorsports. Aero (to the extreme) , suspension , drivetrain , electronics , gearing - absolutely nothing left to chance. To suggest this is simply a mountain motor bolted into a Viper is dumb. These boys are in a league of their own when it comes to building super cars.

Oh.. and Rising sun : That's an absurd statement. I mean THOSE are absurd statements. I'm not sure where to start...


@Rising Sun: Americans have been making fast cars since before Japan even had an auto industry.

@Alex: WTF? You obviously haven't heard of Twins Turbo, or seen any of their cars on this website, or know of their record setting time attack cars. Super high end suspension? Yeah right, 'cause Penske, one of the winningest racing, teams makes cheap, crappy suspension that's never won a race to the grocery store, let alone race wins in almost any series you can think of. (I'm assuming the twins have used Penske shocks as they've been on multiple previous builds.) Go shove some HKS coilovers up your a**.

You fail to look at the "tuning" scene as a hole. You think Japanese builders have never tried to get as much power out of their engines as possible? Ever heard of Top Secret, Garage Saurus, Top Fuel...? They've never any built high horsepower cars. Stop being such an ignorant fanboy.

I'm done ranting, good night and big ups to Twins Turbo.


@Rising sun: Can I get a refund on your 2 cents? I have no intention of getting offensive, but I think you'll find you got the information in your first paragraph the wrong way round. I personally, am no American car lover, but one thing I do know is that American cars were racing at incredibly high performance levels when Japanese cars were low quality, bottom end, English cars underneath a low quality Japanese body that struggled to reach 60kph. I know that these days America is a bit behind on the times, but you must understand that America was one of the main founders, if not THE main founder of motor-sport and home grown, tuned cars. Just check up on you history before you post Japanese biased arguments.

By the way nice work on the machinery Twins Turbo, its very, very impressive, just not sure I dig the exhausts.



With an engine that big i was expecting 2000hp.... the 5.0 V12 Supra has the sme horsepower and its streetlegal and comfortable...


Hold up! Hold up! Imma let u finish. BUT BEYONCE HAD THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TiME!! THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL time!!!


What? I pointed out that many US tuners should take notes about Japanese tuners and what I get is a bunch of high-school-punk ass that kiss up on Twin Turbo's azz? I saw that coming.

Yes I know who Twin Turbo is (they made that "light" weight Supra that participated in Time Attack events).......best platform ever for a time attack.

Anyway, replacing parts on a racecar I don't really think it's rocket science stuff.

What I meant in my previous post was:

JUN AUTO fitted a Skyline ATTESA transmission on a Z33....a 4WD Nissan Z!. How many peeps have done that? How many peeps have THOUGHT about that? JUN AUTO went BEYOND that.....they remade from scratch the rear subframe of the Z33 to increase mechanical grip.......simply think outside-the-box here, no bolt on stuff.

As far as the power comment. Top Secret/ Saurus and Co. have been there, done that and were/ are very successful at it. Their cars have the entire package, as they're very balanced.

@liamsil80: the Penske comment.....lol...when you make serious power....you need something like this:


That is WHY Japanese tuners do not use Japanese suspensions. Look at the top tuners, you'll find they use Ohlins, Sachs, Koni, Quantum, Bilstein and the like, not Japanese stuff.


"LOL.. USA! USA! USA! That is the most overly macho American object I have ever seen. Flame decals and all..Ugh. Does the driver wear a helmet shaped like a cowboy hat? lol"

God i hope so. this thing is bad.


I love JDM cars most of all. But being a true auto enthusiast I like to give credit where credit is due. @ Twins Motorsport I really like this car keep doing what you do. I know that it will have more power in the future. BTW I loved the Supra you guys did.


This thing's going to be a power producing ANIMAL!

1000hp @ 5psi? Are you kidding me?! From the looks of those turbo's - they're probably targeting 18-20 psi . 20 psi will probably be in the 2200-2500hp range. Dayum!!!!!

And the the aftermarket motorsports block and billet crank will allow this Viper to go where other twin viper projects have only dreamed of going. WOW!


no kid, aa japanese performance enthusiast here, i stil find this viper, or all vipers given that matter sick...


Section09 FTW.