Random Snap>> Lambo Golf

This Golf has been spotted at the VW Players '09 event. What more can I say? I'm just staring at it…

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I've seen this ride on some other forum. Love the lamborims, the color of the car (which looks silver in here but it's imo beige) Love the seats. Well perhaps I should say I love the car, and like your picture.!


I don't care where the wheels came from.

no lip = no good


@Mr. Moons

I'm putting C4 Corvette wheels on my E36. No lip = damn sick in that case and this one as well.


....and at the end of the day, it's still a Golf.

Hell, the wheels probably cost more than the car (if they're real).

I see this in the same light as people that buy a $500 1985 Ford LTD and put a $6,000 set of wheels on them....lol.


massive facepalm


Cool wheels don't need lips ;)



concaved wheels with proper offset dont need lips :p


It's all about the passion and style people, passion and style. Tuning often comes as more than just a function/performance act, but as a exercise of personal passion and style which turns the whole thing into a personal expression of art, on wheels in this case.

Some people out there love the rusted pannels and hate gloss. Some people love rims with a lip, but hate such swaps. And so on...

Perspective, a thing of taste...

Personally I like to try and see cars that look weird to me, from a slightly different perspective.

Some examples I just can't stand, and some look interesting, some I like but I wouldn't go for that style myself, some I just love and some blow me away and drop my jaw.

Perspective, taste.... that goes for all of us.

And some of us are willing to go nonsense and are willing to do some crazy stuff, usually pouring loads of money into there cars, no matter the cost of the actual car.

But c'mon people... let's face it, at the end of the year or after a few years don't we all do that to satisfy our passion for cars?

Sometimes even if we are not even tuning our cars, but just struggling to fix our cars just to keep it running and we find ourselves spending more than the value of the car itself. Why? Because we need the car and because we really like it if not love that car.

Taste, perspective.....


What about that wagon in the background? Any pics of that?


beautiful car!!! even lipless.............@ Mr Moon............relax man, so what if the wheels don't have lips.lol.........thats ur criteria for a cool car?.if it is, I think ur standards are pretty low!!!.................


I just got a chubby.


right the seats are from lambo direct 2 wheels are of the bay and the other 2 are from an un named footballer and by the way the car is ownd by a girl ;)


Let me get this straight, you stick a pair of exotic car bucket seats inside an economy car and a set of exotic car wheels under it, and SH puts it on the website? Can I get that in writing? I'm going out tomorrow and sticking some Ferrari seats and wheels onto a Trabant.


@what? - if that are the only things you can find that are special on this car, you need to to look better.


:))) Funny thing, I just read some talk on a forum about a intention to revive Trabant:))). Guessing the engine to be used? Hmmm 800cc... 1, no, let's o crazy with a 1.4! :))) Actually the're even thinkin' of an electric version.

Here's a short commercial for Trabant 601 for those that don't have a clue about this car:


Longer fabrication vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9CvHSiXVeM&feature=related

And some rally action for Trabant 601:)))) :



@Jeroen - Looks like a rather average Volkswagen to anyone that isn't a VW Nut. It takes a magnifying glass to see that the seats are Lamborghini and only the string of comments revealed the wheels are too. It's obvious the engine is not Lamborghini, which would be the only justification for calling it a "Lambo Golf". Maybe the writer should have pointed out some of those special things that aren't wheels and seats, that the rest of the world is missing. Oh, wait, you're the writer, aren't you. Nothing personal, but if you and the VW Nuts are the only ones seeing how "special" this car is, why not tell us instead of criticizing the rest of us for not seeing it.


This car is sick. Period. This is one of those rare times where upgrading to parts from a higher end manufacturer is so appropriate. If novitec tunes ferrari's and r8's are getting lp 560-4 engines then why not this ?! Those wheels look great and theme is carried out so appropriately throughout the car. This is not a rice job people this is well done from the ground up. RECOGNIZE !


looks good but thats all it can do...gayyy



You mad?


LOL at this thread.The car actually belongs to myself and yes I am a girl! The seats are out of a reventon lambo and yes the wheels are real,gallardo se splits(never seen copies tbh lol)I had to buy 2 sets so I had 4 fronts. I went down the lambo route because the car is painted in verde draco which is a lamborghini colour,it was painted by the previous owner Greg Howell,who is a top well know painter within the scene.I am very happy with the way the car has turned out and I've had a great response from the uk vw scene.At the end of the day I like it and I think thats all that matters! Thanks guys xx


this is one cool golf!!..

love the dubbers styling and culture..

good on u janet =) keep up the good work..and i would like to see a feature on this ride..

on another note..i also have seen a R32 Golf on Bentley wheels..

very cool!



props to you and your car, forget the people who don't understand it and keep up the craziness!


theres a lot more done than wheels and seats.... and its still just a golf.... what do you drive ryoga


I can see why some people do not like this car.

