Random Snap>> Csl On The Karussell

Just found this pic of a E46 CSL going in hard at what looks like the Karussell on the Nürburgring. A car in its natural habitat and being used for what it was build for. Do any of the European readers have plans to visit the Nürburgring in the nearby future? Let me know in the comments.

I wanted to visit the BMW Nürburg Test Center next week to take a closer look at what they have in store.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I was... but I blew the engine of my car ( Mazda RX7 FD3S) so i'll be busy rebuyilding that and swinging on the GT40R turbo :-p


Hey Jeroen, that's "Schwalbenschwanz", not the "Karussell". Looking good though!


Hi, I was at the 'Ring a couple of weeks ago, you can read my trip report here: http://rnn14.wordpress.com/


Yeah, I'll be there next weekend to work at the Renault World Series race. You'll enjoy the new ring center... ;)


I am planning to do a ring visit before end of september with some E30 guys and a stripped out mini


Cool pictures :) My planning is to go there at the end of october, with some friends from Raceminded community


I'm planing to visit the Ring in my throttle bodied mk2 Golf 2.0 16v as soon as I got it properly tuned on the dyno.


That pic should be a postcard from Nürburg :D


Yeah, the ring is absolutely awesome. I never quite get over the adrenalin fixes from chasing down some high-end porsche.

And yes, CSL is king on the ring. There alwaýs seems to be one in the car park every time I go there :)

I'll be going there in October for a shakedown run of my freshly rebuilt 1967 Mustang GT500 - Eleanor. I do believe that these cars are made for driving :)


Wow that would be so awesome to drive a 67 500 on the 'Ring! Good luck with that Marc I hope your rear axle lasts longer than it did for McQueen (heard they went through 3 axles while making Bullitt).


this is why i want GT5 so bad to come out, so I can recreate this image while at the same time drive it! CSL.


I was planning on hitting up the 'ring myself in something like a 1-series this month, but abdominal surgery got in the way :(


BUT! this posting (among others) allows me to live vicariously through the passion of my fellow gearheads 8)


Wish i had a license, a car AND lived in Europe... :(


yes, as someone else noted, this is not Karussell.


make this a wallpaper please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


make this a wallpaper please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Complete of subject :), but are there any German surnames, much like Witton/Witten or the like etc?


Did a couple laps last week. Want to go again, but my car (135i) is on a boat to L.A. !! :( I'll go anytime tho until the 5th of Oct. I live 30 mins away. :)



Nissan Club Nederland gaat 3/4Oktober weer richting de ring, ik zou eerder ook meegaan met de E36, alleen heb ik dit ingeruild voor een driftdag ;p


nope.  schwalbenschwanz....  near the end of the lap.  much quicker corner with a shorter "paved ditch".  you can get air coming out of it if you're quick!


nope.  schwalbenschwanz....  near the end of the lap.  much quicker corner with a shorter "paved ditch".  you can get air coming out of it if you're quick!