Random Snap>>e36 Sedan @ All Star Bash

While BMW's are the drift car of choice in Europe, they aren't seen to often here in the United States. This Washington-based E36 sedan from Team Instant Party was spotted at All Star Bash back in July. The car was nearly factory-spec except for the obvious suspension and wheel upgrades, but was still sliding nicely on the track and looked great while doing it.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for nice-looking four doors being hammered on the track – whether they are from Japan, Europe, or anywhere else.

-Mike Garrett



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I see japanese plates lol


While walking back from my last class, I was thinking about this very car! I had the same one back when I was 16 and loved it to death. There's a set of M3 Contour IIs with Pzeros on em, sitting in my garage right now. Time to hit up Craigslist.


Yeah, wassup with the "nihongo" plates? Didn't u say it was a Washington-based car?


He probably has a fake Japanese plate just in the front. I don't know if it has taken off anywhere else yet but here in Cali a lot of people like to stick fake JDM or Euro plates on their rides. The funny part is that if it is fake, why did he put a JDM plate on there instead of a Euro considering his car?


Maybe cause in his mind he's livin' the drift-life jap-style, but in a euro car:)). Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway cool car and cool shot. VIVA LA DRIFT!



I'm beginning to have a love/hate relationship with this BMW month. On one hand, I've always loved BMWs and this is only making me closer to my own E36 328i which will soon a new set of bushings, tires, and a new clutch. On the other hand, damn you BMW for draining what little money my broke college-student ass has left. BMW: it's like my dominatrix mistress.


mark if you see this... buy my forgelines!!!!


What engine is it running?


Its a real JDM plate that i gave him cuz its way sicky on a euro car!


thanks for the pic mike! ASB wasnt too nice to this car but its back on the streets and hitting up events this weekend. the motor is an M52 with M3 cams btw


you guys are seriously arguing about someones numberplate?

sick car.


does your car have to come from japan to have japanese plates? lol.......nice clean car!!!