Styling wise, the car is a blend of two cars that are in the opposite sides of the market. While the marksmanship is top notch and the visual aspect is absolutely correct from color to stance but the choice of cars gives me the feeling of 50 Cent rapping with the late Mr. Pavarotti.


Ahh, love it! This car is actually clean and looks good, unlike most drift fanboy S13 Silvias with 10lbs of stickers and plastic bodykit. For the VW guys on here, here's a link to my flickr page of H2Oi from this past weekend:



If you entered that car in a ISCA sanctioned car show, the scoring would be something like 1-10 points for paint, 1-10 points for wheels, and 1-10 points for interior. But the scale is 100, and there are seven other areas judged, where the car has nothing or almost nothing apparently done to it. So the maximum score would be 30/100 with the most generous show judge, and more likely 20-25/100 under real world conditions because the wheels are not color matched to the car, there is no pin striping or air brush work on the body, and whatever other flaws could be found. That's using an unbiased scoring system, no dislike for VWs, no dislike for non-drift cars. It isn't a show car just because it has Lamborghini seats and wheels and wouldn't win at a car show.


@ What, u probably do drive a Trabant.......lol.......I think she built the car for her taste, not for the rest of the world, real car guys don't worry what others think, we build what we like.....this site is kinda biased towards Japanese cars, and thats cool, but the owner of this car deserves a lot of credit for her passion.....Beautiful car!!!....All the haters, lets see ur ride, put up the link right below ur negative comments!!!


dang that looks slick...the seats/rims work well with it:)


As said before guys thankyou soooo much for all your nice comments!! Since adding all the lambo gear I have won best in show at the last 3 big uk vw shows so it has gone down really well!! Lol at the haters xxx


To all the haters:

Stop being gay. I can guarantee I can find someone who thinks your dream car is disgusting. Respect the craftsmanship, respect the fact someone else is tuning their car and not trading it in as a clunker. We, the car tuning world, are the minority. We need to stick together. Donk builders, rat rodders, eruo's, JDM fans, muscle car guys, we may build differently but we are all builders. Don't forget that when you look at someone else's ride and judge it. Read Chris Davy's comment, he's right.

I love the idea of mixing exotics with economy cars. I had looked into lambo wheels for my s13 but they are pricey!



forgot to say its running 400bhp hope you like the bay !!!


@Lloyd Johnson – Start out with everyone who disagrees with you is therefore gay, then trot out the diversity awareness “respect everyone for whatever they like and think” argument. But you have it backwards, you are supposed to first say we should all hug each other, and then claim that everyone who disagrees with you is a fascist-bigot-racist (but never accuse anyone of sexual deviance because that is a protected group under diversity awareness).

@janet – so, at the last three single marque gatherings of three or four VW owners, in a vacant parking lot, your car won “Best of Show”? Nice, but has the car ever been entered in a multi-marque, professionally judged show, with 1,000+ entrants? Call everyone haters if you like, but in a real show, that car couldn’t win.

I don’t see any comments saying the car is anything less than a very nice looking but completely unremarkable car. No one, not even the owner, janet, has gone down a list of modifications or work done to the car to indicate anything other than it is what it appears to be, a completely bone stock car with Lamborghini wheels and seats. 20 years ago, all the Honda owners put Supra tail lights on their Civics. You could argue that making tail lights from a Supra fit onto a Civic takes a lot more talent and creativity than sticking wheels and seats into a Golf. 20 years ago, they used to tell the Civic owners “Gomer, it’s still a Civic”. The fact of the matter is that “Lambo Golf” does not rise to the level of quality of deserving to be displayed on Speed Hunters, unless there is some humorous punch line below it to ridicule it as folly.


