Random Snap>>jarod’s Wagon

The other day we got an email from our buddy Jarod DeAnda (the voice of Formula Drift and other automotive events across the USA). After we posted a photo of Bon Bon's E36 Wagon last week, Jarod wanted to raise his own BMW wagon. It's a '99 540iT with KW suspension, 20" J-Line wheels, and an M5 front bumper among other things.

The most important mod though, might be the Recaro child seat for his son.

I've been on a real E39 kick lately and this doesn't help. Thanks Jarod!

-Mike Garrett



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i hope it's stick!


Nope sorry not stick, bummer right?

Btw, its for sale $8,000 OBO, not turning SpeedHunters into classifieds but just thought I'd let people know...


You can never go wrong with just a simple suspension setup and nice rims for Euro Wagons.


for sale, huh?

been thinking of selling the 240 to buy another car...something i can fit the baby seats in...hmmm..


So wack..."Hey can you post up pics of my wagon too?"

And what you've done with this E39 isn't much to speak about either.

But really, who would expect something even close to dope from you!?!

We all saw your S13!

That S13 of yours was beyond retarded. Had that mini truck / low rider thing going on.

Why don't you post up links to photos of that for us Mr. Formula Drift?