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Regular Speedhunters photo contributor, and Auto Racing editor, Marshall Pruett has been working on an excellent new website,, which showcases the IMSA GTP Series, a golden era in North American Sports car racing. The predecessor to the current American Le Mans Series.

The site now has more than 50 hours of video, in conjunction with IMSA/ALMS, from old telecasts from years gone by. It is an amazing Aladdin’s cave for anyone into Sportscar racing.

Also great to see how far OSD’s have come along too!

As its BMW Month here on Speedhunters, Marshall uploaded the full race coverage of the 1986 Watkins Glen round, which featured the IMSA GTP March- BMW, Rod captured at Rahal Letterman Racing.

You can download the video here  (May take a while to load, its a big video!)

The 1986 IMSA GTP March-BMW used the same engine Gerhard Berger and Teo Fabi used in the 1986 F1 season driving for the Benetton-BMW outfit, with the F1 variant at just 1500cc compared to the 2000cc IMSA version. Both used single turbos. With the benefit of a stuck wastegate, Berger used the grenade-like qualifying special to run for the pole at the Italian Grand Prix in 1986, hitting 218mph on the front straight while BMW engineers estimate the Austrian had 1440hp (!) at his disposal.

After completing his pole lap, the tightly wound engine did just as was expected, spewing its internals out onto the front straight just as the car passed the start/finish line.

While the IMSA GTP version was only slightly more reliable, the BMW was routinely the fastest car in a straight line, but claimed only one victory — here at Watkins Glen with Americans Davy Jones and John Andretti behind the wheel.

Links to additional BMW videos below, Daytona 3-hour race and a spectacular crash from Road America.

Make sure you set aside a few hours when you visit! You could be stuck in there for days!

-Andy Blackmore

Watkins Glen 1986 Part 1

Daytona 3hr Part 1, Part 2

Davy Jones crash, March BMW, 1986 Road America



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holy **** I found this site last week. Its amazing. I see David Hobb's hasn't changed in 20+ years :)


Thanks for the love, Andy.


GTP is god's gift to the internet. I pray it never goes away!


I stumbled upon GTP recently too, awesome website. Another great source for IMSA GTP coverage from the 80s and 90s are the videos by the member racingfan99. He's got tons of videos, my favourite thus far is the coverage from San Antonio 1990 because it was such a wild and unpredictable race.



More racing videos? Thank you!


I was just at Watkins Glen this past weekend for the US Vintage Grand Prix, and although the prototypes were thin on the ground, there was a single GTP Porsche 962. (I think one of the old Brun cars, which was crashed and then rebuilt to GTP spec, a 1985 chassis) It was in Jagermeister colors, and was really cool to see on the track, even if he wasn't pushing the car that hard. This was my first time to the Glen and it is a really amazing facility, I can only imagine the intensity of a full grid of 800hp+ GTP cars running around at top speed. very cool!


i think one of these is on ebay right now