@ mid coast: blah blah blah put them claws away you hater!! you seen to be very wound up for some reason and just want to say that our shows are just as big as yours and not in vacant parking lots lol.......just want to know what you drive by the way??


mid coast you ain't got a clue you freak

this car won mod gods in the UK which is the biggest modified car show over here and also wins at almost every show it enters V or other in Europe and UK find out some facts about the car before you start talkin shit buy max-power mag next month

its 400bhp its faster than a lambo .power to weight it leave most cars far from stock the seats are out of one of the most desirable cars in the world a revention. the list of mods on this car would blow any dubber away

o but not you because i bet you have built many a show car






bom bom @chris 9n lol


Mid Coast has elected himself the "Quality Assurance" inspector for speedhunters lol


mid coast you like purple helmets


mid coast would you like coke or fanta with that order lol


I read "Lambo Golf" and I'm thinking: What the heck did VW do now, up the ante on the Golf GTi W12?


And now I see it's a Golf with wheels and seats? I want a refund on the last three minutes of my life that I wasted reading and looking at that.


Well at least it's on of the most discussed cars lately so that's a plus I guess. Also Mid Coast, stop making an ass out of yourself. I (probably) see the point you are trying to make, but you're failing miserably at making it.


Wow, I never expected a VW Random Snap thread to generate such acrimonious debate (or is that DUBate?). Anyone who thinks that's a "stock Golf with wheels and interior" is obviously blind. Keep in mind, a lot goes into making an interior like that work, and the wheels hardly bolt on! The paintwork is excellent, and the overall lines and look is well executed and even elegant. And if it does have 400hp, it'll surely blow away "What?" and "Midcoast's" rides. And anyone saying a Golf isn't a performance car has never driven a VR6.


Anyone who thinks the modifications to that car are obvious, owes the rest of us an explanation and then an apology. I've owned VWs since before most of you were born, and probably more than all of you combined, and I don't see it either. It's either too subtle, or too imaginary, to be seen by anyone who does not have a new Golf parked up their backside. You owe the non-VW owners an apology.


srS8GD I want to say - thank you for this!


Any one without glasses can see the car is heavily modified does a golf sit that low do golfs have door handles like that and lambo seats brakes etc go and sniff some more gaz with mid coast doooooooorrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkk


My point exactly ****head,is doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that there are clearly more mods to this car than just seats and wheels!! Really cant understand why all the hate mid coast and I'm still waiting to see just exactly what you roll in :) xxx


Midcoast you truly are a bellend, as was beautifully pointed out by chris9n, iv seen this car in the flesh and its very special. One of the most talked about cars in the scene and far more than whees and interior. You need to take your anti-vw blinkers off and realise that this is a car the likes of which you could only dream of. Yank hater. I also see you havnt responded to Jan askin what you drive? Hhmmm....


Another stock golf.


you guys look at one pic and assume that it has just had a few mods..LMFAO...u bunch of bell ends..this is one of the most modified GOLFs on the scene and in my opinion one of the BEST..if you guys actually bothered to do your homework and research you would see that this a a true master piece and not one area of the car has been left un modified...no wonder George Bust invaded Iraq as he probably didnt do his homework either..LOL..Laters HATERS


so out of everyone commenting here how many have actaully seen it in the metal?

i thought not


@dirtydan – That’s an illustration of the absurdity of name calling anyone who disagrees with you, followed by a call for a rainbow coalition. If you lack the intellectual capacity to understand that, then just accept that you will never understand it.

@janet – There’s only one thing more funny than suburban American white kids using hip-hop slang in an attempt to try to look tough, and that’s suburban white European kids using hip-hop slang to try to look tough. “Haters”. Honey, the only hood you have ever seen is attached to the top of a sweat shirt. I suppose that you and your “cru” stand in front of your car at those huge car shows on the parking lot and threaten to “get out your gaks and pop a cap in the butt of anyone who does not bow down in admiration of your hooptie”. If you have this much trouble dealing with mild criticism like the fact that it’s a nice car but not worthy of Speed Hunters, then what kind of embarrassment will you cause any possible sponsor or employer? And why the sudden call to see other people’s cars, are you having that much trouble defending your own car?

@chris9n – Nice claims, no documentation, and no specs or list, just a number. Why not round up to a thousand horsepower? Faster than a Lamborghini? With the tires rubbing the fenders and wheel wells all the way down the track? Wait, that car has never seen a track. You really need to get the lies straightened out before publishing them so they sound more plausible, is it a show car that looks totally stock, or is it a full interior race car, which anyone with eyes can see it is not. But you’re also spewing the hip-hop slang: “dubber” and “bell end”. So next you’ll be threatening with a “gak”.


At the end of the day, the car was bought as a winning show car already.. she just added the seats, brakes & wheels... so no hard work has been done... its just another typical cheque book car over here in the uk..

The real cars that deserve to win should be the ones which the owner has blead with when building it from the ground up.. but over here unless your in with the right "crew" you will never win anything...

Detailed, players and so on... its laughable watching them competing at how big their wallets are!

The car was far better off before, now its trying to hard. YES its is a nice car and I take my hat off to the original builder for some of the well thought out mods.

But its not one for me..

YES I am a Hater of the scene.. as I like to be different and not follow the crowd... I built my VW from the ground up to a show standard but I leave it in the car park as I don't like to be "one of the crowd"


@Tom are u fucking stupid? How many stock golfs are running 400bhp? Learn to read you fucking penis.


Honestly mate, take a long look at your life and where your priorities lie, then go and get laid


what, did you personally see all that happen to know that she did no work on it what so ever? jog on


Hip Hop slang!! you stoopid yank kunt!! you really aint got a clue bruv!!

"Dubber", and "Bellend" aint hip hop slang you dik heaD!!

Propa keyboard warrior aint you.. kunt!! !!!

come to east london, ill show you hood biatch!!


Mid Coast you haven't really got a clue have you?? You really are spewing one load of steaming hot cack. Since when have you seen a VW Golf roll out of Wolfsburg looking like that? Never, because it is a heavily modified car. It may look stock to you but thats because a lot of the mods are subtle OEM+ mods.

Got to agree with MJ too though about the right "crew" and cheque book cars.


mid coast WHAT A MUG


you are all sad lil peeps with no imagination... i could be wronge but this is the 1st mk4 in the uk with lambo stuff on it and in my eyes its the best mk4 golf in the uk thats why it wins at shows. I am slightly biased towards this car whoever owns greg or janet it they have both between them made every1 open there eyes to styling and pure class


mid coast...

how old are you?


I love people who think cars like this are stupid and stock. Your faces when we rocket past you are priceless.


I laughed my head off reading this trail, I can't quite get my head around those who think the car is basically stock Mk4 when its probably one of the most heavily modified Mk4's on the UK scene. I guess it just goes to show you that some mods are hidden to those who haven't got a clue!

As for Mid Coast, mate you sound like the biggest bell end I've ever come accross on any forum and that includes Vortex!!!

Keep up the good work Janet, the car gets better and better each year.


This is hilarious.

I like the car a LOT, but when you respond to a Mid Coast's fairly reasonable criticism with something that reads as the literary equivalent of DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, you're making the UK Volkswagen scene look fucking stupid.

Well done everyone!


okok facts now people...

beautiful car... far from stock...

jannet owned the mk5 golf on white/creame bentley wheels (was written off) which she also did not build

all hard work put into this car was done by the previous owner (Greg Howell)

lambo seats n wheels big mod and must have cost some serious money. many people might not like it but the uk scene is all about doing something different and this is definitely different.

if u dont like it thats fair enough thats your choice but this car is far from stock...

although i hate jannet n think shes a waste of space because she buys modded cars n wins shows... not saying the cars dont look nice...


love this car, always have and always will.even frm wen greg owned it. think people need to chill out alot!!!! it looks sick on the rims and well what can i say for the seats, ABSOLUTELY MENTAL AND GORGEOUS. girls got skills as far as i can see. i swearr the dub scene is changin alot, more people gettin the arse with people not followin tradition or each other!!!


Some of the shit i have just read is laughable@mid coast you really are a knob rash.seriously,do some back ground research before spouting dung.@mj you are obviously very jelious that you can't afford the finer things in life,with that i mean a decent car that is worthy of winning a show.If you had you would be showing it and not leaving it in a car park.As for "being with the right crew" what a load of bullshit.I know of plenty cars that have won over the so called "right crew" cars here in the uk.So grow up,and if your car is show standard then stop parking in the car park and compete if it gets to you that much.

Jan keep up the good work as i know what you've went through since buying the car,and to take it to the next level as you have has took everyone in the uk by surprise.So when the next stage is finished they should be speachless.


Man!! some of you Yanks really aint got a clue have you!! and i suppose Europe is a country too!!

thick bastards!!

and whats with next man going on about scores at a car show, mate, your an idiot!!


Loved the car at edition38 show, thanks for the coffee,Mid Coast :- small and insignificant people like you never really bother anyone.ya fanny.


Now now nw dubs if your gonna be talking like that I think you need to come and say that to my face at a show 1 time,or better still why dont you pm me on e38 and I'm sure we can meet up sometime....I doubt you will tho LOL !! You say I buy modded cars well I owned my rallye for 10 years and bought it standard then modified it and won a hell of a lot of shows with it!! so kiss my arse xxxx


@ NW DUBS have you forgot about her rallye that she owned for years and won over 80 trophys with that all the work was done on by ian and her.probably thee best rallye the uk has ever seen.


So according to BubbaG, the new trend in European car customizing is to carefully replace every piece with non-original parts that are indistinguishable to the naked eye from original parts. We have an industry in the US that does the same thing, it's called "collision repair". Maybe the photo was selected to make sure the logos on the seats and wheels can not be seen in detail, or we would all see this same replacement of OEM with indistinguishable non-OEM extends to the "Lamborghinie" pieces, which match janet's "Guchie" purse. And thanks to MJ's comment, we know that janet can not provide details on what has been done to the car, a build list, or photos of what was modified and how, because janet's total involvement was signing the check for the finished indistinguishable from OEM car. The website isn't called VW Hunters, and contrary to the knee jerk reaction, lots of us non-VW experts like VWs. But assuming we can all see the subtlety of replacing all the OEM pieces with non-OEM pieces that are indistinguishable from the OEM pieces, is ridiculous. It's not called Stealth Hunters, and if the car doesn't wow the rest of us who are not VW experts, it doesn't belong here. If there is some detail like a JATO sticking out of the back end of the car, or a description of all the intricate little indistinguishable pieces that have been replaced, then complain to the writer and the photographer for not presenting them to the rest of us non-VW experts. And then the car owner comes onto the website to argue with and name call the Speed Hunter readers/customers. What is this, the Jerry Springer show?


What about grounded we also build cheque book cars


Westcoast i think u meant "gat" lol...not "gak".....LMBFAO.......thats ghetto for gun for all u wannabe homies lol........just gimme the damn seats and wheels off that that thing, I'd sell em and buy a nice 88T2 FC....and then go on vacation with the rest of the cash


yank cock suckers


mid cost : basicly why does anyone have to explain anything to you . you havn't got a clue about vw styling so dont comment on it go and stroke your sister i bet you know her well


this car has the x factor


This better than my old r8


Oi Loike it, it remoinds me of a young Rick Astley


Overrated tbh


Janet tossed me off in the back of this ride. Lambo seat stitching is surprisingly easy to get cum out of and her shitty discharge wiped right off the leathers!!!


even I wouldn't touch that.


Who weighs more - me or Janet?


Janet, you've got pm


If only Janet spent so much time and money on her personal appearance


This is a phat car, Very well executed looks flippping dialled to be honesy

To mid coast You are a boring old fart

To all the haters............. GET IT UP YEH!!!!!!!!


You just got muglied, mate.


@midcoast You really try to sound intelligent and wise but through your writing I can tell you are very young and immature. I addressed those who openly dislike this car. I stated that their opinions were gay. I never once issued a blanket statement about "everyone who disagrees with" me. I also never made the mystery quote, “respect everyone for whatever they like and think”. You are just trying to defend your negative opinion of this car. Foolish.


German Number Plates


Its hard keeping cars mint here in the UK.

Paintwork...NOT CHEAP

Wheels...NOT CHEAP

Brakes....NOT CHEAP

Interior retrim...NOT CHEAP

Seats....NOT CHEAP

If you have the money then let someone else do the hard work for you! Thats what money buys!

Another cheque book car ....who gives a shit. This is a theme. All VAG.

Its her car so let her deal with it!

To be honest...Most edition38 cars are all cheque book anyway.

The guy above is right though. If your not part of a 'cru' then you get a lot of bad attitude.

Bad attitude from moderators especially! fuck me have them ed38 mods got a chip on their shoulder!

The only balls they have are in those PC mouse's!

Then again not everyone car respray a car or retrim an interior, so yes they will all be cheque book cars but styled by the owner.

IB4TL and fuck you lol


The stance is shit. I am the stance master!!!


tbh i think the money should of been spent on elocution lessons rather than the wheels and interior.


ha i made a thread defending this POS in the UK... it's 100% shit, ya hear? shit!!! lol! american muscle all the way :D


I am a little dwarf boy, hear me roar


@Janet's Mum said:

"If only Janet spent so much time and money on her personal appearance"

the sex change operation went quite well i thought


What's with all the "stupid Yanks" comments? Contrary to popular belief, there are well educated people living here. That said, there are a lot of morons as well, but that goes for ALL countries! You're telling me Britain doesn't have its share of idiots? @H bomb, it's "stupid" not "stoopid", and it's Cunt you dumb tw@t! Go finish second grade before you start attempting to write your opinion.


Lol at the Janet and Ste sweetland comments,and from previous personal shite which I have had from uk jealous little boys I know who it is.......silly little keyboard warriors who dont have any balls to face me LOL.Think its really funny that you all get so wound up about my car HA ha.Oh and another thing yes your all right my mum is always moaning at me about my accent,but I am scouse you know!!! Anyways see you all next year at the shows I'm sure we'll all have lots of fun LOL.xxxx


does this mean that somewhere on merseyside theres a couple of lambos on bricks with their windows bottled?


@ superden...damn right lol


I am an ugly cunt though.


lol at this thread


I think it's a great ride, I love the combination of 20VT, Lambo wheels and a swamp monster.


hi to all of VW Fans,,

this is masoud from Dubai,,

so sorry for my English,

some one please tell me how can i buy some thing like this VW Golf MK1 or MK2 or Mk3 with serious engine and worked for show car,, like this car?

please send me email, and let me know if you have nice show car.


My Email is




Those Lamborghini seats are made for skinny little Italian men. I'll bet 100 Euros she can't sit in the driver's seat and drive that car.


Masoud, you have PM.




I like it, although I don't like Janet. She's a poop stirrer


and fat.

@ Masoud, to get one of these cars all you need is a stock car and a chq book.

Oh and the clique helps you win awards


A Lamborghini with Golf wheels and seats would be more interesting. At least it would still be a Lamborghini.


Best thread ever!!


Well, isn't this all good fun. Though i'd put my comments in as it may help put a bit of perspective on this.

When i built this car i went to great lengths on the body (i'm a painter by trade) to ensure all the previous damage was well hidden and that the chassis was totally straight again-this in itself was quite a task and although not quite perfect, i managed to dial out the twist with the coilovers. Drives brilliantly now.

When janet first came to view the car i really didn't want her to have it-her previous mutilation of a good rallye was enough to make me wary but her cashing in with buying other previous show 'winners' really put me off. Not only that but she is a mouthy old tart and as common as dogshit (as i'm sure she'd happily concede) but she knows how to throw money at a situation so i simply couldn't refuse.

To all those saying not much has been done and it will never win a good ol' hearty USofA show, think on. Think how much time and effort it takes to reshell a wreck, then think about restoring the fire damaged bay. After that you have the epic task of removing the rub strips and putting in some other doorhandles. Not every painter can do this and its really unique.

Her 1 or 2 additions may not be to everyones tastes, this is janet after all, but theres no denying they are expensive and that counts in this game.

One thing though janet. You say you don't care what people think but you are exceptionally defensive about it and very quick to make the 'see you at teh showzzz' type of comments. Honestly luv, get over it. I had it all with this before and you've gotta rise above it, no need to go getting your boyfriend and his minions to go chasing down people for having an opinion.

Anyway, best of luck with the next one



You guys can say what you like but i've cringed to hell reading this thread....


Hi, anyone know what product is best to use to get rid of scene piss on paintwork? I need something to either get rid of it or at least COVER IT UP?


Well Jesus, there's a lot of drug use going on over there with those VW owners, because their so stoned they think that stock golf is a show car.


Hi, i'm full of shit.



I don't believe for a second they're Reventon seats, there's only 2 in the uk.




Omg I cant believe you little boys are still at it...how funny is this.I believe its you Recardo just because Ian went looking for you at e38 and you shit your pants in your tent infront of all your friends and then you cried lol :)

Right so we have gathered so far that I wank sweetland off,I am fat,I smell,my car is shit,the internet hates me,I'm ugly but at the end of the day who gives a fuck.

Recardo you really wanna grow up but keep em coming boys they really are getting better LOL


why would I be scared of that 2bit minge piece?  The car will never be known as yours, until there's proof otherwise all the lambo *** is fake.


ey ey ey ey ey ey ey


jealousy is not a nice thing.


KANTS, tbf


Lambo wheels on VW...? idk about that... but the car itself is pretty nice


We <3 Janet X!


Your dumped Janet.


hahahahahahhahahahaa JANETT !!!! ahahahhahahaahahahahahha


its a car? lol


very entertaining, keep it up!

oh, and for the record, best car at Edition...hands down....


guys wtf hahahahha


Vinesh said:

Janet, you've got pm

haha who ever wrote that f00king legend hahah


Me and dad like it so its cool


Chav in a Golf.


The car Rocks bigtime,